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What Sweet Dreams Are Made Of

There?s no denying that baking, desserts and sweets are good for the soul. Traditionally associated with celebrations, family, friends and sharing, t ...
30-06-2016 21:43

How to Organize Your Spices?the Minimalist Way

How to organize your spices is part of our Healthy & Whole series to inspire a lifelong passion for home cooking and a sustainably healthy lifesty ...
30-06-2016 21:43

3 Steps To Healing Your Diastasis Recti

During pregnancy, as the belly grows, what many women don?t realize is that, to accommodate that growth, changes occur not only in the uterus and skin ...
30-06-2016 21:43

5 Ways to Squat Better

Squats, whether weighted or not, are hands down one of the best, most powerful full-body exercises you can perform: Not only will you tone your butt a ...
30-06-2016 21:45

The FDA weighs in on GMO labeling

The Senate’s proposed GMO labeling bill gives food companies three options: An on-package code that consumers can scan with a smartphone A 1-800 ...
30-06-2016 21:43

Deliciously Ella Products Are Coming!

I am SO excited to be able to finally share this news with you alwe?re bringing out our own range of products!!!! It?s been so hard not to tell you al ...
30-06-2016 21:43

Can’t shake the sadness" 10 expert ways to manage

It\'s overwhelming when you can\'t shake the sadness of losing someone or something. Manage your grief with these helpful tips from Donna Lancaster, a ...
29-06-2016 21:42

Yoga classes on the rooftop at Selfridges, the new pop up fr

Fancy some yoga to kick start your day the healthy way" Hot yoga studio Triyoga on the roof is doing pop up classes on the rooftop of Selfridges on Ox ...
29-06-2016 21:42

The Secret Behind Sweating and Weight Loss

You’ve just had a seriously sweat-filled workout, and you?re already feeling lighter. You step on the scale, and your suspicions are confirmed ? you ...
29-06-2016 21:42

Brexit: What it means for the food and drink industries

What Britain’s exit from the European Union (“Brexit”) means for food and agriculture is worth attention. As The Guardian put it, It ...
29-06-2016 21:38

Best sweat-proof makeup to last through your workout

Sweat-proof makeup, is there such a thing" To keep you looking hot and fresh while at the gym, we\'ve found the best makeup sure to last through your ...
29-06-2016 21:42

My Time Magazine op-ed: We are still confused about calories

While I was in Israel last week, Time Magazine published an op-ed it had invited me to write.  Here it is. Even in ‘healthy’ foods, calori ...
28-06-2016 21:39

Panasonic French Door Fridge

I love it when I get to learn new things, particularly when it involves two of my favourite pastimes: food and eating!Last week I was fortunate enough ...
28-06-2016 21:39

4 Tips to Feel Great With Strength Training

If your strength training workouts don?t make you feel great or, worse, leave you feeling achy or beat up, then you need to change things. Now. Here†...
28-06-2016 21:39

One Kettlebell Workout 2 Ways: For Strength OR Fat Loss

I recently shared five basic movements I recommend for kettlebell beginners (but of course, they?re great for everyone): hip hinge, deadlift, swing, t ...
28-06-2016 21:39

Israel?s solution to peanut allergies

While in Israel, I kept hearing that peanut allergies are virtually unknown in that country.  Nobody I met knows anyone with problems with peanutsR ...
27-06-2016 21:39

Oh She Glows Every Day Cover Reveal + Pre-Order!

// OSG EVERY DAY //     Barnes & Noble I?m soooo excited to reveal the cover for my second cookbook, Barnes and Noble or... ...
27-06-2016 21:40

My Thrifty Bohemian Wedding

A bowling club by the sea was the eclectic backdrop to my recent June wedding where we celebrated making us official.In keeping with our autumnal them ...
27-06-2016 21:39

Thai Baked Sweet Potatoes

Thai baked sweet potatoes | Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan Do you have a cookbook collection" In all honesty, the vast array of cookbooks in ...
27-06-2016 21:39

GGS Spotlight: Katie DePoalo

Name: Katie DePoalo Age: 26 Location: San Marcos, California What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you" Being a Girl Gone Strong means more to me ...
26-06-2016 21:39

New App Update!

I’m so excited to say that the latest app update has now gone live! It’s been updated with all the recent blog recipes plus six new delicious exc ...
25-06-2016 21:38

The 10 Best Yoga Moves for Inflexible People

Once Barbie and GI Joe started doing yoga, we could pretty much call it: Yoga is officially everywhere these days. But all that stretching and balanci ...
25-06-2016 21:41

10 best healthy restaurants in London to get you beach-body

We have found the 10 best healthy restaurants in London tried and tested by Healthista\'s Charlotte Dormon which prove that you can still eat well whi ...
24-06-2016 21:41

Elsa’s Berry Cupcakes

After quite a few years of cooking and developing recipes, we have managed to build up a little bit of confidence and don’t panic over kitchen fail ...
24-06-2016 21:38

Israel food: more random observations

Lunch in the old Yemenite section of Tel Aviv, now the up-and-trendy Kerem Ha Teymanim. The restaurant is Shlomo Doron’s The Joy of the Wipe.  T ...
24-06-2016 21:38

Friday FAQs: Edible teacher gifts, festive Canada Day recipe

After having a bit of an ?off? week last week, I?m feeling like things are getting back on track in a few areas of my life. It always amazes me how t ...
24-06-2016 21:38

5 ways your mind is sabotaging your weight loss

Struggling with weight loss" This is most likely due to a battle in your mind. We have teamed up with new protein shake brand Yokebe to help you beat ...
24-06-2016 21:41

Confused about protein" Here are the REAL reasons you n

Protein used to be synonymous with Dr Atkins or body builders but in recent years there\'s been a rise in products promoting their ?protein-ness?. Her ...
23-06-2016 21:42

Attention, Men! How You Can Support Girls Gone Strong

As the Girls Gone Strong movement has grown, so has our support, not just from women, but from men. Men are increasingly realizing the importance of a ...
23-06-2016 21:39

7 running songs for your summer playlist

The songs Healthista followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram said get them pumped up Read more The post 7 running songs for your summer playlis ...
22-06-2016 21:42

9 Tips for Eating in Moderation

This post is part of our Healthy & Whole series to inspire a lifelong passion for home cooking and a sustainably healthy lifestyle. See the entire ...
22-06-2016 21:39

Best gyms in London – Healthista’s Gym Hopper re

Looking for the best gyms in London" Our Gym Hopper Vicky Hadley has been trying out different classes and post-workout protein shakes to find out whe ...
22-06-2016 21:42

Bircher Muesli Bowl +Video

 A sweet little video about a breakfast you can make the night before.I?m using rolled oats, the standard bircher base plus grated apple but you can ...
22-06-2016 21:39

The food scene in Israel?some early observations

Wandering around in the Rehavia neighborhood in Jerusalem, I saw a local park with a just-starting composting program. Down the street from the offici ...
22-06-2016 21:39

GYM SECRETS: The first subscription box for fitness lovers r

Gym secrets is the UK\'s first luxury box for fitness lovers and we got our hands on the very first one - Yanar Alkayat opens it up and gives her verd ...
21-06-2016 21:44

Is Calorie Counting Right For You"

Have you ever struggled with frustrating weight fluctuations" If so, you’re not alone. Maintaining a certain size or physique over the years is a ta ...
21-06-2016 21:41

The Sugar Association?s latest spin on the science

I’m in Israel this week where “eat-less-sugar” is just as big an issue as it is in the United States (translation: “without su ...
21-06-2016 21:41

8 proven ways exercise makes you happier

Exercise is great not only for your physical well-being but also for your mental health says Christina G. Hibbert in her new book 8 Keys to Mental Hea ...
21-06-2016 21:44

A DIY Guide to the Great Outdoors

I discovered something about myself recently. I?m an outdoorsman. I love the outdoors. And here?s the secret: I?m not a hiker. I hate canoeing. I can ...
21-06-2016 21:44

Namaste! The language of yoga language decoded from ‘f

Find your third eye. Be present. Meet your edge. What does all that s*&t yoga teachers say actually mean" Teacher and Healthista yoga blogger Genny Wi ...
21-06-2016 21:44

Evaluation Of Primary And Secondary Headaches

HEADACHESHeadache is an household name for any discomfort one feels within the head. Also anheadache is technically any discomfort one feels in the he ...
21-06-2016 21:46

Learn yoga online in 30 days

Want to learn yoga" Our free 30 Day Yoga Challenge with instructors Ian Seagrave Chapman and Shanine Collinson from is designed to teach y ...
21-06-2016 21:44

Summer Guide to Workout Gear Etiquette

Liberate your pima cotton. Unshackle your mesh, and flaunt your elastane. Be gone the days of feeling guilty for wearing workout clothes anywhere exce ...
21-06-2016 21:44

TURMERIC: 5 ways it can make you gorgeous

Turmeric is shown in numerous studies to have huge benefits for the skin, from helping eczema to acne says Charlotte Dormon Read more The post TURME ...
20-06-2016 21:49

The food scene: Tel Aviv

I’m in Israel this week at a meeting on Sustainable Food Systems* along with some basic food tourism. The trip started with a visit to the small ...
20-06-2016 21:46

Sweet Potato Brie Pizza

A tree fell on our house this week. (If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen a dramatic pic Alex captured of our situation.) Thankfully we ...
20-06-2016 21:46

A Long Weekend at The Marbella Club

As we come to the end of our 6 month book tour, a 3 day holiday to some guaranteed sunshine and siestas was high on my to do list. I stayed at the l ...
20-06-2016 21:46

Men’s Health Kitchen Meals – not just for boys

My original plan when I heard that Men’s Health magazine had branched out into the ready meal industry was to get a guest blog from The Boyfriend. I ...
19-06-2016 21:39

So You Want to Start…Fitness Walking

Starting a walking routine makes you the smartest person in the room because it?s one of the most rewarding lifelong activities you can choose. The be ...
19-06-2016 21:42

July Events 2016

I’m really excited to tell you all about the events that I’m hosting next month! Tuesday 19th July – Mae Deli Wellness Series Workshop with Nic ...
19-06-2016 21:39

Oven Baked Peach and Berry Pancake

Looking for some fresh breakfast inspiration"  Batter up babycakes ?If you?re seeking something on the sweeter side, I\'m offering an easy-to-make, fr ...
18-06-2016 21:40

Coronation Potatoes With Mango, Raisins and Almonds

The post Coronation Potatoes With Mango, Raisins and Almonds appeared first on Deliciously Ella. ...
18-06-2016 21:40


At 5:30 this morning, I walked into my son’s room to turn off the light. Every Summer, Isaac jets off to Maryland to spend 6-8 weeks with his biolog ...
17-06-2016 21:41

LELO HEX: The new condom that claims to never break or reduc

LELO, the thinking woman\'s vibrator company last night revealed the latest thing in condom technology introducing their new HEX condom Read more T ...
17-06-2016 21:43

WE LOVE: Living Food Kitchen’s snacks that are all-raw

Looking for healthy but tasty vegan snacks" The Living Food Kitchen have launched their amazing plant based, organic raw snacks. And we love them Rea ...
17-06-2016 21:43

Philadelphia passes soda tax!

  Of course, it’s not over yet. ...
17-06-2016 21:41

The kind of person who wears whatever she wants

Later this Summer I’m taking a trip to Greece with one of my best friends. In preparation, we went swimsuit shopping and I wound up buying not one, ...
17-06-2016 21:41

17 surprising ways to use sweet potatoes

We\'ve had the avocado phase, now sweet potatoes are the new hot Healthista trend of the moment. Lorna Van Baar has 17 surprising ways to use them R ...
17-06-2016 21:43

5-Ingredient Magical Fudgesicles

Fudgesicles were a mainstay in the freezer of my childhood, and my go-to sugar fix if the cookie jar was empty. Since we?ve been blessed here in Copen ...
17-06-2016 21:41

Friday FAQs: High-protein recipes, sunflower seed butter tro

This week was a bit of a grab bag and I?m pretty anxious to unwind this weekend. We had two random basement leaks (thanks to a water softener and lau ...
17-06-2016 21:41

7 ways to choose a healthy lunch

What makes a healthy lunch" If you find yourself battling sugar cravings and 4pm energy slumps, your day time meal could be to blame. Nutritional the ...
17-06-2016 21:43

The Best (And Easiest) Brussels Sprouts Recipe Ever

photo: some rights reserved by Mallory Dash Forget what you think you know about Brussels sprouts, and if you’ve never had a Brussels sprout in your ...
16-06-2016 21:40

7 breathing techniques for any emotional problem

Whether you need sleep, calm or focus, breathing expert Jean Hall has a technique to help Read more The post 7 breathing techniques for any emotiona ...
16-06-2016 21:43

What Every Pregnant Woman and Mom (New or Not!) Needs to Do

Unless we have a specific reason to, most of us probably go about our lives without giving our pelvic floor much thought?and when we do, the bulk of o ...
16-06-2016 21:40

Today?s big news: the Philadelphia soda tax vote

The Philadelphia city council votes sometime today on whether to pass a soda tax, with most—but not all—of the revenues targeted to pre-ki ...
16-06-2016 21:40

A Quick At-Home Low-Impact Cardio Routine

Exclusive offer to MyFitnessPal members: Use discount code MFPWALK10 to get 10% off select Walk to the Hits: Radio Remixes? DVD. Once the feet know wh ...
15-06-2016 21:45

Seafood politics: Catfish" Really"

The Senate just voted to reverse a decision of Congress last year to remove catfish inspection from the FDA (which is usually in charge of regulating ...
15-06-2016 21:42

Water; The Ideal Fluid To Take Duing Ramadan

Dear Readers,It\'s Ramadan. We pray that Allah (s.a.w.) accept our ibadah and solat. I\'m positive we\'re all getting accustomed to the fast,our bodi ...
15-06-2016 21:49

One Bowl Jumbo Chocolate Chunk Cookies (vegan + gf)

Having my mom here for the last several days was such a treat. I?ve felt a bit like a basket case lately as we?re dealing with some behavioural issue ...
15-06-2016 21:42

Epic Summer Salad

Ever since Isac learned how to walk and talk, he and his sister have become like two asteroids, constantly spinning around each other with a kind of ...
15-06-2016 21:42

REVIEW: The Estée Edit by Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, has teamed up with the magnificent Estée Lauder as a guest editor to bring to you a new range of beauty products - the Estée edit. Re ...
15-06-2016 21:45

How To Reduce Your Risk Of Injury

  As a physical therapist, I witness the benefits of treating injury risk?and the cost of ignoring it?all day, every day. I see people who follow pr ...
14-06-2016 21:41

11 easy ways to eat less sugar

As experts now claim it?s sugar not fat that?s behind our obesity crisis, editor Anna Magee has found some practical ways to eat less of the white stu ...
14-06-2016 21:44

7 low-sugar recipes that still taste like treats

With experts warning that it?s sugar not fat that makes us fat, more of us are giving up the white stuff. These seven recipes use one of our favourite ...
14-06-2016 21:44

Gut Healing Lamb and Zucchini Soup + Join the Heal Your Gut

On my expedition into gut healing, I?ve been so blessed to discover that eating in a way to maintain or heal gut troubles doesn?t have to be a depriva ...
14-06-2016 21:41

20 Reasons to Stay In: Why Working Out Indoors Is Better

For every athlete who waxes poetic about exercising outside, there?s a dedicated indoor athlete who knows the truth: indoors trumps outdoors. ?Impossi ...
14-06-2016 21:44 on functional drinks

The Beverage Daily newsletter always has something interesting from its business perspective.  Its June 3 mailing was a special edition—a collec ...
14-06-2016 21:41

WE LOVE The sweetener that comes from a plant, has no calori

It seems every day delivers a new story about someone who has cut back on sugar, lost weight and generally felt better for it. But it?s not always eas ...
14-06-2016 21:44

11 Little Ways To Exercise Without Actually Working Out

When it comes to finding time to work out, the struggle is very real. Because after an extremely long day at work, getting your booty to the gym is da ...
14-06-2016 21:44

Annals of food safety: General Mills Flour

The CDC has started a page on the E. coli O121 (STEC O121) outbreak linked to General Mills flour: In interviews, ill people answered questions about ...
13-06-2016 21:41

Truffled Egg with Smoked Salmon & Greens

Truffled Egg with Smoked Salmon | Gluten-free, dairy-free A friend shared with me a saying from a wise man named Goethe. He once said: “Cea ...
13-06-2016 21:41

7 ways to break up smart

Are you in a relationship that just isn\'t working, but don\'t know how to approach a split" Kathryn Alice, author of Love Will Find You, provides exp ...
13-06-2016 21:44

5 reasons to swap the treadmill for the cross-trainer

It burns as many calories and it\'s low impact - what\'s not to love" Anna Magee rounds up the reasons to swap your treadmill run for a cross-trainer ...
13-06-2016 21:44

LoLa Brow: The new semi-permanent treatment that gives you p

It burns as many calories and it\'s low impact - what\'s not to love" Anna Magee rounds up the reasons to swap your treadmill run for a cross-trainer ...
13-06-2016 21:44

5 Workout Red Flags You Shouldn?t Ignore

Profuse sweating, labored breathing, sore, burning muscles ? all of these can signal a good workout. Yet there are some signs that your body can provi ...
12-06-2016 21:44

Peptic Ulcer Disease

What are peptic ulcers"Peptic ulcers are sores that develop within the lining of the abdomen, lower gullet, or bowel. It is a district within the dige ...
12-06-2016 21:46

Supercharged Food on Shark Tank

Hey guys?Mark your calendars.If you?re not doing anything on Thursday 16th June and you?re somewhere in the vicinity of a telly, tune in to Shark Tank ...
12-06-2016 21:40

Eating Well With Hemsley + Hemsley Episode 5 Roundup: Hot Da

Watch Episode 5 ?Hot Day Food? of Eating Well With Hemsley + Hemsley here In this episode we share some cooling recipes for those balmy summer days w ...
11-06-2016 21:38

Commencement speech: CUNY?s Macaulay Honors College

I gave the commencement address to graduates of Macaulay Honors College at the City University of New York this week. Here’s what I said.  And h ...
10-06-2016 21:40

Wilderness Festival Feasts!

I’m so excited to announce our two supper clubs at ...
10-06-2016 21:40

Friday FAQs: My go-to protein powders, adding protein to sal

My mom flew in yesterday for her long-anticipated visit! This week was a busy one as I?ve been working extra hard to get my work completed early, and ...
10-06-2016 21:40

Fearne Cotton: 3 healthy dinner party recipes from her fab n

Fearne Cotton, TV and radio presenter has released her first cookery book featuring healthy recipes perfect for any occasion. We have picked three of ...
10-06-2016 21:42

8 steps to a healthy vagina

As Nadia Sawalha\'s hilarious campaign to #bringbackthebush trends across the Twittersphere, we say do what you want with your pubic hair - just keep ...
09-06-2016 21:48

Why Every Endurance Athlete Needs to Strength Train

Whether you?re a recreationally competitive runner, triathlete, or cyclist, or participate in adventure races and 5Ks just for the fun of it, you may ...
09-06-2016 21:44

The 4-Week Fitness Plan to Increase Strength: Day 12

Welcome to Day 12 of the four-week fitness plan to increase strength ? the final day of the plan! Congrats on making it this far. Day 12 follows the s ...
09-06-2016 21:48

Why We Have Heroes (And How to Become Your Own)

One reason we have heroes is because we admire their actions and characteristics that we assume we could never do or possess. After all, if those char ...
09-06-2016 21:44

CSPI and Public Citizen sue the FDA over absurd delays in re

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has sued the FDA for ignoring its 2012 petition to prevent illnesses and deaths caused by eating ...
09-06-2016 21:44

Ectopia Cordis : The Heart Disorder

Ectopia cordis is a congenital malformation in which the heart is abnormally located either partially or totally outside of the thorax. The ectopic h ...
08-06-2016 21:50

You?ve Never Tried a Core Workout Like This Before

Most gyms discourage you from throwing or dropping weights, but medicine balls (med balls for short) are designed for exactly that: slamming, throwing ...
08-06-2016 21:48

Where are we on Golden Rice"

Golden Rice, genetically engineered to contain beta carotene, has long been the poster child for the benefits of GMOs—as witnessed by this Time ...
08-06-2016 21:43

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Professional Series 750 Vitamix Giveaway!

Professional Series 750 Vitamix Giveaway!

Hello, beeeee-u-tiful. Oh man, am I excited for today?s giveaway announcement! In honour of the recent release of Oh She Glows Every Day, I?ve partnered with Vitamix for a very special giveaway. One lucky winner will score this gorgeous -
How to Detox Heavy Metals Safely (& Get More Energy)

How to Detox Heavy Metals Safely (& Get ...

“Detox” is certainly a buzzword in the health world. It can mean anything from eating extra greens and sipping apple cider vinegar to fasting and taking a pile of supplements. In addition, external detox methods I’ve tried and love are epsom... -
Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Effectively Overnight

Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Effectively Overnight

Getting rid of acne is a daunting task and many people may have told you how to get rid of acne. This site has tips and techniques that will help you get rid of them effectively. You could spend a great deal of cash to obtain clear skin so you... -
Mini Sweet Potato Pies Recipe ? Gluten-Free

Mini Sweet Potato Pies Recipe ? Gluten-Free

I know, I know. Steph making a recipe for Mini Sweet Potato Pies"! You might be wondering who the heck I am even. See, I rarely make baked dessert recipes for a bunch of reasons. First, dessert recipe development just isn’t my forte. I’m... -
6 Exercises Everyone Should Do

6 Exercises Everyone Should Do

No matter your age or perceived ability, there are certain exercises that have incredible benefits for every body. These functional strength exercises mimic movements in our daily lives and help strengthen our core, made up of our abdominal wall,... -
15 Holiday Weight-Loss Tips from People Who’ve Lost 50+ Pounds

15 Holiday Weight-Loss Tips from People Who&#...

It’s not hard to find weight-loss advice from experts ? especially this time of year ? but sometimes you wonder, ‘Have they ever been in my shoes"’ Not to discredit their knowledge, but their advice can occasionally seem a little obvious or,... -
Homemade Vitamin C – How To Make Rich And Natural Vitamin C At Home

Homemade Vitamin C – How To Make Rich A...

Vitamin C is famous as a home remedy for the common cold. It is very important for the growth and repair of tissues in the body, and it is also rich with antioxidants which help against free radical damage. Vitamin C can not be manufactured in the... -
How Women Can Nail One-Arm Push-ups

How Women Can Nail One-Arm Push-ups

I can?t tell you how often I hear women say they can?t do push-ups. What?s more, I continue to see trainers instructing female clients to perform ?girly? push-ups, with their knees on the floor. ?Girly? push-ups. This term gets me heated, ladies.... -
5 Plant-Based Protein Powders Worth Adding to Your Next Smoothie

5 Plant-Based Protein Powders Worth Adding to...

One of the three macronutrients, along with fat and carbs, protein helps us feel full, achieve weight-loss goals and build muscle. However, most of us struggle to get enough in our diets, especially if we?re following a plant-based or vegan diet. An... -
Research Says: Go Camping for Better Sleep

Research Says: Go Camping for Better Sleep

Everything from jet lag to social media to an eventful weekend full of late nights (otherwise known as social jet lag) can wreak havoc on your circadian rhythm ? that natural schedule your body keeps when it comes to sleep. Once your schedule is... -

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