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Bikini competition diary week 4: Healthista writer Vicky Had

Healthista?s Vicky Hadley signed up for a five month journey to participate in a bikini model competition on a vegan diet. It\'s week four and she\'s ...
31-03-2016 21:48

What do Americans eat" It?s hard to say.

I’ve just received a new report from USDA’s Economic Research Service, U.S. Food Commodity Consumption Broken Down by Demographics.  This ...
31-03-2016 21:45

New Moms: Try This Baby-Wearing Workout

  As a mom, it can be difficult to find the time to work out. Plus, to make things even more challenging, hitting the gym often requires hiring a bab ...
31-03-2016 21:45

The new leggings that flatter your figure and help your musc

Active wear website Active In Style have caused major gym envy by bringing us new HPE Combat Leggings that not only suck you in, they may also help in ...
31-03-2016 21:48

3 raw food recipes that aren’t salad

Want to try raw eating but sick of salad" Healthista brings you three recipes - with no salads - from Anya Ladra\'s Raw Food Detox, a new cookbook cen ...
31-03-2016 21:48

I’m Coming to NY and Toronto!

I’m so excited to say that I’ll be in New York and Toronto next week to celebrate the American and Canadian release of my new book, ...
31-03-2016 21:45

Carrot & Chickpea Tacos with Cilantro Yogurt

Vegetarian tacos with chickpeas, carrots and cilantro yogurt | Vegetarian, gluten-free ?I don?t miss meat. I just like eating really good food.? ...
30-03-2016 21:42

The Colossal Healthy Chocolate Bar

Being a recipe developer means grocery shopping almost every day. On my way out the door I always ask my husband if he would like anything from the st ...
30-03-2016 21:42

Calming Brown Rice Nori

Calm your vata with this delicious recipe from Eat Right for Your Shape.If vata is your dominant dosha, this Ayurvedic brown rice nori is a deliciousl ...
30-03-2016 21:42

Issue Brief on use of branded characters to market to kids

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has a new Issue Brief on food companies’ use of branded characters to market to kids.  Here’s what it&# ...
30-03-2016 21:42

Are Deadlifts For Everyone"

  I love deadlifts. My clients love deadlifts?all of them. Once, when I overheard a woman in my gym say that she didn?t like deadlifts, it made me so ...
30-03-2016 21:42

Some food guides are unafraid of sustainability

I’ve just heard about the new Netherlands food guide.  It emphasizes sustainability.  According to an article in National Geographic’s The ...
29-03-2016 21:44

Two exciting announcements!

You may have noticed that things have been quiet around here. Maybe record-setting quiet" Either way, I think I have some ?splanin to do! In my last ...
29-03-2016 21:44

‘My boyfriend doesn’t satisfy me sexually’

He\'s kind, hilarious, and financially stable, but selfish in bed. Sally Brown has advice for a complicated matter Read more The post ‘My boyfrien ...
29-03-2016 21:47

3 Ways to Make Your Workout Program Work for You

  You know what sucks" Workouts that don?t work. That aren?t fun. That don?t make you excited to hit the gym, the trail, or the yoga mat. I should kn ...
29-03-2016 21:44

4 stretches to do at your desk right now

Yoga teacher Genny Wilkinson-Priest demonstrates a set of desk exercises to do at work to stretch out the muscles that get stiff from sitting all day. ...
29-03-2016 21:47

What REALLY happens to your body during pregnancy"

Pregnant" Congrats! But, now what happens" Healthista GP Dr.Deyo Famuboni talks us through what really happened to your body during pregnancy Read mo ...
29-03-2016 21:47

Is my vagina normal" 5 things a gynaecologist wants you

This is what a normal, healthy vagina looks like - a leading doctor on why you probably don\'t need labiaplasty (warning: graphic images) Read more ...
29-03-2016 21:47

From research to policy: making school food healthier and mo

Why anyone would be opposed to giving healthy food to kids in schools is beyond me, but school food is a flash point for political fights. Sometimes r ...
28-03-2016 21:48

GGS Spotlight: Fabienne Marier

  Meet Fabienne!     Name:   Fabienne Marier Age: 37 Location: Montreal, Canada   What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you" It means bein ...
28-03-2016 21:48

Weekend reading: Concentration and Power in the Food System

Philip H. Howard. Concentration and Power in the Food System: Who Controls What We Eat"  Bloomsbury, 2016. I don’t know Philip Howard perso ...
25-03-2016 21:42

Easter Nests

The post Easter Nests appeared first on Deliciously Ella. ...
25-03-2016 21:42

3 raw vegan chocolate recipes to make you swoon

ITV Sugar-Free Farm\'s nutritionist Angelique Panagos brings you three raw vegan chocolate chocolate recipes that are also low-sugar and gluten Read ...
24-03-2016 21:47

Your Biggest Hydration Questions?Answered!

  You know water?s good for you and that dehydration is bad. Beyond that, however, the topic of hydration leaves many people with more questions than ...
24-03-2016 21:44

The new Pink Soda Sport range

Editor Anna Magee reviews the latest Pink Soda Sport range featuring new functional fabrics and even more flattering lines Read more The post The ne ...
24-03-2016 21:47

It’s time to try Nutribug Insect Pasta

If only my postman knew quite how many parcels involving foods made from insects he brings to my house he might refuse to deliver. Latest up is Nutrib ...
24-03-2016 21:44

5 best vegan chocolate treats

Looking for a vegan chocolate treat with literally nothing naughty" Healthista blogger Rochelle Cobbina has investigated the most sustainably sourced, ...
24-03-2016 21:47

Beverage Daily?s Special Edition: Calorie-Cutting Initiatiat

One of the newsletters I subscribe to,, has a special edition—a collection of its articles—on what the industry is doing ...
24-03-2016 21:44

8 Best vegetarian restaurants in London

Looking for the best vegetarian restaurants in London" Whether you\'re a committed vegetarian or vegan or just not in the mood for meat, we have have ...
24-03-2016 21:47

Mushroom Soup & Avocado Toast

Congratulations! If you are reading this you must have managed to enter our site without running into any database errors. Our site has been pending ...
23-03-2016 21:46

The Making of a Real-Life Pinterest Kitchen

An old friend recently wrote to us and said she stumbled upon our blog after a Google search on ?real-life Pinterest kitchens?. Which got me thinking, ...
23-03-2016 21:46

‘The day I tried Jiu Jitsu’ – Healthista&#

Kyley Reed tells of her enlightening experience with jiu jitsu world champion Sam Cook in a hilarious recount of a first-time jiu jitsu session Read ...
23-03-2016 21:50

13 surprising things you can do right now to be more success

Want to be more successful, starting today" Emma Seppälä PhD, author of The Happiness Track: how to apply the science of happiness to accelerate your ...
23-03-2016 21:50

Classic Almond and Cacao Energy Balls

The post Classic Almond and Cacao Energy Balls appeared first on Deliciously Ella. ...
23-03-2016 21:46

Special Easter Video: Chocolate Orange Bar with Clementines

Happy Easter! Have you been avoiding the treats and holding off on the desserts, waiting for something special to satisfy your sweet tooth this Easte ...
22-03-2016 21:44

“Why"” This Simple Question Will Transform

  It?s been about seven years since I was super lean. Shredded. Twelve percent body fat and completely obsessed with counting calories and tracking m ...
22-03-2016 21:44

5 Books That Will Make Your Life Better

That three pound mass nestled securely in your skull is just begging to be used and challenged. There is so much your brain hasn?t learned yet! Stuff ...
22-03-2016 21:44

GMO labeling: it?s happening!

When the Senate last week failed to pass a bill that would block individual states from passing laws requiring GMO labeling, it meant that VermontR ...
22-03-2016 21:44

The retreat that claims to save your relationship in three d

A new retreat claims to save your marriage in three days. Anna Magee finds out more about the new relationship boot camp Read more The post The retr ...
21-03-2016 21:47

Celebrating Happiness Day!

Happy international day of happiness everyone! Today is officially the international day of happiness and so I felt it was a good day to talk about t ...
21-03-2016 21:44

The UK soda tax: a tipping point"

Wonder of wonders, the UK?s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has put a soda tax into his new budget initiative (see BBC account, the video ...
21-03-2016 21:44

The new online shop that delivers you healthy, in-season, lo

Healthista\'s Stephanie Wickens reviews a selection of organic food from Farmdrop, a new online shop that delivers you healthy, in-season, locally-pro ...
21-03-2016 21:47

What?s up with GMO labeling" Lots.

When the Senate last week failed to pass a bill that would block individual states from passing laws requiring GMO labeling, it gave Vermont permissio ...
21-03-2016 21:44

Bliss Bites (Healthy No Bake Cookies)

Healthy no bake cookies | Naturally sweet | Gluten-free | Dairy-free | Vegan You know that feeling when you’re in a season o ...
21-03-2016 21:44

Chocolate Fudge

Looking for homemade Easter treats"  Yes" I was hopping you\'d say that.Well you\'ve come to the right place.  This one\'s from my Ayurvedic cook book ...
21-03-2016 21:44

Zesty Easter Scones

The post Zesty Easter Scones appeared first on Deliciously Ella. ...
20-03-2016 21:47

Pilates 101: The Beginners Guide

It’s time for one of those posts in my occasional ‘what you need to know to get started’ series – and this time I’m looking at Pilates. Firs ...
20-03-2016 21:47

What on earth is Diatomaceous Earth Video

Looking at your gut health is by far the best way to nudge off a few excess kilos naturally. Click on the video above to learn more.If you haven?t alr ...
19-03-2016 21:43

Six industry-funded studies. The score for the year: 156/12

Since March 16, 2015, I’ve been collecting research studies funded by industry or conducted by investigators with food industry connections.  Th ...
18-03-2016 21:43

We have our own Hemsley + Hemsley TV SHOW!

Coming Soon To A Screen Near You… Can?t quite believe it ourselves but it?s finally happening and you?re the first to get the scoop: UK and Austral ...
18-03-2016 21:43

10 ways to tap into your fighter instinct from a Jiu Jitsu c

Jiu Jitsu world champion Sam Cook reveals the importance of thinking like a fighter and how this mindset can help push you away from fear and toward t ...
18-03-2016 21:47

Improve Your Squat with These 5 Simple Mobility Drills

  Watch almost any young child squat down to pick up their favorite toy, and you?ll see they have perfect squat form.     Squatting is a natural m ...
17-03-2016 21:44

Brain training: 7 surprising hacks to boost your mind

What are the brain training keys that give your mind the power to keep going when it runs out of juice" Dr Jenny Brockis, author of Future Brain: The ...
17-03-2016 21:47

Politico?s The Agenda: The Food Issue (with my article on th

Politico’s magazine, The Agenda, has an entire issue on food.  The lead  piece is The Great FLOTUS Food Fight and there are other interesting pi ...
17-03-2016 21:44

My latest edited book: Big Food: Critical perspectives

Simon N. Williams, Marion Nestle (Editors).  Big Food: Critical perspectives on the global growth of the food and beverage industry.  Routledge, 2016. ...
16-03-2016 21:46

10 healthy fats that could help you LOSE weight

Annie Lawless from lifestyle blog bring you the healthy fats that can make you thin Read more The post 10 healthy fats that could help y ...
16-03-2016 21:50

Pete Evans Spiralise!

Spiralise! is a fun, easy to digest book which is packed with inventive vegetable dense recipes.All centred around the use of a spiraliser, this book ...
16-03-2016 21:46

It’s all healthing up at Zizzi

Well, this is exciting…….following on from Bella Italia’s foray into spiralised veggies at the beginning of this year (which has proved so popul ...
16-03-2016 21:46

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa (Salsa Verde)

  Learning from the best is an extreme privilege, and this week we’re over the moon to have Mexican cuisine master Rick Bayless on the A Couple ...
16-03-2016 21:47

7 fitness tips from Insanity creator Shaun T including the b

Shaun T is the creator of the fierce Insanity range of DVD workouts. Vicky Hadley caught up with him to get some hot fitness tips and the inside track ...
16-03-2016 21:50

Cork Leaf Yoga Mat

Being a Yoga instructor and a real believer in practicing yoga to improve health, yoga mats are a beloved tool of mine and one I like to use frequentl ...
16-03-2016 21:46

Bikini competition diary week 2: Healthista writer Vicky Had

Healthista\'s Vicky Hadley signed up for a five month journey to participate in a bikini model competition on a vegan diet, here is week two with a ru ...
16-03-2016 21:50

Lola Berry The Happy Life

The Happy Life is a captivating and easy to navigate book which is in part a mixture of fun and healthy recipes as well as a sweet guide to whole well ...
16-03-2016 21:46

Siberian Cedar Nut Oil

Siberian Cedar Nut Oil is a beautiful oil made from Cedar Trees that can be used unheated in and on food as a dressing or also as a beautiful medicina ...
16-03-2016 21:46

9 Fat Loss Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Mak

Rest assured, this isn?t the typical listicle article filled with overdone, regurgitated tips you see splashed on magazines. That?s why the title is a ...
15-03-2016 21:45

Lip health special: Prevasore – the everyday lip thera

Looking for the perfect dry lip remedy" Do you suffer from cracked lips, cold sores, and chronic dryness" We tried out the new Prevasore gel that help ...
15-03-2016 21:48

Five more industry-positive studies. The score: 150/12

Higher compared with lower dietary protein during an energy deficit combined with intense exercise promotes greater lean mass gain and fat mass loss: ...
15-03-2016 21:45

Social Sabotage: How to Respond to Criticism About Your Food

Disclaimer: The following is written assuming that you?re participating in healthy behavior. If you are over-exercising, or being far too restrictive ...
15-03-2016 21:45

5 things about lip health you need to know

As much as 70% percent of the population suffers from the cold sore virus, but do we even know what we\'re up against" Here are five lip health belief ...
15-03-2016 21:48

COLD SORES: 5 things you need to know PLUS the new treatment

Up to a staggering 70 per cent of the population carry the cold sore virus and nearly half of us will get recurrent cold sores. A new daily treatment ...
15-03-2016 21:48

30 Day Squat Challenge: Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of our brand new, totally free 30 day squat challenge with trainer Kelly Du Buisson. Make a commitment to do one of Kelly\'s five min ...
14-03-2016 21:50

7 DIY facemasks you can make from ingredients in your kitche

Knock up a DIY facemask out of your kitchen essentials thanks to Sally Curson, founder of FaceMatters Read more The post 7 DIY facemasks you can ma ...
14-03-2016 21:50

Mexican Loaded Sweet Potato Fries

The other day I came across a post called Habit Shift: Meal Prep, where author Erin Boyle offers tips on developing the habit of prepping for meals in ...
14-03-2016 21:48

Gaming Australia?s Health Star labeling system

Australia has government-sponsored front-of-package nutrient labeling—the Health Star system—that looks a lot like the U.S. grocery indust ...
14-03-2016 21:48

Are macro-nutrients the new calories"

Macro-nutrients are the latest obsession within the gym world, with fitness professionals swearing by them. But is counting macronutrients a better wa ...
14-03-2016 21:50

Clementine Granita

The post Clementine Granita appeared first on Deliciously Ella. ...
13-03-2016 21:47

GGS Spotlight: Kate Galbraith

Note from Molly: This spotlight is particularly near and dear to my heart because it’s my cousin Kate! Not only is Kate incredibly strong inside and ...
13-03-2016 21:47

?Superannuated Chardonnay Socialist!? Moi"

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Sarah Whyte of ABC 7:30 interviewed me and others for a 6-minute segment on Coca-Cola?s funding of hea ...
12-03-2016 21:51

Tuna Tikka Curry

Curries are the ultimate treasure chest of medicinal spices. I tend to view them as a healing experience rather than simply a meal. There are just so ...
12-03-2016 21:51

ARGUING AGAIN" 5 ways to fight smart from a couples the

Arguing again with your significant other" Dr Michelle Brody, author of new book Stop The Fight has priceless advice to help you learn to fight smart ...
11-03-2016 21:59

Should the East River Pepsi-Cola sign be landmarked"

An editor at the New York Times invited me to write an op-ed on the proposed landmarking of the East River Pepsi-Cola sign, but then said: We’re ...
11-03-2016 21:55

Vegan restaurants in London: The first totally free-from, he

Looking for vegan restaurants in London with a difference" Healthista\'s Vicky Hadley reviews the first dairy-free, healthy, TOTALLY vegan ice-cream p ...
11-03-2016 21:59

Food-Navigator USA?s Special Edition on Weight Management

Food-Navigator USA publishes occasional “special editions” with collections of articles on similar topics.  This one is on how food compan ...
10-03-2016 21:47

Tart Cherry Granola Smoothie Bowls

Tart cherry smoothie bowls with cherry almond granola | Dairy-free, gluten-free, refined-sugar free Looks like it?s breakfast week on A Couple Co ...
10-03-2016 21:48

Love Yourself, But Not Too Much

  By others? standards, it seems there?s very little a woman can ever get ?right.?   As women, we?re supposed to be a perfect combination of feature ...
10-03-2016 21:47

Weight Loss Research

Editor’s Note: This page is a list of weight loss research and resources from this article by Dr. Mike Israetel, which challenges a popular dieting ...
10-03-2016 21:47

Challenging the Belly Fat Hypothesis

Editor’s note: This article is about drawing the line in the search for honest reporting on weight gain, fat loss, and the growing concern about “ ...
10-03-2016 21:47

3 healthy recipes from Hemsley & Hemsley that are so in

As part of our Hemsley & Hemsley special, we bring you three healthy recipes from the sisters that are as indulgent as they are good for you Read mor ...
09-03-2016 21:51

5 healthy holidays under £700 for two

Think exotic healthy holidays are reserved for the jetset" Think again. Co-Founder of The Healthy Holiday Company, Kathryn Brierley, shares five of he ...
09-03-2016 21:51

The Roxanne One Song Arm Workout

Remember a few weeks ago I told you I’d joined a new gym and that, because each time I went I got my own trainer, I really didn’t know what they w ...
09-03-2016 21:48

Ham and cheese pizza

It never ceases to amaze me that kids as young as one have an instinctive attraction for junk food. Chocolate. Fries. Cake. Cookies. They just know.  ...
09-03-2016 21:48

What the Hemsley sisters REALLY eat

Hemsley and Hemsley are the clean eating sisters that brought us bone broth and one of the most lusciously photographed blogs ever. So if you\'re won ...
09-03-2016 21:51

ENDOMETRIOSIS: A doctor’s guide

Girls star and feminist activist Lena Dunham, who suffers from endometriosis was rushed to hospital following a ruptured ovarian cyst at the weekend. ...
08-03-2016 21:56

Another five industry-funded studies with sponsor-favorable

Thanks to a reader for sending these items from a journal that I don’t usually come across.  These bring the casually collected total since last ...
08-03-2016 21:53

Shut Up and Do Something

A gentle nudge doesn?t always get you moving in the right direction. Sometimes what you really need, is a punch to the throat. And you?re in luck! Tod ...
08-03-2016 21:53

Ask Ann: “Should I Wear A Waist Trainer In The Gym&quo

  Hi, Ann! I often see women working out at my gym wearing waist trainers like the Kardashians wear. Are these good to help train your core" I just h ...
08-03-2016 21:53

Olympic Sport Report: Team GB’s road to Rio updates an

The theme for this week?s sport report" Team GB and their preparation for Rio with a special focus on Team GB hockey player Laura Unsworth Read more ...
07-03-2016 21:54

Green Nutritionals Australian SuperGrass

When it comes to being healthy an alkaline body is key, sometimes it?s hard to keep your unique body alkaline with all of the foods available on the s ...
07-03-2016 21:49

Joey Bull’s arm workout to get you guns fast

In Part 3 of the Body Design video workout series, using nothing but a yoga mat, a resistance band and some hand weights, leading fitness trainer Joey ...
07-03-2016 21:54

Chai Waffles with Berry Compote {Dairy-Free}

Dairy-free waffles with chai spice & almond milk | refined sugar free “The more you love your art/calling/enterprise, the more importan ...
07-03-2016 21:49

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Leesa Mattress Review (A Bed That Comes in a Box. How Good Can It Be")

Leesa Mattress Review (A Bed That Comes in a ...

Leesa for several reasons: Everything, from the design to the cover to the mattress and even the box used to ship it, is made in the USA. Many foam mattresses are 10 inches deep. What I like about Leesa is that 4 inches of the foam is their... -
Are You Out-Training Your Healthy Diet"

Are You Out-Training Your Healthy Diet"

  ?You can’t out-train a bad diet!?   You’re probably heard someone say this before. What they?re getting at is that exercise isn?t going to help you with your physique goals if your diet is a mess, which, for the most part, is... -
Friday FAQs: Camping food, pregnancy updates, freezer-friendly recipes, and more

Friday FAQs: Camping food, pregnancy updates,...

Happy Friday everyone! It?s an absolutely beautiful spring day here, and I hope all of you are getting a chance to enjoy some sunshine and warm weather as well. I?m really looking forward to Mother?s Day this weekend, and spending as much time... -
Waitrose Duchy Organic 25th Anniversary

Waitrose Duchy Organic 25th Anniversary

This September is the 25th anniversary of Waitrose Duchy Organic and to mark the occasion, HRH Prince Charles and the great team at Waitrose hosted a two day celebration in beautiful Scotland. While Jasmine was out in Arizona for the annual... -
Should the East River Pepsi-Cola sign be landmarked"

Should the East River Pepsi-Cola sign be land...

An editor at the New York Times invited me to write an op-ed on the proposed landmarking of the East River Pepsi-Cola sign, but then said: We’re not going to use this. People really love that Pepsi sign so much that they don’t want to... -
Santa Fe, New Mexico Travel Guide

Santa Fe, New Mexico Travel Guide

A few weeks ago we spent an extended weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico and I must say, it stood up to all the hype. This place is ultra foodie, breathtakingly beautiful, full of culture and art, and uber chill. The trip was an excuse for QT in a fun... -
I Drank Only Water For 10 Days, Here’s What Happened

I Drank Only Water For 10 Days, Here’s ...

Enjoying my first mouthful of wine after drinking only water for 10 days, I tasted subtle flavors I’d never noticed, from every individual grape that went into making it. As I stood in a girlfriend’s kitchen, with a glass of rose, I realized my... -
Gut Health 101

Gut Health 101

The gut is one of the most important components of the body. We interact with it daily and are constantly receiving feedback from it and yet, it?s something that as a society, we tend to keep on the down-lo. We don?t like to talk about our digestive... -
Get rid of joint, back and knee pain with this super food in less than a week!

Get rid of joint, back and knee pain with thi...

Joint ache is a common problem which occurs after injuries or to people who have suffered from arthritis for a long period of time. Usually elderly people are more prone to this type of pain but nowadays youngsters are more and more affected. Also... -
#TransparentTuesday} Binge eating

#TransparentTuesday} Binge eating

  I?m almost 4 weeks into the beta test of my new program Authentic Body Confidence, and I am literally brimming over with ideas of things I?d like to post, blog, and make videos about– and of course, with practically zero time to do those... -

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