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Rodale introduces Regenerative Organic Certification

The Rodale Institute has a new Regenerative Organic certification program with four requirements that include but go beyond those for USDA Certified O ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Good news: sales of organic foods

The USDA announces:  2016 Sales of U.S. Certified Organic Agricultural Production Up 23 Percent from Previous Year Sales of organic agricultural produ ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Why I Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses (at Night)

When I first started wearing blue light blocking glasses at night a few years ago (which look like a 10,000 lux light box (with blue light spectrum) ...
01-01-1970 01:00

?Make November 8 Great Again??Nathan Myhrvold

And how is the fabulous Nathan doing that"  By releasing Modernist Bread this week. Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya.  Modernist Bread.  The ...
01-01-1970 01:00

The Ultimate Lift Like a Girl Workout Template

Introducing one of the most versatile and effective strength training workout templates. While this ultimate Lift Like a Girl workout template shouldn ...
01-01-1970 01:00

7 Most Empowering Lift Like a Girl Articles You Need to Read

Add to the title of this article That will Simplify Health and Fitness, Lead You to Your Goals, Allow you to Sustain Them Long-Term, and Help You Beco ...
01-01-1970 01:00

The Lift Like a Girl Challenge

You are going to want to get in on this. The primary goal of this website, and “Lifting Like a Girl” in general, is to equip you with information ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Oh She Glows is Hiring: Video Content Creator

Happy new year, everyone! I hope 2017 is off to a great start for you. I?m popping in to let you know that we?re interviewing for a paid Video Conten ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Weekend reading: how to manage a small organic farm

Connor J. Fitzmaurice and Brian J. Gareau.  Organic Futures: Struggling for Sustainability on the Small Farm.  Yale University Press, 2016.   This is ...
01-01-1970 01:00

British government tells home cooks: do something about acry

As a distraction from Brexit, perhaps, the British government has just launched a new anti-acrylamide campaign aimed at home cooks: “Go for Gold ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Veggie Burger with Tart Cherry Salsa

This post was created in partnership with Cherry Marketing Institute. All opinions are our own. There?s nothing like having a child to make you value ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Ways to Prevent And Heal Bed Sores

Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers, are caused by limited blood supply to areas of the body that have pressure on them consistently. This will e ...
01-01-1970 01:00

National Vegetarian Week: Our Top 10 Tips For Eating More Ve

It?s national vegetarian week where the focus is on all those bright and colourful veggies! We love meat and fish of good provenance and champion nos ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Attention, Men! How You Can Support Girls Gone Strong

As the Girls Gone Strong movement has grown, so has our support, not just from women, but from men. Men are increasingly realizing the importance of a ...
01-01-1970 01:00

The Oh She Glows Recipe App is here!!

Today is a big day! After years of dreaming, planning, and hard work, we?ve officially launched the This project has been a huge labour of love invo ...
01-01-1970 01:00

This ONE Stretch Relieves Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, A

Everyone experiences foot problems at some point in their lives. If you?re someone who enjoys running or exercising, chances are that you?ve had at le ...
01-01-1970 01:00

10 Delicious Vegetarian Main Dish Thanksgiving Recipes

For some, Thanksgiving is and will always be about turkey. Other eaters are more adventurous, and love the challenge of incorporating interesting new ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Tart Cherry Cardamom Baked Oatmeal

This tart cherry cardamom baked oatmeal was created in partnership with Cherry Marketing Institute. All opinions are our own. A few weeks ago, I found ...
01-01-1970 01:00

17 Things to Do After Yoga Teacher Training

YogaOutlet on Instagram. Related Posts on Daily Cup of Yoga Roll out the m ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Oh She Glows Every Day Cover Reveal + Pre-Order!

// OSG EVERY DAY //     Barnes & Noble I?m soooo excited to reveal the cover for my second cookbook, Barnes and Noble or... ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Yikes! Pentobarbital (a euthanasia drug) in Evanger?s pet f

Last week the FDA warned pet owners not to feed  specific lot numbers of Evanger?s canned Hunk of Beef or Against the Grain Grain Free Pulled Beef wit ...
01-01-1970 01:00

New Killer Disease: Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Is Now In Town

The Federal Minister of Health, Issac Adewole, has revealed that there is a new disease in Nigeria which has killed a Nigerian while another is curr ...
01-01-1970 01:00

10 Romantic Vegetarian Valentine?s Day Recipes

Maybe it’s just us, but somehow “vegetarian” and “romantic” seem like polar opposites when it comes to recipes. However, ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Oh She Glows 15 Best Vegan Cookie Recipes!

Welcome to your holiday cookie headquarters! Can you believe it?s the last month of 2016" I?m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the entire y ...
01-01-1970 01:00

The art of stretching: Lower your risk of pain and injury wi

Whether you?re a daily exerciser or a chronic sitter, you must know that stretching is crucial. Stretching sends blood flow to your muscles and helps ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Tart Cherry Chai Chia Jam

Anyone have trouble making ZZZ?s" I?ve been blessed with a supernatural ability to sleep through anything (including storms and my alarm clock), ...
01-01-1970 01:00

This ?Healthy? Drink Destroys Your Thyroid & Is Linked

In an effort to join the health revolution, many households have switched over from dairy milk to soy milk. Unlike milk from a cow, soy milk contai ...
01-01-1970 01:00

5 Most Efficient Kettlebell Exercises For Fat Loss

  If you’re interested in fat loss, it’s normal to hope that there really is a ?magic pill? for fat loss. But seriously, ladies, come on now?we k ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Tart Cherry Post Workout Protein Bowl

This tart cherry post workout protein bowl was created in partnership with Cherry Marketing Institute. All opinions are our own. Do you plan the foods ...
01-01-1970 01:00

10 Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home ? Best Arm Toning

Flabby or big arms can really put you down and ruin your image! They are hard to carry in a slim fit dress and going sleeveless is a huge embarrassmen ...
01-01-1970 01:00

4 Vegetarian Dinner Recipes for When You Don?t Know What to

This post was created in partnership with ALDI. All opinions are our own. We hear it all the time: ?I just don?t know what to make for dinner.? Or, ?I ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Belgium?s new food pyramid

Belgium has produced a new food guide “pyramid,” upside down.  Its advice: Drink water Eat more fruits, vegetables, and grains Eat less da ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Friday FAQs: Camping food, pregnancy updates, freezer-friend

Happy Friday everyone! It?s an absolutely beautiful spring day here, and I hope all of you are getting a chance to enjoy some sunshine and warm weath ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Cure for AIDS" Bee Venom Destroys HIV Cells, Finds Wash

Bees are essential for human survival, mainly because of their ability to pollinate our crops. They also produce one of the most healing foods- honey. ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Friday FAQs: Cooking lasagna in advance, vanilla bean powder

Thanks to the Victoria Day holiday on Monday, this week has flown by (even more so than usual). It?s always a challenge trying to squeeze a 5-day wor ...
01-01-1970 01:00

How to Start Your Online Fitness Coaching Business

Welcome to an ever-changing internet business space. When I launched JillFit in 2010, I was a blogger. I blogged every single day for 2 years straigh ...
01-01-1970 01:00

What Is Cupping Therapy" (Or Why Athletes Have Red Spot

Many people got curious about cupping therapy after seeing the red round marks on Olympic athletes like Michael Phelps during the summer Olympics. Cu ...
01-01-1970 01:00

10 Super Spring Vegetarian Recipes

Spring is here, and we’ve been looking through our archives for recipes that work for spring gatherings, including Mother’s Day recipes. W ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Should the East River Pepsi-Cola sign be landmarked"

An editor at the New York Times invited me to write an op-ed on the proposed landmarking of the East River Pepsi-Cola sign, but then said: We’re ...
01-01-1970 01:00

The Best Water Filter For Home Use (Pitcher, Charcoal, Under

A high-quality water filter is an important element of a healthy home and one of the easiest switches to make for a healthier life! There are now grea ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Food marketing to kids: Heart & Stroke Canada says no!

Heart & Stroke Canada has a new report on food and beverage marketing to kids: The Kids Are Not Alright. The press release says: Our children and ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Cane versus beet sugar?A difference"

As a result of yesterday?s post, readers asked questions about sugar.  Here?s one: Q: Is there a difference between cane and beet sugar" A: It de ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Reasons For Using Face Scrubs By Men

What is Face Scrub"Face Scrub is an exfoliator that has been designed for exfoliation of the skin, and it is the most commonly used item for treating ...
01-01-1970 01:00

House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway (R-Texas)

The chair of the House Ag Committee , Mike Conaway from Texas, provides his votes on issues summarized in a handy chart.  ‘ According to Politic ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Mix Bananas, Honey and Water: Cough and Bronchitis Will Disa

Yes, you got that right ? after consuming this natural remedy,the cough and bronchitis will disappear! Ladies and gentlemen,we all hate the cold and t ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Alkaline Eating: Tips and Tricks To Lose Weight, Fight Infla

You might have noticed that eating too many sweets or drinking too much coffee can leave you feeling tired, fat and sick. Although sugar and caffeine ...
01-01-1970 01:00

A simple trick to relieve arthritis, sciatica and back pain.

Castor oil is a remedy that has been used by traditional healers for a long time. Originating in India, this oil is great for numerous things includin ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Emu Oil: Promising Benefits for Skin and Body

Hundreds of years ago, native Australian aboriginals figured out that oil from emu birds could help with wound healing as well as aches and pains. To ...
01-01-1970 01:00

5 Best Yoga Poses for Runners

Although running and yoga may seem like activities that are on opposite ends of the spectrum, they really are complementary activities that work toge ...
01-01-1970 01:00

How to get a good night?s sleep: 11 foods to help you stop s

What you have for dinner can help you sleep better, especially if you are prone to snoring. Here are some specific foods to stock up on. It?s well ...
01-01-1970 01:00

5 Surprising Symptoms Of Diabetes

The most usual symptoms of diabetes type 2 are frequently bathroom visits, haze in the hands and the feet and voracious thirst. Yet, there are other h ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Oh She Glows is hiring!

Can I get a drum roll, please" I have some big news for you: Oh She Glows is hiring! With so many exciting things afoot, we’ve decided to expand ou ...
01-01-1970 01:00

How to Increase Breast Size Naturally

Many women would like to have larger breasts but are uncomfortable with the idea of undergoing cosmetic surgery. Luckily, there are some options that ...
01-01-1970 01:00

The Importance of Omega-3 Fish Oil (& The Best Way to G

If you like to peruse medical journals in your free time (like me!), you may have noticed a lot of conflicting research when it comes to fish oil and ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Bone Broth Benefits for Digestion, Arthritis and Cellulite

For thousands of years, there have been traditional foods like fermented vegetables and cultured dairy that have been touted for their health benefits ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Friday FAQs: Edible teacher gifts, festive Canada Day recipe

After having a bit of an ?off? week last week, I?m feeling like things are getting back on track in a few areas of my life. It always amazes me how t ...
01-01-1970 01:00

How IT Professionals with Hair Loss suffer from Hypertension

Hair loss is a growing concern among men and women today and people living in the IT hub ?Pune are also not spared from the worry. There are several r ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Weekend reading: Diet and the Disease of Civilization

Adrienne Rose Bitar.  Diet and the Disease of Civilization.  Rutgers University Press, 2017. I did a blurb for this one: Bitar?s fascinating thesis is ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Happy (healthy") Valentine?s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a big day for candy sales. Just for fun, I Googled “healthy Valentine’s Day” just to see wha ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Friday FAQs: Raw Chocolate Pudding, high-protein snacks, Veg

Even though I?ve been busy developing fall recipes, I?m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that it?s August! Are you, too" Recipe developme ...
01-01-1970 01:00

The Benefits of Red Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation)

For the past few months, I’ve been standing in front of a red light therapy lamp for about 5 minutes a day. We ordered the red light therapy system ...
01-01-1970 01:00

More Than My Body (before & after)

  Back in 2014 I shared my “reverse progress” photo. At the time, it was the scariest, most vulnerable thing I had ever done. I was a fitness pr ...
01-01-1970 01:00

The GAPS Diet: Help for Food Allergies and Gut Issues"

The GAPS diet (also known as the “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” diet) is a temporary, intensive, intestinal-healing diet that soothes the gut lini ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Food-Navigator USA?s Special Edition on Weight Management

Food-Navigator USA publishes occasional “special editions” with collections of articles on similar topics.  This one is on how food compan ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Why Headaches, Fatigue, Bad Breath and Joint Pain Are ALL Si

Can we just take a moment to thank our liver for all that it does" This vital organ is working hard everyday to filter out toxins and waste from the b ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Natural Treatments and Remedies for Acid Reflux

HOW TO ELIMINATE ACID REFLUX WITHOUT MEDICATION (& WHY IT ACTUALLY MAKES THE PROBLEM WORSE) Digestive problems are a concern for a lot of patients th ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Debunking Nutrition Myths for the Vegan Strength Athlete

I?ve been a vegan for 17 years now, and in that time, I?ve seen the movement grow and change significantly. The great news is that vegan ?cheese? no l ...
01-01-1970 01:00

The Fat Loss Diet and Workout Program You Tried Completely F

photo: some rights reserved by Chris Morin Many have already abandoned their “this time is different, this time I’m going to lose fat” New Year? ...
01-01-1970 01:00

GMO alfalfa, sugar beets, canola: U.S. trends

USDA has just released a report on the adoption of these three GM crops in the U.S.  Ordinarily, USDA just tracks corn, soybeans, and cotton. HereR ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Tex-Mex Beef and “Rice” Casserole Recipe

This Tex-Mex Beef and Rice Casserole Recipe is the perfect one-pan meal to make all your “I hate doing dishes” dreams come true. I’m so psyched ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Meathead Hippie with Emily Schromm ? Harder to Kill Radio #8

As a self-described meathead hippie, fitness powerhouse Emily Schromm is sharing what it means to embrace all aspects of strength in body, mind, and s ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Friday FAQs: The recipes/foods I packed for the hospital, ve

Happy June everyone! I hope you?re in store for a beautiful weekend ahead. Now that our family is on the mend after illness, we?re looking forward to ...
01-01-1970 01:00
01-01-1970 01:00

Top 3 Natural Ingredients to Treat Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is the most common vaginal infection in women mostly in reproductive age. It is a mild infection of the vagina caused by bacterial ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sundaes

This post was created in partnership with Olive Oils from Spain. All opinions are our own.  If you can be in love with a country, my country crush is ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Restival: A Digital Detox in Arizona

Our friend and colleague Eva Ramirez took a week off last September to travel to Arizona and spend a week at Restival, a retreat-meets-festival that ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Planet Fat: The New York Times series on global obesity

Since September, the New York Times has been investigating how the food industry markets its products in the developing world, and how this marketing ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Get Rid of Bad Breath, Plaque, Tartar, and Harmful Bacteria

We all know how important dental health is?not just for the brightness of our smiles but for our general well-being. We diligently floss and brush t ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Greek Sofrito Quinoa Bowl

This post was created in partnership with California Olive Ranch. All opinions are our own. We got an email from a reader a few months back: Hi Sonja ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Moroccan Spiced Cauliflower Soup

   It’s the start of a new year. The possibility of 365 new days is like waking up with the morning sun, where the slanted golden rays just star ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Congressional Non: Non-Labeled GMO Food

Alan Guebart, the food and farm columnist for the Lincoln Journal Star, has written the best analysis of the Senate’s GMO bill that I’ve s ...
01-01-1970 01:00

On my mind: The U.N.?s Sustainable Development Goals

When I give talks these days, I usually wear a pin—the O in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development GOals (SDGs).  These were authoriz ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Top 10 Foods to Reduce Belly Bloating- 10 Best Anti-bloating

We have all been through that phase when one fine morning our favorite dress or the best pair of jeans suddenly feels too tight to zip. We are at loss ...
01-01-1970 01:00

22 Home Remedies to Get Instant Relief from Knee Pain &

Knee pain is one of the most common health problems we experience during our lifetime. The reason why we feel the pain is defect in the bony structure ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Top 10 Super Foods for Chronic Diseases ? Cure Most Diseases

Have you ever come across a wonder pill that can cure all kinds of diseases" Well, if not a pill, there are some foods which can help you reduce the r ...
01-01-1970 01:00

One Simple Hack to Stop Screwing Yourself Over

The One Simple Hack part of the title either piqued your interest, or triggered your potential-bullshit alarm. Simply writing it induced a bit of naus ...
01-01-1970 01:00

5 Tips for Balanced Eating + Vegan Chocolate Cake

It’s our immense pleasure to share these words of wisdom with you, plus a knock-out recipe, in this latest installment of ... Read More ...
01-01-1970 01:00

The Best Exercises To Enhance Your Brain Health Significantl

Some exercises are more suited for brain health than others, especially for delaying the effects of aging and increasing memory retention. This post f ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Weekend Reading: America?s Diverse Family Farms

I’m not sure how USDA defines “diverse,” exactly, but I think it must be referring to size and income in this report. Like so: IR ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Sugar politics: San Francisco

My daughter, Rebecca Nestle, sends these from Valencia Street, San Francisco, August 2016   ...
01-01-1970 01:00

32 Beautiful Badass Strength Training Tips and Principles

Let’s be honest: most “tips and principles” articles suck. With that in mind, I did my best to write a “tips and principles” article for you ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Alumni Profile, Berkeley Molecular and Cell Biology

It’s been a long time since I got my doctorate in molecular biology at the University of California Berkeley, so I was especially pleased to be  ...
01-01-1970 01:00
01-01-1970 01:00

Top 10 Vegetarian Recipes of 2016

Looking back at 2016, it’s been a difficult year for many of us. Alex and I have been swimming in liminal space, several friends have endured pe ...
01-01-1970 01:00

How to Test Your Gut Microbiome (At Home Without a Doctor)

If you have been a Wellness Mama reader for very long then you know my story and that it took me 7 years and 8 doctors to finally figure out I had Has ...
01-01-1970 01:00

anthony bourdain’s scrambled egg recipe

Anthony Bourdain scrambled eggs are a must-try, the trick to his eggs is genius! If you aren’t familiar with Anthony Bourdain scrambled eggs, you’ ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Tart Cherry Chocolate Galette

This post was created in partnership with the Cherry Marketing Institute. All opinions are our own. Chocolate and cherries seem a romantic combination ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Rabobank?s survey: what?s up for 2018

To start the new year, I’m going to post predictions, starting with Rabobank’s newsletter on food trends.  This is always worth reading (t ...
01-01-1970 01:00

My make-ahead vegan holiday recipes plus handy tips!

Oh She Glows Boxed Set is 50% OFF! Whoa baby. The sale will continue until Tuesday, November 28th, so plenty of time to take advantage. Mine arrived l ...
01-01-1970 01:00

Best Podcasts for Car Rides, Cleaning, Jogging and Cooking

It’s official: podcasts are a thing, and they’re here to stay. Alex and I have been avid listeners for quite a ... Read More ...
01-01-1970 01:00

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