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Defections from the Grocery Manufacturers Association: addin

Nonrenewals of membership in the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) are adding up (see my previous post on this).  Helena Bottemiller Evich at Po...
15-01-2018 21:53

Weekend reading: Diet and the Disease of Civilization

Adrienne Rose Bitar.  Diet and the Disease of Civilization.  Rutgers University Press, 2017. I did a blurb for this one: Bitar?s fascinating thesis is...
12-01-2018 21:51

Dietary Reference Intakes are now political"""

Is nothing in nutrition safe from congressional intervention" The American Society for Nutrition has a useful policy newsletter that ran an item ...
11-01-2018 21:51

Our Orwellian USDA doublespeaks again

FERN’s Ag Insider reports: USDA’s top lawyer says politics has nothing to do with the recent reassignment of senior officers. Of course it...
10-01-2018 21:54

What?s the story on FDA recalls"

Let’s start with the report issued by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General (OIG).  Now that the Fo...
09-01-2018 21:52

A happy start to the week: Governor Cuomo?s ?No Student Goes

At last some good news: New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed a ?No Student Goes Hungry? program.   It has five components: End lunch sham...
08-01-2018 21:55

Weekend Reading: Trends and Predictions for 2018

The Institute of Food Technology publishes a newsletter.  IIts December 27 issue provides a roundup of food-trend predictions from a bunch of sources....
05-01-2018 21:54

The Hartman Group?s 2017 Year in Review

The Hartman Group has an infographic on the most prominent trends and insights in the culture of foods & beverages in 2017.  That was the year tha...
04-01-2018 21:49

Food-Navigator-USA?s 10 trends to watch in 2018

Elaine Watson at Food Navigator-USA says we should be watching these ten trends in 2018. Cellular agriculture: cell-cultured meat, fish, etc. Plant-ba...
03-01-2018 21:52

Rabobank?s survey: what?s up for 2018

To start the new year, I’m going to post predictions, starting with Rabobank’s newsletter on food trends.  This is always worth reading (t...
02-01-2018 21:50
31-12-2017 21:50

Civil Eats: The Year in Food Policy, 2017

Civil Eats reviews what happened this year: It was a tumultuous year for food policy in the United States. The year started off with several efforts b...
28-12-2017 21:52

Planet Fat: The New York Times series on global obesity

Since September, the New York Times has been investigating how the food industry markets its products in the developing world, and how this marketing ...
27-12-2017 21:54

Rattlesnake pills" Really" Contaminated with Sal

I am indebted to food safety lawyer Bill Marler for enlightening me about these pills in the first place, and their contamination with Salmonella. The...
26-12-2017 21:51

Weekend Reading: America?s Diverse Family Farms

I’m not sure how USDA defines “diverse,” exactly, but I think it must be referring to size and income in this report. Like so: IR...
22-12-2017 21:46

Defectors from the Grocery Manufacturers Association: the sc

Politico is tracking what’s happening to the GMA.  The defectors so far: Tyson Foods Unilever Campbell Soup Co. Nestlé Dean Foods Mars The GMA h...
21-12-2017 21:49

Never a dull moment: snortable chocolate"

I know that everyone loves chocolate, but to snort""" The FDA, ever on the job, has issued a warning letter to Arco Globus Trading that...
20-12-2017 21:49

FDA ends Food Advisory Committee: an odd idea

The FDA announced last week that it is terminating its Food Advisory Committee (see the Federal Register notice)  The U.S. Food and Drug Administratio...
20-12-2017 21:49

A contest: Use all 7 of CDC?s forbidden words in one sentenc

You have no doubt heard by now that the Trump administration has instructed CDC policy analysts that they are not to use any of the following words in...
18-12-2017 22:05

In the holiday spirit: 3D printed candy! has collected articles and videos into a Special Edition: The future of 3D printing in confectionery Hershey tips 3D printing to...
15-12-2017 21:46

Splenda is safe. Guess who funded the study.

For months now, I haven’t posted an industry-funded studies with results favorable to the sponsor, but this one about deserves mention. Title: C...
14-12-2017 21:45

Canadians eat a lot of highly processed foods

The Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation has released a report on consumption of processed food consumption in Canada. The report is based on the NO...
13-12-2017 21:47

Oops. Fat replacing sugar in US diets.

In the late 1980s, nutrition scientists identified fat and saturated fat as key nutrients that needed to be reduced in US diets. One result was the Sn...
12-12-2017 21:46

USDA?s case studies on front-of-package labeling

The FDA is responsible for food labeling but in the peculiar way things get done in federal agencies, the USDA governs front-of-package labeling for o...
11-12-2017 21:44

Weekend reading: Global Nutrition Report??The nutrition situ

The annual Global Nutrition Report on progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has just arrived. It does not provide much good news. T...
08-12-2017 21:44

The French food industry v. public health: front-of-package

A colleague in France, Serge Hercberg, a nutrition professor at the University of Paris writes to say that the French government?s decision on October...
07-12-2017 21:43

Orwell-speak from USDA: new SNAP rules

The USDA, straight out of George Orwell’s 1984, has promised “new SNAP flexibilities to promote self-sufficiency.” What does USDA me...
06-12-2017 21:50

Defections from the Grocery Manufacturers Association: Rats

I?ve written many times about the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), an organization so locked into the interests of its food-company donors tha...
05-12-2017 21:45

USDA makes school meals more flexible (translation: less nut

The USDA announces its revised school meal rules, in words that would make George Orwell proud: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today provid...
04-12-2017 21:46

Weekend action: Advocating for organics (Toolkit!)

IFOAM—Organics International–offers a Global Policy Toolkit on Public Support to Organic Agriculture, for use by anyone who wants to advoc...
01-12-2017 21:46

Policy wonks: Here?s USDA?s latest introduction to global tr

The USDA has a new report out on global trade.   It’s full of facts and figures about what foods we export and import, how the trade agreements ...
30-11-2017 21:47

Good news about farming!

How about some good news for a change" I.  Politico reports on on a new report, Feeding the Economy, on the importance of agriculture for the US ...
29-11-2017 21:46

The glyphosate (?Roundup?) saga continues

Glyphosate (Roundup), the controversial herbicide used with crops genetically modified to resist it, has been in the news a lot lately.  I’ve be...
28-11-2017 19:49

Where are we on menu labeling"

At the moment, we are on track to have the long-delayed calorie labeling on menu boards by May 2018. The FDA has just issued draft guidance on how to ...
27-11-2017 21:52

Farm bill #5: EWG, NASC, and other resources

I.  The Environmental Working Group It just released its farm subsidy database for 2015 and 2016. The new information reflects the demands of the 2014...
24-11-2017 21:50
23-11-2017 21:50

Farm Bill #3: Philip Brasher?s guide

If you want to get serious about understanding farm bill issues, spend some time (you will need it) with Philip Brasher’s posts at Agri-Pulse (I...
22-11-2017 21:49

Farm Bill #2: Unlikely allies

Politics makes strange bedfellows, as documented by Politico in a report on the coalition of unlikely allies working to reform the farm bill. Let me s...
21-11-2017 21:50

Farm Bill #1: Earl Blumenauer?s bill

It’s Thanksgiving week and I can’t think of a better time to talk about the farm bill. My starting place for thinking about this topic is ...
20-11-2017 21:50

Weekend perusals: Food system policy databases

Policy wonks, students, advocates:  If you are looking for data on what countries are doing to promote healthier people and food systems, check out th...
17-11-2017 21:54

Food Policy Action?s 2017 Scorecard on Congressional Votes

Food Policy Action has released its annual scorecard, evaluating how our federal legislators vote on food issues.  In case you haven?t noticed, they a...
16-11-2017 21:49

Sugar industry politics, 2017 style

If you search this site for ?Sugar Policy,? you will get lots of items over the years. Now, several members of Congress have introduced a bill, the Su...
15-11-2017 21:47

WHO: Restrict medically important antibiotics in farm animal

The World Health Organization has issued guidelines on use of medically important antibiotics in food-producing animals.  Its latest report recommends...
14-11-2017 21:54

An Atlas of Agribusiness for Food Systems Advocates

I?m going to be using this week?s posts to catch up on reports that have been flooding in. Let?s start with a publication from the Heinrich Böll Found...
13-11-2017 21:52

Weekend reading: the Hamlet Fire

Bryant Simon The Hamlet Fire, A Tragic Story of Cheap Food, Cheap Government, and Cheap Lives. The New Press. This book, which deserves a much better ...
10-11-2017 21:47

?Make November 8 Great Again??Nathan Myhrvold

And how is the fabulous Nathan doing that"  By releasing Modernist Bread this week. Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya.  Modernist Bread.  The ...
08-11-2017 21:47

Food Navigator special on dairy innovation

This is one of’s collections of articles on one topic of interest to the food industry. Dairy innovation From kefir to savory ...
06-11-2017 21:47

Weekend cooking: Sullivan Street Bakery

Jim Lahey with Maya Joseph.  The Sullivan Street Bakery Cookbook.  Norton, 2017. Jim Lahey of My Bread, No-Knead Bread, and Sullivan Street Bakery fam...
03-11-2017 21:49

USDA updates its chart collection

The USDA has just updated its agricultural statistics charts. Some of the charts deal with trade issues.  I thought this one was especially interestin...
02-11-2017 21:48

It?s NAFTA again: an update

I haven’t said anything about NAFTA since August, but events are moving so quickly in the Trump administration’s attempts to undo this tra...
01-11-2017 21:54

Bread: the staff of life (Ithaca version)

I live part time in Ithaca, New York, where I participate in a bread CSA (a prepaid “Crust Fund”) run by Stefan Senders of Wide Awake Bake...
30-10-2017 21:51

Weekend Reading: Foodie?s Guide to Capitalism

Eric Holt-Giménez.  A Foodie?s Guide to Capitalism: Understanding the Political Economy of What We Eat.  Monthly Review Press, 2017. I wrote the Forew...
27-10-2017 21:47

Meat on the agenda: Bacon and Fast Food antibiotics

I’m collecting reports about meat. The first is The Bacon Report from   And here’s Restaurant Report Card: What?s in...
26-10-2017 21:46

Farewell to GIPSA and bad news for family farmers

Last week, the USDA withdrew its Farmer Fair Practices Interim Final Rule (a.k.a. the GIPSA—Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards Administr...
25-10-2017 21:47

Celebration of Michael Jacobson

I’m going to be at the National Press Club in Washington DC tonight for the gala event celebrating the retirement of Michael Jacobson from 45 ye...
24-10-2017 21:48

Book launch: Alice Waters? Making of a Counterculture Cook

For those of you in New York, tonight at 7:30 Alice Waters will be at BAM talking with Hilton Als about her new book: Alice Waters.  Coming to My Sens...
23-10-2017 21:48

Weekend Reading: Seven Cheap Things

Raj Patel & Jason Moore.  A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things: A Guide to Capitalism, Nature, and the Future of the Planet.  University o...
20-10-2017 21:47

Childhood obesity: progress in the UK, not so much in the US

FoodNavigator reports that Public Health England is taking on?what a concept!—calories as a means to prevent childhood obesity. It will be looki...
19-10-2017 21:50

Keeping up with food politics: new reports

Reports related to food politics flood in.  Here are a few from the last couple of weeks. The Nation: Special Issue on The Future of Food: Setting the...
18-10-2017 21:49

Glyphosate: a roundup (sorry, couldn?t resist)

I’ve been tracking recent reports and commentary about the herbicide glyphosate (a.k.a. Roundup) used with genetically modified crops.  Glyphosa...
17-10-2017 21:47

Menus, San Francisco Style

Grant Street, Chinatown, October 11, 2017...
16-10-2017 21:50

Weekend reading: Politics of the Pantry

Emily E. LB. Twarog.  Politics of the Pantry: Housewives, Food, and Consumer Protest in Twentieth-Century America.  Oxford University Press, 2017. I d...
13-10-2017 21:47

Global Meat News Special Edition: Pork!

I subscribe to to keep me up on the international meat business.  It has just published a collection of its articles—on pork....
12-10-2017 21:52

On my mind: The U.N.?s Sustainable Development Goals

When I give talks these days, I usually wear a pin—the O in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development GOals (SDGs).  These were authoriz...
11-10-2017 21:55

FDA says love is not a food ingredient

Food regulation is no trivial matter.  Every word on a food label has a Federal Register notice and Code of Federal Regulation section behind it. Cons...
10-10-2017 21:47

Belgium?s new food pyramid

Belgium has produced a new food guide “pyramid,” upside down.  Its advice: Drink water Eat more fruits, vegetables, and grains Eat less da...
09-10-2017 21:52

Weekend reading: Nutrition and Food Systems

HLPE [High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition]. Nutrition and food systems. A report by the High Level Panel of Experts on Food Sec...
06-10-2017 21:46

FoodNavigator-USA?s special edition on protein

Protein occurs in most foods but is especially abundant in meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds.  Most of us get more than...
05-10-2017 21:46

Food security: a roundup of new reports: international and d

International For the past few weeks I?ve been collecting reports on food security.  I’ve already posted the most recent report on worldwide tre...
04-10-2017 21:51

The state of obesity, U.S. 2017

Where are we in obesity prevalence"  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and Trust for America’s Health (TFAH), are keeping score for...
03-10-2017 21:48

Rodale introduces Regenerative Organic Certification

The Rodale Institute has a new Regenerative Organic certification program with four requirements that include but go beyond those for USDA Certified O...
02-10-2017 21:50

Weekend reading: Healthy and Sustainable Diets for Europe

I’m in Europe this week so especially interested in its public health efforts. This report is an example. Healthy and Sustainable Diets for Euro...
29-09-2017 21:51

World food insecurity: moving in the wrong direction

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization has just released its annual report on food security, country-by-country. After years of decline, the...
28-09-2017 21:52

Sugar: a roundup of recent industry reports

Is sugar under siege" The sugar industry must think so. Take a look at these recent industry reports: International Sugar Organization: An Evalua...
27-09-2017 21:54

Capitalism in our food"

I wrote the Foreword to Eric Holt Giménez’s Foodies Guide to Capitalism: Understanding the Political Economy of What We Eat.   His book won̵...
26-09-2017 21:49

Good news: sales of organic foods

The USDA announces:  2016 Sales of U.S. Certified Organic Agricultural Production Up 23 Percent from Previous Year Sales of organic agricultural produ...
25-09-2017 21:58

Weekend reading: Carey Gilliam?s Whitewash

Carey Gilliam.  Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science.  Island Press, 2017. I did a blurb for this book (only t...
22-09-2017 21:49

Food Politics: Canada

I don’t write much about  Canadian food politics, but every now and then collect interesting items. Weighty Matters: an always informative blog ...
21-09-2017 21:52

Crop insurance: some thoughts

When I taught a course on the farm bill some years ago, students were stunned by how crop insurance works.  They wondered how they could break into th...
20-09-2017 21:57

The NY Times? blockbuster investigation: Big Food in Brazil

The article, which starts on the front page and continues to another two full pages and more, is headlined How Big Business got Brazil Hooked on Junk ...
19-09-2017 21:54

FDA wants comments on guidance for pre-DSHEA dietary ingredi

The FDA is taking comments about developing a list of dietary supplement ingredients in safe use before Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health ...
18-09-2017 21:54

Weekend reading: Big Chicken

Maryn McKenna.  Big Chicken: The Incredible Story of How Antibiotics Created Modern Agriculture and Changed the Way the World Eats.  National Geograph...
15-09-2017 21:51

FoodNavigator-USA?s Special Edition on Kids? Food

Food Navigator is an industry newsletter useful for keeping up with food industry interests.  In Special Editions, it collects articles on specific to...
14-09-2017 21:49

How Big Food does politics in Washington

Big Food trade associations got a meeting at the White House to argue that the deadlines for implementing the new Nutrition Facts panel and GMO labeli...
13-09-2017 21:52

FDA approves ?qualified health claim? for early introduction

I was interested to see the FDA?s announcement that it ?acknowledges? and will ?exercise enforcement discretion? (translation: will not oppose) a qual...
13-09-2017 21:52

Alumni Profile, Berkeley Molecular and Cell Biology

It’s been a long time since I got my doctorate in molecular biology at the University of California Berkeley, so I was especially pleased to be ...
11-09-2017 21:48

Weekend reading: Reinventing the (Cheese) Wheel

Bronwen and Frances Percival.  Reinventing the Wheel: Milk, Microbes, and the Fight for Real Cheese.  University of California Press, 2017.   ...
08-09-2017 21:44

TODAY! New York City school lunches FREE for ALL students

Wonderful news! In a press release yesterday from New York City: CHANCELLOR FARIÑA ANNOUNCES FREE SCHOOL LUNCH FOR ALL  Starting tomorrow, lunch is fr...
07-09-2017 21:44

What?s up with meat substitutes"

I?ve never understood why people who do not want to eat meat for reasons of health, animal welfare, environmental protection, or religion want to eat ...
06-09-2017 21:49

The PURE study warrants some skepticism

I love getting notes like this one from a reader: Why aren?t you saying anything about the PURE study.  Doesn?t it prove that everything you?ve been s...
05-09-2017 21:49
04-09-2017 21:43

Weekend reading: Laura Shapiro?s ?What She Ate?

Laura Shapiro.  What She Ate: Six Remarkable Women and the Food That Tells their Stories.  Penguin Random House, 2017 I happily did a blurb for this o...
01-09-2017 21:45

Q and A: fruit vs juice

Lots of questions come in about all kinds of things.  This one from a reader with the subject line “Fruit juice is so confusing.” Fruit ju...
31-08-2017 21:44

Another ongoing saga: the legacy of Ancel Keys

I cannot understand the revisionist attack on the work of Ancel Keys, who died at the age of 100 in 2004.  Most scientists are lucky to have made impo...
30-08-2017 21:45

Once more on menu labeling

It never stops, but at last there is a suggestion that the saga of long delays in menu labeling may possibly be coming to an end.  Scott Gottlieb, the...
29-08-2017 21:46

Thought for the week: muffin v. cupcake

Thanks to my colleague Lisa Young for taking this photo at the Magnolia Bakery in Manhattan....
28-08-2017 21:46

Globalization in action: more cheese for pizza in China

Every now and then I see an article that seems like the most perfect indicator of food globalization; this one. According to, F...
24-08-2017 21:49

What?s up with NAFTA" Here?s how to get started.

The US, Canada, and Mexico have just finished the first round of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) negotiations.  Like all trade agreements,...
23-08-2017 21:47

Menu Labeling: the saga goes on and on

Listing calories in chain restaurants, you may recall, was authorized by Congress as part of the Affordable Care Act in 2010. That was an astonishing ...
22-08-2017 21:49

The Papaya Salmonella (4 kinds!) outbreak continues

The CDC tracking of the papaya outbreak continues, with a score of Case Count: 173 States: 21 Deaths: 1 Hospitalizations: 58 Recall: Yes All foodborne...
21-08-2017 21:45

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Rodale introduces Regenerative Organic Certification

Rodale introduces Regenerative Organic Certif...

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Good news: sales of organic foods

Good news: sales of organic foods

The USDA announces:  2016 Sales of U.S. Certified Organic Agricultural Production Up 23 Percent from Previous Year Sales of organic agricultural production continued to increase in 2016, when U.S. farms produced and sold $7.6 billion in certified... -
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