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Washing Your Gym Kit" Say No To Softener

Did you know that you should never use fabric softener when you wash your gym kit" I didn’t until I saw the tip mentioned in a magazine article I wa ...
31-01-2016 21:45

Book Two Recipe: Coconut and Raspberry Mousse

The post Book Two Recipe: Coconut and Raspberry Mousse appeared first on Deliciously Ella. ...
31-01-2016 21:45

Weekend Reading: From Farm to Canal Street

Valerie Inbruce.  From Farm to Canal Street: Chinatown’s Alternative Food Network in the Global Marketplace.  Cornell University Press, 2015. I ...
30-01-2016 21:46

Roasted Beet and Green Apple Salad with Honey Mustard Dressi

By our scientific calculations, less than half of the food Alex and I eat is made from a planned recipe. That ... Read More ...
29-01-2016 21:50

Had a Crappy Workout" Here’s What You Can Do Abou

  Some days, your workout just winds up being really, really crappy.   It doesn?t matter how prepared you think you are or how much you were actuall ...
29-01-2016 21:50

Vegetarian Bouillabaisse

We did a little survey on ...
29-01-2016 21:50

4 Steps to Heal Up, Add Strength, and Feel Great in Your Pos

  Let?s get one thing straight: This isn?t going to be your typical ?get your pre-baby body back? story. I?m not going to tell you to eat 1,200 calor ...
29-01-2016 21:50

The Salad Taste Shake Up To Know About

So yesterday I went a bit out on a tangent to indulge my love of the strange and discussed chocolate covered chips, I therefore thought I’d better g ...
29-01-2016 21:50

What does ?natural? mean" One more time.

I’ve written repeatedly about the problem of “natural” on food labels, but the issue just doesn’t go away.  It won’t, un ...
29-01-2016 21:50

McD’s Chocolate Covered Chips – NYNHB got some

Okay I know this is technically a health blog (albeit an odd one) – and technically french fries are not healthy – but it’s also my blog and I l ...
28-01-2016 21:48

Two industry-funded studies with results that must have disa

Sharp-eyed readers have sent in two studies sponsored by food companies with results that will be difficult to use for marketing.  This brings the sco ...
28-01-2016 21:48

Chickpea & Sweet Potato Noodle Soup

It?s pretty clear how I?m handling winter this year: lots of big, bold, spicy food. Chili, saffron, ginger, and paprika are on heavy rotation these da ...
28-01-2016 21:49
28-01-2016 21:48

Healthy Gut + Banana and Mango Smoothie

Now is a great time to look at the health of your gut, especially after ongoing January festivities where holiday over-eating may have left you feelin ...
28-01-2016 21:48

Q&A with A Couple Cooks

Friends, we’ve started a monthly mailbag segment on our podcast where we answer your questions! Check it out at the ... Read More ...
27-01-2016 21:50

When you want to tell gratitude to suck it

Gratitude is a mothereffing game changer. This isn’t new information to you, if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time. Chances are yo ...
27-01-2016 21:50

Screw Perfection

photo by Jared Erondu (This article was written with holy hell this is stronger than usual coffee pulsing through my veins. Don?t say you weren?t warn ...
26-01-2016 19:10

Trying Rockbathing at Aria Spa Las Vegas

It’s rare I get time to spa on holiday in the US – we’re either charging from A-B or, the prices terrify me and so I don’t book myself in – ...
26-01-2016 19:10

Celebration food, Australia Day style

Here in Australia, yesterday was Australia Day (somewhat equivalent to the American Fourth of July) although many prefer to call it Invasion Day, Surv ...
26-01-2016 21:47

Milk marketing, Australian style

I’m in residence at the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney for a bit and am getting the chance to learn the Australian version o ...
26-01-2016 19:10

‘Straya Day Lamingtons

?Straya day is almost here and I?m celebrating the ?Bush Capital? with a healthy version of one of our nation?s iconic sweet treats.Although not being ...
25-01-2016 21:51

Heart Beet Hummus with Kohlrabi Sticks

It’s nearing Valentine’s Day and instead of sugar hearts with silly sayings we’ve got a new idea that’s less witty but ... Rea ...
25-01-2016 21:51

Last chance to vote NYNHB

A rare Monday post – but needs must – as voting on the UK Blog Awards closes today so if you’d seen my post a few weeks back asking for votes an ...
25-01-2016 21:51

The Run Speak Dictionary

When I relaunched NYNHB one of the whole points of it was that it was aiming to be a place for people who who weren’t struck on the whole fitness th ...
24-01-2016 21:53

Book Two Recipe: Chickpea, Quinoa and Turmeric Curry

        The post Book Two Recipe: Chickpea, Quinoa and Turmeric Curry appeared first on Deliciously Ella. ...
24-01-2016 21:53

GGS Spotlight: Mandy Farnham

  Meet Mandy!  Name:   Mandy Farnham Age:  36 Location: Iberia, Missouri   What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you"  Being a Girl Gone Str ...
24-01-2016 21:53

Weekend Reading: Ingredients

Dwight Eschliman, Text by Steve Ettlinger.  Ingredients: A Visual Exploration of 75 Additives & 25 Food Products.  Regan Arts, 2015. The photograp ...
23-01-2016 21:48

Why I’ve Joined an Appointment Only Gym

It sounds super swanky doesn’t it – appointment only. It sounds like one of those gyms where everything is as white as snow and the trainers have ...
22-01-2016 21:51

How Do You Milk A Camel"

Yesterday was a day of much excitement – I was at the London Health Show and got to try camel milk for the first time. It’s something I’ve wante ...
21-01-2016 21:48

This week?s five industry-funded studies. The score: 105/9.

I’ve collected five more studies funded directly or indirectly by food companies or trade associations, with results useful for marketing purpos ...
21-01-2016 21:48

Book Two Launch Day!

I am SO excited to say that book two is now officially out and for sale in the UK! I hope you all love this book as much as I do. It’s focused one ...
21-01-2016 21:48

Eat Right for Your Shape Video

I\'ve put together a little video for you, it\'s just me, no filters, no makeup, no spicy effects or souped-up editing.  I\'m feeling relaxed at home ...
21-01-2016 21:48

Congratulations to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics? f

Several members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND–formerly the American Dietetic Association) sent me a letter from the AcademyR ...
21-01-2016 21:48

Eating Around the World & 25 Healthy Recipes with Global Fla

Our latest podcast is here! This week, we’re talking to celebrity chef Carla Hall about the fun of eating global flavors ... Read More ...
20-01-2016 22:01

5 Health and Fitness Principles for Those Who are Tired of A

There?s no shortage of nonsensical information in the world of health and fitness. When’s the last time you exclaimed, “Oh goody! Another 3 Foods ...
20-01-2016 22:01

How To Video: Making A Perfect Bone Broth

How To Make Bone Broth If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know all about why we love bone broth (our secret weapon ingredient!) but maybe ...
19-01-2016 21:52

Cellulite, Stretch Marks, And A “Love Your Body”

  Nearly two years ago, I published the first version of the Love Your Body Challenge on my personal website, and the responses I received from women ...
19-01-2016 21:52

More Than My Body (before & after)

  Back in 2014 I shared my “reverse progress” photo. At the time, it was the scariest, most vulnerable thing I had ever done. I was a fitness pr ...
19-01-2016 21:52

Testing: The Aria Las Vegas Indoor Hike

It’s two days before Xmas and I’m in the middle of a hotel lobby in full gym kit doing tricep dips and push ups. But this is not the reception of ...
19-01-2016 21:52

Nutra-Ingredients special edition: world malnutrition

What is the role of the food industry in helping to address world malnutrition"  This collection of articles from begins wi ...
19-01-2016 21:52

Ten Foods to Fight Fatigue and Boost Energy

Feeling sluggish and lacking in energy" Sitting at your desk with heavy eyelids and blurred vision"If the mid-morning craving cycle or 3pm slump has g ...
18-01-2016 21:54

The Facebook Post Heard ‘Round The World

  The past couple of weeks have been unreal, as my heartfelt ...
18-01-2016 21:54

Frozen Banana & Peanut Butter Smoothie

The post Frozen Banana & Peanut Butter Smoothie appeared first on Deliciously Ella. ...
17-01-2016 21:51

Cherry Cacao Nib Snack Bars

Snack bars, Larabars, Clif bars – they?re all the rage these days, thanks to the magical technology of: well, nuts ... Read More ...
17-01-2016 21:51

Nutty Pea & Quinoa Bowl

The post Nutty Pea & Quinoa Bowl appeared first on Deliciously Ella. ...
17-01-2016 21:51

It’s a Run – With Wine!

Well despite the fact that I haven’t yet actually done a run yet this year* my run calendar for later in the year is looking rather full as, the oth ...
17-01-2016 21:51

Weekend Reading: Divided Spirits

Sarah Bowen.  Divided Spirits: Tequila, Mezcal, and the Politics of Production.  University of California Press, 2015 This remarkable book, a recent a ...
15-01-2016 21:50

Qui-Shi – The Sushi Health Upgrade To Know About

Among the crop of diet and recipe books that have dropped on my desk over the last few months I keep seeing one idea mentioned over and over again as ...
14-01-2016 21:52

Five more industry-sponsored studies. The score 95:9

If you have been following this saga, you will know that since mid-March 2015 I’ve been collecting examples of published research supported whol ...
14-01-2016 21:52

The Mother of all Veggie Bowls

Last Friday we came up with a new version of that dinner. We gathered a rainbow selection of warm and cold vegetables, brown rice and creamy spreads  ...
14-01-2016 21:52

Wholehearted Coaching

Do you crave a vibrant lifestyle that brings you fulfillment and satisfaction" An unbound life" A life of full engagement" Empowerment" Worthiness" B ...
14-01-2016 21:52

Harissa Carrots and Fennel with Lentils

My trip to Seattle to work on the Cody nutrition video series proved to be a pretty ragin? food fest. The pre- and post-production days, along with ni ...
14-01-2016 21:52

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines? hidden advice about sugary drin

I’m indebted to Maria Godoy of NPR’s The Salt for pointing out where in the new 2015 Dietary Guidelines you can find advice about cutting ...
13-01-2016 05:38

Cauliflower Fried ?Rice?

  At the turn of each year, without fail come January 1 suddenly everyone is talking about healthy eating. It’s like a switch is ... Read More ...
13-01-2016 17:04

Pumpkin Pie Caramel Bars

cheering comments on instagram regarding honesty and transparency. We promised you a new recipe soon, and this one surely delivers. It’s a two layer ...
13-01-2016 17:10

How to deal with Assholes

(With integrity and compassion) Labor Day Weekend in Cali was hot as a mofo. It appears that Summer is finally making an appearance, and no one in the ...
13-01-2016 05:37

By: This Is the Brutally Honest Body Image Lesson That Shoul

[…] She’s a secret superhero on a mission to save the world from negative body image. Read her blog, and follow her onTwitter, Facebook, and […] ...
13-01-2016 05:37

Politico Pro Agriculture?s pick of top 2015 food policy stor

Jason Huffman, Helena Bottemiller Evich, and Jenny Hopkinson of Politico Pro Agriculture have published their end-of-year assessment of game-changing ...
13-01-2016 05:38

Mini Pumpkin Pie Tarts with a Sunflower Cookie Crust (Nut-fr

A couple weeks ago, I received a reader recipe request. Let?s call him ?Jason?. Jason asked if I could create a nut-free version of my Raw Pumpkin-Ma ...
13-01-2016 17:18

You Are The Sky

What’s the first thing you do when you get out of the shower" I always find this to be an interesting experiment in human observation. My husband, ...
13-01-2016 05:37

Barberyn Reef Resort Sri Lanka

Barberyn Reef, a luxury resort set amidst a luscious and picture perfect island landscape has one major goal and that is to improve the health of its ...
13-01-2016 15:56

The Meal Timing Myth"

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I enjoy hosting random Q&A?s using the hashtag In my mind, insulin meant sugar, and sugar meant Frosted Fl ...
13-01-2016 04:56

Supercharged Food for Kids Print Book

Getting kids to eat food that is good for them doesn?t have to be the Mount Everest of parenthood!Today I?m celebrating the release of my book Superch ...
13-01-2016 15:56

Christmas Pudding

The post Christmas Pudding appeared first on Deliciously Ella. ...
13-01-2016 17:04

Build a Better Body Image, with Erin Brown on The Nia Shanks

photo: some rights reserved by TinyTall Body image. It’s a term that’s frequently tossed around. We know it’s important to have a positive body ...
13-01-2016 05:37

H+H Good Gift Guide

Our guide to the perfect feel-good gifts this Christmas. Make your money count with thoughtful pressies for the mind, body and soul… Click the im ...
13-01-2016 17:04

Almond Butter & Maple Cream Gingersnap Sandwich Cookies

When I started reading food blogs (circa 2008), I had no idea there were real people behind them. The idea that everyday people ... Read More ...
13-01-2016 17:04

Daily Habits for Happiness: My Plan for 2016

The other day I had an epiphany while I was drying my hair. As usual, my thoughts were all over the place, jumping from personal reminders to work ta ...
13-01-2016 17:18

Spiced Christmas Almonds

The post Spiced Christmas Almonds appeared first on Deliciously Ella. ...
13-01-2016 17:04

A New Diet is Not the Solution to Problems Created by a Prev

How many diets have you tried" This is a serious question; take a moment to reflect on the answer. How many" Several at the very least, right" Why ar ...
13-01-2016 05:37

The Good + Simple UK Book Tour!

The Good + Simple Book Tour! We?re packing our bags (and thermos flasks!) and travelling across the country to spread the Good + Simple message. Af ...
13-01-2016 17:04

Salt to Taste & Italian Accents

In this episode: a big bowl that unites random refrigerator components, what we learned from Julia Child, and the best ... Read More ...
13-01-2016 17:04

Shaved & Curried Cauliflower Salad

? We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. ...
13-01-2016 17:16

The Ultimate Hangover Cure

Sometimes you drink too much. Other times, you drink way too much. This hangover smoothie might as well be called a hangover cure because it was desig ...
13-01-2016 04:56

oh, hi. (august 2015)

I’m back to chat. Because cooking has been SO simple and I really haven’t been working on recipes. I’m so torn – part of me is really missing ...
13-01-2016 20:56

Urban farmers in real life

In this episode: we interview a real urban farmer (Amy Matthews) and brainstorm what to do with her seasonal eats. ... Read More ...
13-01-2016 17:04

50 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is getting close and here’s one last resource for you. Below are our last 5 years of Healthy Thanksgiving menus, along ... Read Mor ...
13-01-2016 17:04

Herb-y Shortbread Clouds, Three Ways

Shortbread Clouds, Three Ways Adapted from Gourmet  4 cups all-purpose flour 1 1/2 Tsp salt 1/2 Tsp baking powder 1 Tbsp fresh rosemary, mi ...
13-01-2016 17:16

Ooh, it’s a new 5k running game.

Today in the gym I had an aim – I had to run 5k faster than 33 minutes and 43 seconds. Why that time specifically" Because according to a report by ...
13-01-2016 16:46

Is Following A Meal Plan Right For You"

  ?Broccoli again"!? my friend exclaimed, as he inspected my lunch. ?How much of that stuff are you eating"?   ?I know, I know? I said. ?But my plan ...
13-01-2016 05:37

Vote NYNHB – please! 

It’s time for the voting to begin at the National UK Blog Awards, and Not Your Normal Health Blog is entered. So, now it’s your turn to do your bi ...
13-01-2016 16:46

Post-Pregnancy Workouts: How A Pregnancy Expert Does It

  Your body ? and your life ? go through some pretty exciting changes between the end of pregnancy to early postpartum. Big things are happening, and ...
13-01-2016 05:37

Dancing with Graham Elliott & Unpacking ?Healthy?

In this episode: we talk with celebrity chef Graham Elliott about having fun in the kitchen and his approach to ... Read More ...
13-01-2016 17:04

Tess?s Blueberry Breakfast Tart + Mystical Mango Smoothies

Summer finally came to Denmark and I am one happy, happy person. Life just seems easier when the sun is shining and I don?t need to wear a snowsuit. I ...
13-01-2016 17:13

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines, at long last

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines are out. They are now online in a version that takes up dozens of screens with annoying drop-down boxes.  It’s hard ...
13-01-2016 05:38

How to Throw a Pizza Party

Over hundreds of years, pizza has grown from a lowly peasant Italian food to a worldwide phenomenon. There’s variations of all ... Read More ...
13-01-2016 17:04

Chia Parfait & Apple Crunch

We often make a double batch of chia pudding and store in the fridge as it always come handy when the kids need a quick snack. You could prepare a qu ...
13-01-2016 17:10

Fantastic Falafel Waffles

Falafels. These definitely sit at the top of my list for most attempts at a healthy makeover and at the bottom of the list of success. How to get them ...
13-01-2016 17:13

Can I do that"

Most of you know that I recently joined a Crossfit box–Deuce Garage in Venice Beach, to be exact. I actually have my own garage gym at home, complet ...
13-01-2016 05:37

By: The Tiny Tweak That Makes Fitness Fun, Effective, and Ea

[…] She’s a secret superhero on a mission to save the world from negative body image. Read her blog, and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and [… ...
13-01-2016 05:37

Sidney Mintz 1922-2015: some personal memories

The anthropologist Sidney Mintz has died at the age of 93.  It feels way too soon. I first heard of him in 1985 when I read a review of Sweetness and ...
13-01-2016 05:38

Roasted Two-Potato Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

A few recipes in our archive are old favorites, some we make often and some have faded into memory. I came across ... Read More ...
13-01-2016 17:04

Green Christmas 2015

Millet, Persimmon & Brussels Sprout Salad Serves 4 As I mentioned above, we love hearty salads that balances warm and cold ingredients, have a variet ...
13-01-2016 17:10

The Three Bears Superfood Porridge

I?m starting to get a taste of what toddlerhood is all about, and it?s humbling. Incredible in so many crazy ways, yet very, very humbling. Adriana y ...
13-01-2016 17:18

What if we didn’t hate ourselves"

What would happen" Would it be so terrible and unrealistic to shift our focus away from our perceived flaws, and onto the fact that we are all comple ...
13-01-2016 05:37

My Supercharged Beach Picnic Christmas Menu

This Christmas holiday period, my favourite beach spot Kutti Beach is where I?ll be holding a family beach-themed picnic. The soiree will take the sha ...
13-01-2016 15:56

Bust a move

Hey everyone, I’m pulling myself out of the post-holiday haze to let you know that we?re moving OSG to a bigger, badder server tomorrow (December 2 ...
13-01-2016 17:18

A New Approach To Fat Loss Nutrition

The easiest way to lose weight is to eat less. The statement is so simple and common, and yet merely telling someone to not stuff their face as often ...
13-01-2016 04:56

The Chopra Centre Ayurvedic Teas

If you?re looking to immerse yourself in mind-body healing then a great way to fill up your wellness cup is with a soothing mug of Ayurvedic herbal te ...
13-01-2016 15:56

Guy Fawkes Feast Ideas

Autumn is such a beautiful season and we can’t get enough of it at the moment ? the cool, crisp air, the falling leaves in crimson and gold ­? not ...
13-01-2016 17:04

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News most viewed Today

The Importance of Omega-3 Fish Oil (& The Best Way to Get It)

The Importance of Omega-3 Fish Oil (& Th...

If you like to peruse medical journals in your free time (like me!), you may have noticed a lot of conflicting research when it comes to fish oil and Omega-3s. Even if recent studies aren’t your choice for light reading, it’s important to... -
The Lift Like a Girl Challenge

The Lift Like a Girl Challenge

You are going to want to get in on this. The primary goal of this website, and “Lifting Like a Girl” in general, is to equip you with information to become the best version of yourself. To improve your health and make your entire life better,... -
Rodale introduces Regenerative Organic Certification

Rodale introduces Regenerative Organic Certif...

The Rodale Institute has a new Regenerative Organic certification program with four requirements that include but go beyond those for USDA Certified Organic: Increase soil organic matter over time, and potentially sequester carbon in the soil... -
12 Tips to Ensure Your Fruit and Veg Last Longer

12 Tips to Ensure Your Fruit and Veg Last Lon...

Don?t throw your hard-earned money in the garbage. Save your fruits and vegetables from spoiling prematurely by learning special storage tricks that can make your food stay fresh for longer. Some of these tips can even extend your food?s shelf... -
Food Navigator Special Edition: Pulses, seeds and grains

Food Navigator Special Edition: Pulses, seeds...

Food Navigator is an industry newsletter with articles about topics of interest to food companies.  This is one of its occasional collections of columns on a particular topic, in this case, beans, seeds, and grains. Beans, chickpeas, peas and... -
This ONE Stretch Relieves Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Achilles Pain And Heel Pain

This ONE Stretch Relieves Plantar Fasciitis, ...

Everyone experiences foot problems at some point in their lives. If you?re someone who enjoys running or exercising, chances are that you?ve had at least one of the following things: shin splints compartment syndrome heal pain achilles... -
5 Tips for Balanced Eating + Vegan Chocolate Cake

5 Tips for Balanced Eating + Vegan Chocolate ...

It’s our immense pleasure to share these words of wisdom with you, plus a knock-out recipe, in this latest installment of ... Read More -
Weekend Reading: Fast Food Kids

Weekend Reading: Fast Food Kids

Amy L. Best.  Fast Food Kids: French Fries, Lunch Lines, and Social Ties.  New York University Press, 2017. This is an academic sociologist’s account of what and how kids eat in school, and why.  Amy Best, a professor at George Mason... -
Mediterranean Rice Bowl

Mediterranean Rice Bowl

Mediterranean Rice Bowl | Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free Have you ever been in the honeymoon phase with something" Maybe it’s a relationship, maybe a new hobby. Maybe a job, maybe it’s your faith. In my youth, it was easy to... -
Good news: sales of organic foods

Good news: sales of organic foods

The USDA announces:  2016 Sales of U.S. Certified Organic Agricultural Production Up 23 Percent from Previous Year Sales of organic agricultural production continued to increase in 2016, when U.S. farms produced and sold $7.6 billion in certified... -

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