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Weekend reading: ?Chickenizing?

Ellen K. Silbergeld. : How Industrial Meat Production Endangers Workers, Animals, and Consumers.  Johns Hopkins Press, 2016. Ellen Silbergeld, a profe ...
30-09-2016 21:40

8 Tips to Motivate You to Workout When it Starts Getting Dar

It?s dark when you leave for work in the morning. It?s dark when you come home from work in the evening. Suddenly working out during daylight hours is ...
29-09-2016 21:44

The EPA says glyphosate is ?not likely? to be carcinogenic

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has done an extensive analysis of research on whether glyphosate (Roundup), the herbicide to which GMO crops ...
29-09-2016 21:41

What Women Should Eat to Build Muscle

If you?re looking for information to help you build muscle, you?ve come to the right place. SAVE UP TO 40%! Our flagship training program is on s ...
29-09-2016 21:41

What does ?healthy? mean (on food labels)"

As it promised in response to a petition from the KIND fruit-and-nut bar company (as I discussed in a previous post), the FDA is now asking for public ...
28-09-2016 21:41

Pesto Grilled Cheese Dippers with Marinara

As the weather?s turning cooler, we?re gearing up for cozy foods and couch snuggling over here at A Couple Cooks. Alex and I have been burning through ...
28-09-2016 21:41

The 1 Fitness Rule That Can Make Your Workouts So Much More

Even if you workout schedule with off days is often key for reaching your fitness goals because the time to recuperate can help your muscles get even ...
28-09-2016 21:44

healthy fall meal plan

A weeks worth of healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks! The post healthy fall meal plan appeared first on a nutritionist eats. ...
27-09-2016 21:41

How To Add Gymnastics to Your Workout Program

Gymnasts have long been darlings of the Olympics. They captivate us with the power, grace, precision, strength, awareness and body control that define ...
27-09-2016 21:41

Food waste and its discontents

I try not to waste food.  At worst, I compost leftovers. Food waste is a huge issue these days, not least because it appears to be an obvious solution ...
27-09-2016 21:41

Dark Chocolate Hummus

Dark chocolate hummus" It’s a bit unexpected, but oh-so-delicious and our new favorite snack for parties and gatherings. It was met with hi ...
26-09-2016 21:41

5-Minute Expert Guide to Training for a 5K

If you?re considering a 5K race this year, then autumn is the perfect time to lace up your running shoes! Fall is the best running season for good rea ...
26-09-2016 21:44

New Mama Glo Bars (lactation-friendly, nut-free)

?I?ve officially polished off my ?postpartum? Glo Bar stash.? This is what I wrote on Snapchat early in September with a photo of me gobbling up my l ...
26-09-2016 21:41

White House report on heart health: impressive accomplishmen

The White House has issued a report on the Obama administration’s accomplishments in addressing heart disease: “Making Health Care Better. ...
26-09-2016 21:41

Aro Ha Wellness Retreat

Arriving at Aro Ha wellness retreat in Glenorchy on the South Island of picturesque New Zealand and you may mistakenly think you?ve stepped into the p ...
25-09-2016 21:44

Loaded Mexican-Style Potato Skins

The post Loaded Mexican-Style Potato Skins appeared first on Deliciously Ella. ...
25-09-2016 21:44

My Favourite Mince and Pea Dish

When investing into quality food; organic and free of chemicals, it can unfortunately be quite a hit on the family food budget without some wallet fri ...
24-09-2016 21:41

Weekend reading: Food, Ethics, and Society

Anne Barnhill, Mark Budolfson, Tyler Doggett.  Food, Ethics, and Society: An Introductory Text with Readings.  Oxford, 2016 The back cover has a comme ...
23-09-2016 21:46

Supercharge Your Gut FREE Online Summit

Exciting announcement!I\'m proud to announce that we\'re running our first ever FREE Supercharge Your Gut online summit.We?ve brought together over th ...
23-09-2016 21:46

My New Book!

I’m so excited to say that my new smoothies and juices book comes out today! This is a smaller format book, which is filled with beautiful recipes ...
22-09-2016 21:53

What HIIT and Calisthenics Have in Common

When we hear the word ?calisthenics,? something between leg warmers and warmup routines comes to mind. But that would be wrong. Essentially calistheni ...
22-09-2016 21:57

Why I Put Myself First

I put myself first. On my to-do list. On my priority list. In my life. Strongest You Coaching Registration is Open! Apply today! I was not t ...
22-09-2016 21:53

GGS Spotlight: Staci Bond

Name:   Staci Bond Age: 45 Location: Cincinnati, OH How did you find out about the Girls Gone Strong community" I am an avid exerciser and was looking ...
21-09-2016 21:42

14 Unconventional Tips to Achieve Your Goals

This isn?t the typical ?just believe in yourself, sweetie-pie, and don?t ever give up!? comforting nonsense regurgitated in self-help books. Some of t ...
21-09-2016 21:42

Trump would dismantle the FDA?s food safety rules"

Presidential candidate Donald Trump gave a speech to the Economic Club of New York about his tax reform plan to “make America great again.” ...
21-09-2016 21:42

Theater for New York foodies: Aubergine (don?t miss)

If you are in New York or can get to it, go see Julia Cho’s play, Aubergine (“Eggplant”) at Playwrights Horizons. Ignore the tepid r ...
20-09-2016 21:42

Gemista – A Rainbow of Stuffed Veggies

With less than a month left before the baby is due to arrive, a riot of feelings are bombarding me as I am trying to get mentally and physically prep ...
20-09-2016 21:42

7 Food Epiphanies That Set Me Free

Food epiphanies. Ever had one" Like, when you discover maybe you do actually like Brussel sprouts, or when you realize that mayonnaise is the best con ...
20-09-2016 21:42

Fire Roasted Tomato and Feta Pasta

Even though Alex and I are no longer tied to a school calendar, there?s something about September that feels like a reset. It?s back to school, and ba ...
19-09-2016 21:45

Farewell Dorothy Cann Hamilton. Rest in peace.

The International Culinary Center announced yesterday that its president and founder, Dorothy Cann Hamilton, died in a car accident.  I’ve heard ...
19-09-2016 21:45

The Many Benefits of Training With a Plan

A goal is a goal. Whether yours is to finish a marathon or to PR in a 5K, to summit Mount Everest or make it to the top of your local ski hill, it?s a ...
19-09-2016 21:47

How To Video: Spiralize

We think every kitchen should have a spiralizer and if you’ve been following us for a while you may be an old hand at making perfect Courgetti…bu ...
18-09-2016 21:43

GGS Spotlight: Brenda Reid

Name:   Brenda Reid Age: 47 Location: Colorado How did you find out about Girls Gone Strong" A friend of mine shared it with me after finding it trans ...
18-09-2016 21:43

Friday FAQs: What to serve with vegan Caesar salad, subs for

Mid-September already! Can you believe it" This week has been quite an adventure. From thinking I was in labour yesterday (and maybe freaking out jus ...
17-09-2016 21:41

Weekend reading: Conservation Heroes of the Heartland

Miriam Horn.  Rancher, Farmer Fisherman: Conservation Heroes of the American Heartland.  WW Norton, 2016. Actually, this book should be titled “ ...
16-09-2016 21:43

8 Favorite Workouts When You’re Short on Time

Time is a luxury that most of us simply don?t have. Work, school, commute, family, meal prep, you name it ? sometimes it feels as if fitting in a work ...
16-09-2016 21:46

Lemon and Blueberry Ice Cream

The world is a sweeter place with ice cream in it. I must admit I find it very hard to say no to a bowl of that kind of deliciousness when I?m offered ...
16-09-2016 21:43

How To Tell If “Eating in Moderation” Is Right F

Moderation, I kinda love you. Thank you for making nutrition and dieting sane again, we?re all oh-so-glad you?re back. But, you see, the thing is, now ...
15-09-2016 14:30

TJ’s for dinner: pollo asado tacos

Two of my most-popular posts OF ALL TIME are TJ’s for dinner meals! ‘TJ’s for dinner’ are my easy meals that are thrown together in a few minu ...
15-09-2016 14:30

Calories, alas, do count

I did a bunch of interviews about the sugar industry’s funding and manipulation of research this week (see the list at the bottom of the post). ...
15-09-2016 21:42

8 Podcasts to Listen to While Walking

A walking workout can be a nice break from an otherwise stressful day, but sometimes you need more than just the birds and scenery to keep your mind o ...
15-09-2016 21:45

8 proven ways to prevent cancer

Lifestyle changes could prevent a staggering 40 per cent of Britain?s cancers ? here are the proven ways to lower your risk Read more The post 8 pro ...
14-09-2016 21:44

How to overcome anxiety using creativity

Want to overcome anxiety" Lou Hamilton knows exactly what it feels like to live with it. She turned to creativity and has now launched Brave New Girl: ...
14-09-2016 21:44

WE LOVE: TOWIE’s Ferne McCann’s new tanning rang

Former The Only Way is Essex star Ferne McCann has just released a new fake tanning range and we were lucky enough to get our mitts on it Read more ...
14-09-2016 21:44


FEMINISM IS THE RADICAL NOTION THAT WOMEN ARE PEOPLE. And guess what" We can do pull-ups too! Imagine that. Feminism is the radical notion that we wom ...
14-09-2016 21:41

Food is getting safer, baby step by baby step

Chase Purdy writing in Quartz says “The system for catching dangerous pathogens in America?s food supply is finally working.” Here’s ...
14-09-2016 21:41

When “Just Love Your Body” Is Stupid Advice

When it doesn’t work is the short answer, but there’s more to it. You should move your body frequently (preferably including strength training as ...
13-09-2016 21:40

The Hierarchy of Fat Loss

When it comes to fat loss, exercise seems to get a lot of the attention. Often, when a person?s progress stalls, one of the first things they do is in ...
13-09-2016 21:40

6 Tips on How to Run Long (When You?ve Never Run Long)

So many runners hit a plateau fairly early on in training ? we get stuck around the four- or five-mile mark for our longer runs and just never seem to ...
13-09-2016 21:43

Sugar industry funding of research, 1967 style (with many le

I wrote a commentary for a study published this morning in JAMA Internal Medicine: “Food industry funding of nutrition research: The relevance o ...
12-09-2016 21:43

8 Must-Do Stretches to Prevent & Recover from Workout I

There is much controversy in the research as to whether stretching prevents injuries. One thing is clear: Stretching helps to improve both range of mo ...
12-09-2016 21:45

Pumpkin Scones with Maple Cream

What makes you feel most alive" What gives you great joy" Talking about this is such a passion of mine that perhaps it’s my answer to ...
12-09-2016 21:43

How to treat breast surgery scars"

Surgical procedures always leave scars, however, the intensity totally depends on the length and deepness of an incision made over the affected area. ...
11-09-2016 21:45

13 Motivating Workout Songs from MyFitnessPal Users

Need some wind under your wings" Motivate yourself with a rousing workout song because music makes all the difference when you?re pounding out mile af ...
10-09-2016 21:43

How Do You Push Yourself" 10 Tips from MyFitnessPal Use

If you?re feeling short on motivation, you?re not alone. Everyone needs an extra boost from time to time. These user tips from the MyFitnessPal commun ...
09-09-2016 21:44

Weekend reading: Sandor Katz?s Wild Fermentation

Sandor Ellix Katz.  Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods.  Chelsea Green, 2016. This is the updated and revised e ...
09-09-2016 21:39

Layered Berry and Rhubarb Breakfast Pudding

Need a break from your regular granola" Why not try my Layered Berry and Rhubarb Breakfast Pudding" The rhubarb/berry mix can be pre-made the night be ...
09-09-2016 21:39

Friday FAQs: Spice mix uses, smoothie freezer packs, coconut

Whew, what a whirlwind start to September we?ve had! Between home renovation setbacks, caring for a sick toddler, and the launch of my new cookbook, ...
09-09-2016 21:39

Good news: U.S. Household food security improves!

The USDA has just released its annual summary of statistics on national food insecurity, with these encouraging results. Both total and very low food ...
08-09-2016 21:44

Unlock The Power of The Kettlebell Clean

If your training goals include developing explosive hip power and core strength, mastering the kettlebell clean is a must. Are You Training Hard ...
08-09-2016 21:44

7 sex tips to help you get pregnant

Are you at it morning, day and night and still having no baby luck" Jani White reveals what most couples are doing wrong in bed when it comes to getti ...
08-09-2016 21:47

Should You Work Out While You’re Sick"

Even though a healthier immune system is one of the great benefits of a regular exercise program, there may be times when you find yourself down and o ...
08-09-2016 21:47

Grilled Vegetable Ratatouille ? And my second Cookbook!

Ratatouille is one of those dishes that always sounds really good in theory: peak-season vegetables stewed together in a rich, tomato sauce with herbs ...
07-09-2016 21:40

3 Advanced Kettlebell Moves That Get Results

When it comes to getting fit, keeping it simple is always a safe bet, but adding more complex exercises to your routine can keep you engaged and reign ...
07-09-2016 21:44

The well deserved fuss over the UK?s childhood obesity plan

The much delayed UK government?s plan for dealing with childhood obesity has finally been released to virtually universal dismay over the missed oppor ...
07-09-2016 21:40

How to Get (And Stay) Motivated to Work Out

Not being motivated to work out is a common issue, but there is a solution. By fulfilling three traits you can get, and stay, motivated to work out. ...
07-09-2016 21:40

Sleep Monitor World ? Changing the Way we Sleep

Fitbit is the new rave in the health and technology world today. Those who have it rely heavily on its uses. What does fitbit track" Fitbit is a fitne ...
07-09-2016 21:46

israeli couscous & artichoke salad

Do you need a couscous recipe that is really versatile, really tasty, AND really easy" YES! The answer is yes. And I’m glad, because this israeli co ...
07-09-2016 21:40

Purple Kale, Aubergine & Blackberry Salad

At first, it was a coincidence. When we looked at the vegetables we had brought home from the market this weekend, many of them just happened to have ...
07-09-2016 21:40

Show Us Your Breathtaking Hikes

Hiking is an incredible aerobic workout, and it’s even more enjoyable with unforgettable views of panoramic landscapes or rarely seen wildlife. Many ...
07-09-2016 21:44

11 Hot Weather Workout Hacks from MFP Users

Summertime heat can make it difficult to exercise outdoors. Beat the heat and stay active with these great hot weather workout hacks from fellow MyFit ...
06-09-2016 21:45

The Two Simplest (And Most Effective) Nutrition Tools You

Note from GGS: High-level athletes or people looking to go from ?very lean? to ?extremely lean? may benefit from tracking macronutrients. However, the ...
06-09-2016 21:42

The Beginners Guide to November Project

When it comes to fitness movements, November Project is in a league of its own. The completely free workouts are characterized as ?adult recess.? You ...
06-09-2016 21:45

Sugar politics: San Francisco

My daughter, Rebecca Nestle, sends these from Valencia Street, San Francisco, August 2016   ...
06-09-2016 21:42

Samosa Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Question: do you potluck" As in, have a multi-family gathering instead of a fancy dinner party" Our friend Kristin said it best: After I had ...
06-09-2016 21:42

7 science-backed reasons to drink matcha green tea

From improving weight loss to boosting memory, there\'s good evidence that drinking matcha green tea is one health trend with the backing of science ...
05-09-2016 21:40

GGS Spotlight: Jamie Greubel Poser

Name: Jamie Greubel Poser Age: 32 Location: A few months in Lake Placid, NY and Potsdam, Germany. Traveling for competitions and living out of my suit ...
04-09-2016 21:37

Join me in Bali for my first Supercharged Retreat

 It\'s happening October 23-28. Are you ready to nourish yourself in nature with delicious wholesome food and restorative practices and treatments"If ...
03-09-2016 21:38

5 Energizing Stretches That Will Wake You Up And Improve Fle

After spending the night lying down and boost of energy first thing (without the mid-morning coffee crash). ?Stretching creates mobility in the joints ...
03-09-2016 21:41

Weekend reading: Michel Ableman?s Street Farm

Michael Ableman.  Street Farm: Growing Food, Jobs, and Hope on the Urban Frontier.  Chelsea Green, 2016. Chelsea Green publishes books on “the p ...
02-09-2016 21:38

Best new healthy restaurants in London

Looking for new healthy restaurants in London to hit this weekend" Healthista Eats blogger Charlotte Dormon has the inside info you need Read more T ...
02-09-2016 21:43

Why Did I Gain Weight on the Pill, If the Research Says That

GGS friend and fellow research rock star, Krista Rompoliski, tackled the Truth About Birth Control and Weight Gain previously, presenting the various ...
01-09-2016 21:41

Are 3 Workouts a Week Enough for Weight-Loss Results"

We?re busier than ever. That makes it feel impossible to fit in even a quick trip to the gym, let alone commit to the type of daily exercise needed to ...
01-09-2016 21:44

Launching Our Energy Balls

I?m really excited to share a bit more information with you about our energy balls, which we?ve just launched! It?s been a huge project to get them r ...
01-09-2016 21:41

Clever food industry ploy: look-alike snacks

Jennifer Harris and colleagues at the Rudd Center have a study out in Obesity on how food companies are making products to meet the USDA’s nutri ...
01-09-2016 21:41

3 Easy Tricks to Burn More Calories All Day Long

The formula for losing weight is simple: Burn more calories than you consume. Achieving this, however, isn?t simple at all. Steady cardio workouts li ...
01-09-2016 21:44

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Professional Series 750 Vitamix Giveaway!

Professional Series 750 Vitamix Giveaway!

Hello, beeeee-u-tiful. Oh man, am I excited for today?s giveaway announcement! In honour of the recent release of Oh She Glows Every Day, I?ve partnered with Vitamix for a very special giveaway. One lucky winner will score this gorgeous -
How to Detox Heavy Metals Safely (& Get More Energy)

How to Detox Heavy Metals Safely (& Get ...

“Detox” is certainly a buzzword in the health world. It can mean anything from eating extra greens and sipping apple cider vinegar to fasting and taking a pile of supplements. In addition, external detox methods I’ve tried and love are epsom... -
Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Effectively Overnight

Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Effectively Overnight

Getting rid of acne is a daunting task and many people may have told you how to get rid of acne. This site has tips and techniques that will help you get rid of them effectively. You could spend a great deal of cash to obtain clear skin so you... -
Mini Sweet Potato Pies Recipe ? Gluten-Free

Mini Sweet Potato Pies Recipe ? Gluten-Free

I know, I know. Steph making a recipe for Mini Sweet Potato Pies"! You might be wondering who the heck I am even. See, I rarely make baked dessert recipes for a bunch of reasons. First, dessert recipe development just isn’t my forte. I’m... -
6 Exercises Everyone Should Do

6 Exercises Everyone Should Do

No matter your age or perceived ability, there are certain exercises that have incredible benefits for every body. These functional strength exercises mimic movements in our daily lives and help strengthen our core, made up of our abdominal wall,... -
15 Holiday Weight-Loss Tips from People Who’ve Lost 50+ Pounds

15 Holiday Weight-Loss Tips from People Who&#...

It’s not hard to find weight-loss advice from experts ? especially this time of year ? but sometimes you wonder, ‘Have they ever been in my shoes"’ Not to discredit their knowledge, but their advice can occasionally seem a little obvious or,... -
Homemade Vitamin C – How To Make Rich And Natural Vitamin C At Home

Homemade Vitamin C – How To Make Rich A...

Vitamin C is famous as a home remedy for the common cold. It is very important for the growth and repair of tissues in the body, and it is also rich with antioxidants which help against free radical damage. Vitamin C can not be manufactured in the... -
How Women Can Nail One-Arm Push-ups

How Women Can Nail One-Arm Push-ups

I can?t tell you how often I hear women say they can?t do push-ups. What?s more, I continue to see trainers instructing female clients to perform ?girly? push-ups, with their knees on the floor. ?Girly? push-ups. This term gets me heated, ladies.... -
5 Plant-Based Protein Powders Worth Adding to Your Next Smoothie

5 Plant-Based Protein Powders Worth Adding to...

One of the three macronutrients, along with fat and carbs, protein helps us feel full, achieve weight-loss goals and build muscle. However, most of us struggle to get enough in our diets, especially if we?re following a plant-based or vegan diet. An... -
Research Says: Go Camping for Better Sleep

Research Says: Go Camping for Better Sleep

Everything from jet lag to social media to an eventful weekend full of late nights (otherwise known as social jet lag) can wreak havoc on your circadian rhythm ? that natural schedule your body keeps when it comes to sleep. Once your schedule is... -

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