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slow cooker turkey quinoa chili

Slow Cooker Turkey Quinoa Chili is packed with protein and fiber, making it a SUPER satisfying dinner that takes about 10 minutes to prep. I’ve been...
09-01-2018 21:51

easy udon noodle stir fry

Easy Udon Noodle Stir Fry comes together in less than 20 minutes, tastes like take-out, and is packed with fresh produce! This post is sponsored by Mi...
28-12-2017 21:52

instant pot curried beef & sweet potato stew

Easy Instant Pot recipe: Curried Beef & Sweet Potato Stew is a comforting, nutritious one-bowl dinner, easily made in 10 minutes prep time. It’s my ...
12-12-2017 21:46

easy baked ziti

It’s December! Our tree is up, the pine-scented candles are burning, Michael Bublé is blasting –  I’m in FULL-ON Christmas mode. Life with a tod...
05-12-2017 21:43

fruit soaked oatmeal

Fruit Soaked Oatmeal: quick enough for weekday mornings, but tasty enough for slow weekend ones, too. I’ve mentioned it before, but I basically spen...
28-11-2017 19:49

gift ideas for moms like me

Note: this post contains some affiliate links!  Gift ideas for moms like me. Which basically means two things. I have gift ideas for the moms like me ...
24-11-2017 21:51

how to make an easy cheeseboard

You guys know my love for cheese. Or more accurately, my loooooooove for cheese. Much like my mother, we never have a shortage in our fridge. We have ...
20-11-2017 21:50

chicken broccoli quinoa casserole

One recipe request I’ve gotten time and time again is for kid-friendly quinoa recipes. And Chicken Broccoli Quinoa Casserole is JUST that. I love th...
14-11-2017 21:54

spaghetti squash turkey parmesan

This spaghetti squash turkey parmesan recipe is sponsored by Milk & Eggs.  Want to know something SUPER cliché about me" I love shopping at the farmer...
10-11-2017 21:47

easy minestrone soup

Easy minestrone soup is packed with veggies and high in protein: a healthy and satisfying dinner!  If you get my emails (and if you don’t, GET ON IT...
07-11-2017 21:47

go-to dinner: panko-crusted fish

Easy panko-crusted fish takes about 15 minutes to make and is SO delicious. I’m SO excited to launch a new series on A Nutritionist Eats: GO-TO DINN...
31-10-2017 21:46

creamy peanut butter apple dip

 Creamy Peanut Butter Apple Dip is creamy, nutty, and slightly sweet – perfect for dipping tart apples into! Get yourself to the apple orchard, STAT...
26-10-2017 21:46

quinoa cakes

These nutritious little cakes are perfect for small hands (and big ones!) and full of quinoa, egg, cheese, and veggies. Yay for another quinoa recipe!...
24-10-2017 21:49

easy trader joe’s recipe: chicken & vegetable cur

Easy Trader Joe?s recipe ideas for a quick dinner at home: chicken, sweet potatoes, and green beans all cooked together in a flavorful thai curry sauc...
19-10-2017 21:50

steak quesadillas

Steak Quesadillas are an easy dinner recipe, perfect for busy weeknights and family-friendly. Are you wondering what is healthy about steak quesadilla...
17-10-2017 21:47

feeding kids: it doesn’t need to be perfect

The more I learn about feeding kids, the more I talk about feeding kids, the more I feel it totally and utterly necessary to tell you this: IT DOESNâ€...
12-10-2017 21:52

sautéed banana oatmeal

Sautéed Banana Oatmeal is as decadent as it sounds – and a filling breakfast packed with fiber and healthy fats. The heat wave finally broke in LA, ...
10-10-2017 21:47

easy slow cooker chicken stroganoff

Easy slow cooker chicken stroganoff takes minutes to prepare and is a healthy, satisfying meal. I’ve recently learned two very important lessons. On...
26-09-2017 21:50

back to school: healthy greek yogurt veggie dip

Healthy greek yogurt veggie dip is a nutritious snack, perfect for after school snacking. Other back to school posts: omega-3s for breakfast / healthy...
19-09-2017 21:54

back to school: healthy school lunches

Do you hate packing lunches as much as I do" I haven’t even had to pack them yet for Demi, but I’ve packed more than I can count for Richie and I ...
13-09-2017 21:53

how to eat whole grains every day

I have a nutrition challenge for you guys this week! I know, it’s a nerdy thing to bring to you, but you can always count on me to bring you nerdy n...
11-09-2017 21:48

back to school: omega-3s for breakfast

Hiiiii! It’s September (I don’t even know how that happened) and I’m deeming it back to school month! All of my posts this month are dedicated t...
05-09-2017 21:49

easy trader joe’s meal: jerk chicken with rice &

Easy Trader Joe’s meal ideas for a quick dinner at home: pre-seasoned jerk chicken is paired with coconut rice and beans.  Do you want to know what ...
30-08-2017 21:45


If you’ve read my blog for any time now, you probably know that hunger in America is an issue that I care deeply about. It seems like people always ...
22-08-2017 21:49

summer quinoa salad

Summer quinoa salad combines the best of summer produce in an easy, nutritious, and produce-filled salad! Summer livin is great, don’t you think" It...
15-08-2017 21:47

feeding kids: are they eating enough protein"

Have you ever wondered if your kid is eating enough protein" If so, you aren’t alone. This is a question that I get ALL the time. It’s hard not to...
08-08-2017 22:00

greek beef pita sandwiches

Greek Beef Pita Sandwiches are a sloppy joe with a Greek twist!   I LOVE THIS DINNER! It’s so fun. It’s so easy. It’s so satisfying. And it’s ...
02-08-2017 21:47

peanut butter & jelly smoothie

This healthy peanut butter & jelly smoothie is reminiscent of our favorite sandwich and full of healthy fats, protein, fiber, and antioxidants!  I lov...
25-07-2017 21:47

summer chicken sauté

Summer Chicken Sauté is a healthy, easy chicken dinner recipe that highlights the best-of-summer produce! Another season, another chicken sauté meal. ...
18-07-2017 21:55

gestational diabetes meal plan

Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan: Nutritious, whole-foods with limited carbohydrates. DOWNLOAD MY GESTATIONAL DIABETES MEAL PLAN Diagnosed with gestatio...
13-07-2017 21:51

healthy salmon tacos

Healthy salmon tacos are an easy dinner your whole family will love! As someone who has a hard time sitting still, maternity leave (complete with pare...
11-07-2017 21:45

street corn avocado toast

Street corn avocado toast is an easy meal and totally acceptable any time of the day! I have an avocado toast problem. But I guess I don’t see it as...
05-07-2017 21:43

10 minute garbanzo bean salad

10 Minute Garbanzo Bean Salad is an easy recipe that comes together in minutes! Serve over greens, grains, or all on its own. I have the easiest salad...
27-06-2017 21:46

tj’s for dinner: carne asada with pepper & corn s

Trader Joe’s carne asada with pepper & corn salad is a quick and easy recipe that requires only a few ingredients from – dinner’s ready in 20 mi...
20-06-2017 21:45

meet eden

Eden Sophia arrived last Tuesday and I’ve been busy soaking up baby snuggles ever since. ...
13-06-2017 21:45

5 healthy lunches for kids

The end of the school year means many things. Long summer days. Sun and sweat from the pool and beach. And lots and lots of lunches at home. So in an ...
30-05-2017 21:46

hummus with gremolata

Take your hummus up a notch with a gremolata topping – though super simple, it adds amazing, bright flavor. There are some things I really miss abou...
24-05-2017 21:47

tortellini, chicken & arugula salad

Add this easy Tortellini, Chicken & Arugula Salad to your summer meal rotation, it’s perfect for dining al fresco! This is the best kind of dinner. ...
17-05-2017 21:48

steamed mediterranean fish parcels

Steamed Mediterranean Fish Parcels is a healthy fish dinner recipe that’s ready in 20-minutes! Hi, hi! I’m really excited to share this recipe wit...
09-05-2017 21:47

breakfast tacos with chipotle sour cream

Breakfast tacos with chipotle sour cream are full of flavor and perfect any time of the day or night! Tacos in Southern California are kind of a way o...
03-05-2017 21:50

pear & ricotta almond butter toast

Sautéed pears, creamy ricotta cheese and a sweet almond butter drizzle top a slice of toast for a nutritious morning treat! I have a major thing with ...
25-04-2017 21:51

spring chicken sauté

Spring Chicken Sauté is a healthy chicken dinner that’s on the table in 20 minutes and happens to be gluten-free and low in carbs! Meal requirements...
18-04-2017 21:44

healthy spring meal plan

I LOVE spring! When you spend most of your winters in cold Wisconsin and Minnesota, it’s just hard not to be happy in the spring. The trees are bloo...
11-04-2017 21:56

pizza quinoa casserole

Pizza quinoa casserole is an easy casserole made with nutritious quinoa and inspired by traditional pizza flavors! Allllllllll the pizza flavors you w...
04-04-2017 21:39

super snacks for super kids: no-bake energy bites

Healthy no-bake energy bites that tastes like a treat! Apparently I’m well on my way to becoming “that (Nutritionist) mom.” You see, Demi and I ...
28-03-2017 21:55

parmesan crusted chicken

One of the easiest chicken dinners, on the table in 30 minutes and definitely a crowd-pleaser! This post was originally published in 2013, but I wante...
21-03-2017 21:45

5 easy ways to make your day a little healthier

I’m sharing 5 easy ways to make your day a little healthier! This post is sponsored by Naked Juice. I’m partnering with them over the next few mon...
14-03-2017 21:42

freezer english muffin pizzas

These healthy english muffin pizzas can be made in a batch and then frozen to take out and bake as needed. There are foods that humans just seem to in...
07-03-2017 21:42

baked turkey & quinoa meatballs

These turkey & quinoa meatballs are simply seasoned for maximum versatility and baked in the oven to keep the process easy and fast!  Is there anythin...
28-02-2017 21:46

5 healthy breakfasts for kids

Making breakfasts for little ones can get soooooo repetitive, so quickly. I can only imagine how that will feel in a few years! Full disclosure: while...
21-02-2017 21:40

easy bibimbap bowls

My easy bibimbap bowls are loaded with flavor: crispy rice, tasty ground beef, pungent kimchee and luscious fried eggs! Truth #1: I love, love, LOVE t...
14-02-2017 21:48

anthony bourdain’s scrambled egg recipe

Anthony Bourdain scrambled eggs are a must-try, the trick to his eggs is genius! If you aren’t familiar with Anthony Bourdain scrambled eggs, you’...
08-02-2017 21:44
01-02-2017 21:46
24-01-2017 21:41
17-01-2017 21:42

one-pot mexican quinoa

This one-pot mexican quinoa recipe comes together in 30 minutes, is packed with vegetarian protein and is full of the mexican flavors we all adore!  I...
10-01-2017 21:41

baked french toast with sprouted bread

Baked french toast with sprouted bread is a protein-packed, whole-grain breakfast that will keep you satisfied until lunch time and can be easil...
03-01-2017 21:44

slow cooker bbq chicken + three easy meals

Chicken thighs (my favorite cut of chicken) are cooked in the slow cooker with a 3-ingredient bbq sauce until they practically shred themselves....
13-12-2016 21:39

healthy snacks for toddlers

Snacky kids" Here are some of my favorite natural and organic healthy snacks for toddlers. They are perfect for tiny snackers but totally suitab...
06-12-2016 21:44

spinach salad

How was your Thanksgiving" I was SO looking forward to a long weekend and it did not disappoint. Between Thanksgiving meals with family and frie...
29-11-2016 21:43

TJ’s for dinner: turkey stuffed peppers

Turkey stuffed peppers are an easy weeknight meal that combine turkey sauce, brown rice and cheese for a filling, delicious dinner. The post TJ’s f...
03-11-2016 21:42

ranch & dill chex mix

Let’s go old-school today! Do you have the same fondness for Chex Mix that I do" For me, Christmas with my Minnesota family meant there was always a...
19-10-2016 21:41

peanut chicken salad

If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you know that when it comes to meal prep, lunches are my biggest struggle. Here’s the deal: lunch...
13-10-2016 21:40

simple turkey sauce + three turkey meals

Make a big batch of simple turkey sauce and turn it into three different, easy, weeknight dinners! The post simple turkey sauce + three turkey meals a...
04-10-2016 21:43

healthy fall meal plan

A weeks worth of healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks! The post healthy fall meal plan appeared first on a nutritionist eats....
27-09-2016 21:41

TJ’s for dinner: pollo asado tacos

Two of my most-popular posts OF ALL TIME are TJ’s for dinner meals! ‘TJ’s for dinner’ are my easy meals that are thrown together in a few minu...
15-09-2016 14:30

israeli couscous & artichoke salad

Do you need a couscous recipe that is really versatile, really tasty, AND really easy" YES! The answer is yes. And I’m glad, because this israeli co...
07-09-2016 21:40

(zucchini) noodles & chicken sausage

Sometimes the phrase ‘better late than never’ is exactly what applies to my food theories. For a while, I was against noodles made from vegetables...
21-07-2016 21:39

spicy shrimp & avocado tartine

Spicy mango habanero salsa shrimp & avocado tartines are a delicious and light summer meal! Thanks to LA VICTORIA® for sponsoring this post. And good ...
07-07-2016 21:41

farro & broccolini salad

Farro salad with broccolini, feta and a flavorful lemon dressing.  It’s officially summer. We can pull out the shorts. We can pull out the dresses. ...
01-06-2016 21:40

black beans & cheesy tortillas (foodies fight hunger)

republished from While my days are spent working on the issue of hunger at MAZON, in my spare time I love creating recipes. I love taking th...
03-05-2016 21:40

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