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Benefits of Safe Sun Exposure for Reduced Cancer Risk (&

There are few topics I could write about that would be as controversial as that of safe sun exposure. Perhaps vaccines and why I don’ reduce a feve ...
31-05-2017 22:04

Celebrity trainer secrets: PT to Drew Barrymore and Jennifer

How does celebrity PT Kathy Kaehler keep her A-list clients including Drew Barrymore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston in shape" ...
31-05-2017 21:48

Why I’m Hooked on Purple Sweet Potato Latte

I always feel left out of cafe culture. I don’t like coffee, I’m fussy about how my tea is made and hot chocolate means whipped crema and an extra ...
31-05-2017 21:44

How to Run to Get Faster, Stronger and Leaner

The following is a guest post written by my friend, Shira Nelson, owner of Mom Beyond Baby, a fitness and fat loss brand for moms who want a no-BS app ...
31-05-2017 22:04

This blog?s 10th anniversary week: how it started

I’m celebrating this blog’s 10th anniversary this week. I started it on May 29, 2007. I thought this would be a good time to look back on ...
31-05-2017 21:44

Back exercises worthy of the red carpet with the celebrity t

For this week\'s Workout of the Week, celebrity trainer Liston Wingate-Denys - who trains Thandie Newton - brings you five key exercises to strengthen ...
31-05-2017 21:48

I don’t hate cardio

I have a meathead confession to make: Contrary to popular opinion in the strength world, I actually LOVE cardio. I know it’s really en vogue to hate ...
31-05-2017 21:44

How a high-FAT diet keeps this 45-year-old skin doctor looki

Dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams reveals the products and high-fat diet she swears by - and why veganism isn\'t the best choice for skin The post H ...
30-05-2017 21:49

5 healthy lunches for kids

The end of the school year means many things. Long summer days. Sun and sweat from the pool and beach. And lots and lots of lunches at home. So in an ...
30-05-2017 21:46

Spice up your life with my Lemon Slice

Image by Kate Duncan What do you do when life gives you lemons" Make lemon slices! Think back to the first lemon slice you ever bit into.Was it equa ...
30-05-2017 21:45 Tenth Anniversary week: a reprise

Yesterday marked the tenth anniversary of this blog.I officially launched it on May 29, 2007with a post about the food movement. Here is a reprise of ...
30-05-2017 21:45

Chard Quiche with Almond Crust

When I first started going to the farmer’s market, I’d ask the farmers what recipes to make wtih the lush bunches of mustard greens or gia ...
30-05-2017 21:45

Why You Should Squat In Pregnancy

The squat is probably one of the best-known exercises around and is a staple ingredient in (most) fitness programs. Generally considered a lower-body ...
30-05-2017 21:45

Today is this blog?s tenth anniversary!

I can hardly believe that I have been writing this blog for ten yers, but this is indeed the tenth anniversary of its official beginning. I will be w ...
29-05-2017 21:52

Sugar-free diet diaries – How to spot HIDDEN sugars

Giving up sugar hasn\'t been an easy ride for Healthista writer and self-confessed sugar addict Parisa Hashempour. In week three, she hunts down sugar ...
29-05-2017 21:55

The Myth of the Best Diet Plan (And How to Find What Will Wo

Why is it that the so-called ?best diet plan? seems to work for your friends — or seemingly the entire world — and yet it never works for you" Or ...
29-05-2017 21:52

The New Health Books I Love Right Now.

The bookshelves at NYNHB towers are currently heaving with some brilliant new health books – most of them deserve a post to themselves, but time doe ...
28-05-2017 21:48

7 Words That Helped Me Establish Boundaries

Growing up I was an only child and my parents divorced when I was 2 years old. As such, they were both single parents for a while and working full-tim ...
28-05-2017 22:07

Spa of the week – The Alpina Gstaad spa in Switzerland

With a Six Senses Spa, two Michelin-starred restaurants and sophisticated yet relaxed vibe, this is a truly indulgent place The post Spa of the week ...
28-05-2017 21:51

Chocolate Banana Popsicles Recipe ? Dairy-Free

TheseChocolate Banana Popsicles aresure to cool you down on a hot summer day. They’recreamy, luscious, and reminiscent of a very popular flavor ...
27-05-2017 21:59

“Real Women” Don’t Fit in a One-Size-Fits-

Any attempt to cram women into a one-size-fits-all mold or label us via a ?real women do/have/are ?? statement is futile. And stupid. And degrading. Y ...
26-05-2017 21:44

How FOOD can help depression – the nutritionist’

People with diets high in processed foods and sugar are far more likely to be depressed than healthier eaters. Nutritionist May Simpkin has a mood-fri ...
26-05-2017 21:47

Weekend reading: Food & Society

Amy E. Guptill, Denise A. Copelton and Betsy Lucal. Food & Society: Principles and Paradoxes, 2nd ed. Polity, 2016. I did a blurb for this one ...
26-05-2017 21:44

IFIC?s annual food-and-health survey: always intersting

The industry-funded International Food Information Council has just announced the releaseof it 12th annual Food and Health Survey. This asks people ...
25-05-2017 21:49

Vegetable Hummus Tortilla Rollups

This post was created in partnership with Dole. All opinions are our own. Since we just had a little one, you?re probably expecting some kid-friendly ...
25-05-2017 21:49

Can You Really Lose Fat and Gain Muscle Simultaneously"

For years, I worked in academic research settings studying the role of exercise on weight loss and weight maintenance. Since weight loss was a primary ...
25-05-2017 21:49

9 superfoods your skin needs this spring

Nutritionist Rick Hay explains the nutrient-rich foods that could help your skin renew itself from the inside out - some could even help protect your ...
25-05-2017 21:52

Strawberry Avocado Summer Salad Recipe

Strawberry Avocado Summer Salad just shouts, “It’s summer! Let’s do this thing!” It’s the perfect warm-weather picnic take-along dish. And ...
25-05-2017 22:08

There’s a new 10km race at Disneyland Paris (and a run

Since my disappointment at not running the inaugural Disneyland Paris Half Marathon last year (if you’re not up on the story, a little matter of mov ...
24-05-2017 21:47

#AskJessiKneeland – How should you compliment a woman&

Are you a man (or anyone) who wants to give the most impactful compliments to a woman" In this #AskJessiKneeland video I share with you a simple, beau ...
24-05-2017 21:47

What does the administration?s FY2018 budget mean for food p

In two words: nothing good. For starters, it begins with an Orwellian title: A New Foundation for American Greatness–President’s Budget FY ...
24-05-2017 21:47

Coconut Curry Shakshuka

“The Midwest has an inferiority complex.” That’s Shelly Westerhausen in her new cookbook, Vegetarian Heartland, talking about how pe ...
24-05-2017 21:47

hummus with gremolata

Take your hummus up a notch with a gremolata topping – though super simple, itadds amazing, bright flavor. There are some things I really miss abou ...
24-05-2017 21:47

A Tour of Our Urban Garden!

Welcome to our green oasis – our urban garden, growing fresh herbs and greens, in the middle of the city! We’ve absolutely loved doing this proje ...
24-05-2017 21:47

This skin doctor has had acne since she was 11 – here&

For our new series, Secrets of Doctors with Beautiful Skin, we spoke to dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto about having acne since she was a teen and exact ...
23-05-2017 21:49

A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Imagine you don?t feel well? Let?s say you have a sore throat. Aches. You?re feeling chilly, yet you?re sweating. You?re exhausted, and you can?t brea ...
23-05-2017 21:46

What ag schools really need to teach: a report

The Association of Public Land-Grant Universities has just released areport titled “Challenge of Change”about how the USDA can do a bett ...
23-05-2017 21:46

Tex Mex Migas

This post was created in partnership with GreenPan. All opinions are our own. In our search for flavorful and simple meals, we?ve stumbled upon ...
22-05-2017 21:48

WHO resources for ending the double burden of malnutrition (

The World Health Organization (WHO) has just published a series of papers on “double-duty” actions needed to end world malnutrition. By t ...
22-05-2017 21:48

‘Giving up sugar has made me moody and sad’ R

Giving up sugar has made Healthista writer and self-confessed sugar addict Parisa Hashempour more emotional that usual. Find out why in week two of he ...
22-05-2017 21:51

Vegetarian recipe of the week: Spinach-shiitake salad with y

This week?s vegetarian recipe is a delicious salad with a kick - a spinach-shiitake salad with yuzu-wasabi dressing from Vegan: The Cookbook by Jean-C ...
22-05-2017 21:51

Restival: A Digital Detox in Arizona

Our friend and colleague Eva Ramirez took a week off last September to travel to Arizona and spend a week at Restival, a retreat-meets-festival that ...
21-05-2017 21:57

GGS Spotlight: Megan Matal

Name: Megan Matal Age: 32 Location: Mountain View, CA (one of the cities in Silicon Valley) How did you find out about Girls Gone Strong" ...
21-05-2017 21:57

Wagamama Calories – the 2017 version

‘What’s the lowest calorie item in Wagamama"’ is the most popular question asked of this blog but with Wagamama changing their menu to add more ...
21-05-2017 21:57

Easy chocolate bananas recipe – healthy treat of the w

So creamy, so decadent and yet...low in sugar and dairy-free. This is banana bliss The post Easy chocolate bananas recipe – healthy treat of the we ...
20-05-2017 21:49

Brussellin’ into winter with Supercharged Sprouts

The other day I was standing in the middle ofmy local supermarket and was stuck; bewildered by all the choices I could possibly make; especially in t ...
20-05-2017 21:46

4 ways your coffee habit is messing with your head

A boy has died after consuming three caffeinated Red Bull drinks. While that\'s excessive, it did make us wonder about the pitfalls of drinking coffee ...
20-05-2017 21:49

Kitspiration: Lorna Jane – the Australian fitness bran

We can\'t get enough of this gorgeous new Aussie kit The post Kitspiration: Lorna Jane – the Australian fitness brand we’re loving appeared first ...
20-05-2017 21:49

Rhubarb Ice Cream Sandwiches + Video

Luise asked me to write something short andquicktoday. And to stick to the subject (which I assumeis ice cream). That was 12 hours ago. To be fair ...
20-05-2017 21:46

Is your Instagram making you ill"

Instagram has been found to be damaging to young people\'s mental health and even associated with the eating disorder orthorexia nervosa. Vanessa Chal ...
20-05-2017 21:49

Why I’ve Only Worked Out Six Times In Two Months

Yesterday was only the sixth or seventh time I’ve strength trained in the last eight weeks. Yes, that’s less than once a week over the past two mo ...
20-05-2017 21:46

Weekend reading: Food First

Tanya M. Kerssen and Teresa K. Miller. Food First: Selected Writings from 40 Years of Movement Building. Food First Books, 2015. I just got sent my ...
20-05-2017 21:46

10-minute yoga for runners sequence to help those aches and

In this week\'s ?Yoga For?? series, yoga expert Jessica Stewart, demonstrates a yoga for runners sequence help lower the risk of injury and even help ...
20-05-2017 21:49

How to Cook Healthy for Beginners: Coronation Potato Salad a

During National Vegetarian Week, Vanessa Chalmers takes her favourite vegetable - the potato - and gets creative using a Deliciously Ella recipe for i ...
20-05-2017 21:49

U.S. agriculture at a glance: USDA?s charts

USDA’s charts make it easy to understand basic aspects of farming in the United States. This one covers about 175 years of American history. ...
18-05-2017 21:43

GGS Spotlight: Julie Barnum

Name:Julie Barnum Age: 24 Location: Fort Collins, CO How did you find out about Girls Gone Strong" I was looking up some fitness-related question on ...
18-05-2017 21:43

Strongest You Success Stories

You know how much we love and are proud of our Strongest You Coaching Program here at Girls Gone Strong. But, guess what" It?s really not what we thin ...
18-05-2017 21:43

‘My boyfriend doesn’t want children. Shall I sti

Marianna wants a family, but her boyfriend with a troubled past doesn\'t want children or to live together, despite offering marriage. Healthista ther ...
17-05-2017 21:52

tortellini, chicken & arugula salad

Add this easy Tortellini, Chicken & Arugula Salad to your summer meal rotation, it’s perfect for dining al fresco! This is the best kind of dinner. ...
17-05-2017 21:48


It was my first professional photo shoot. I’d done some informal shooting for other people’s sites and projects, but I’d never done a shoot just ...
17-05-2017 21:48

Instant Bircher Muesli

The post Instant Bircher Muesli appeared first on Deliciously Ella. ...
17-05-2017 21:48

Politico interviews Western Growers? CEO about immigration r

Politico Morning Agriculture’s Jason Huffman interviewed Tom Nassif, the CEO of the Western Growersa couple of days ago. Nassif represents thi ...
17-05-2017 21:48

Eggs with Chive Blossoms

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. As you simplify life the laws of the universe will be simpler.”–Henry David Thorea ...
17-05-2017 21:48

Is insomnia making you lonely"

New research from King\'s College London has found a link between poor sleep quality and loneliness The post Is insomnia making you lonely" appeared ...
17-05-2017 21:52

7 gluten free baking tips from Instagram’s biggest GF

Gluten free baking isn\'t as daunting when you are equipped with the essentials. Top Instagrammer Laura Strange from My Gluten Free Guide reveals her ...
17-05-2017 21:52

Running Slowly Can Leave You Injured – who knew"

Because I haven’t been posting much I haven’t really told you how my Gold Coast Half Marathon Training is going – it’s now about eight weeks u ...
17-05-2017 21:48

Exactly how this 42 year old skin doctor looks so amazing

For our latest series, Secrets of Doctors with Beautiful Skin, we spoke to skin doctor Dr Maryam Zamani about the products and diet she swears by to l ...
16-05-2017 21:51

National Vegetarian Week: Our Top 10 Tips For Eating More Ve

It?s national vegetarian week where the focus is on all those bright and colourful veggies! We love meat and fish of good provenance and champion nos ...
16-05-2017 21:48

Growth vs. Fixed: How The Right Mindset Can Take You Farther

?I?m so nervous! I?ve never been, but I can?t wait to learn!? I was with a closegirlfriend, and we were talking about our future plans to go mountai ...
16-05-2017 21:47

Let?s help protect and strengthen our favorite USDA agencies

I’m indebted to Jerry Hagstrom’s Hagstrom Report for letting me know about USDA’s new reorganization plan. We get to file comments o ...
16-05-2017 21:47

6 symptoms of PCOS not to miss

Do you have irregular periods" Are you overweight " You may have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) which affects one in then British women. Gynaecolog ...
16-05-2017 21:51

A New Diet Isn’t The Solution To An Old Diet Not Worki

That last diet didn?t go well, so you doubled down on your efforts and committed to another one ? a stricter one ?and that one didn?t go so well, eit ...
15-05-2017 21:48

Meat-free Monday: vegan red bean salad recipe

For National Vegetarian week this week, we bring you a zesty, South American style red bean salad bowl from Vegan: The Cookbook by Jean-Christian Jury ...
15-05-2017 21:51

Eat Right for Your Shape. Well Hello U.S.A, I’ve Arriv

G\'dayUSA friends! Today is the the day I get toshare the happy news that my cookbook, Eat Right for Your Shape, is now available in the US. You can ...
15-05-2017 21:48

9 best-tasting green teas for people who don’t like gr

The health benefits of green tea are limitless, but the taste can be a little - hmmm, understatement alert - bitter" That\'s why we\'ve searched high ...
15-05-2017 21:51

Healthy Nonstick Pans: Think Ceramic

This post was created in partnership with GreenPan. All opinions are our own. Confession: as passionate as we are about healthy cooking, until recentl ...
15-05-2017 21:48

Living Well in W.A. *FREE Event*

Hello Perth friends. I\'ll be heading back West to be a part of the Living Well in WA festival. It\'s a fun festival where you can view healthy chef ...
15-05-2017 21:48

What fruits and vegetables do Americans eat" More char

I love USDA’s charts of food and agriculture statistics because they tell most of the story at a glance. These are based on USDA’s compila ...
15-05-2017 21:48

Best body oil ever – Liz Earle Superskin Dry Oil for B

Whether you\'re baring skin in hope of sunnier days or just love slathering your body in natural beauty oils, this is the best body oil ever, says Hea ...
14-05-2017 21:53

You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup

“Steph,” she said, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” I felt like someone punched the air right out of me. It was on a call last year with ...
14-05-2017 22:11

Sushi Doughnuts" What on Earth are Sushi Doughnuts

Sydney Fish Market is a land of magical things – well, if you’re into non-swimming seafood that is – and it’salso the home of the latest craz ...
14-05-2017 21:50

Spa of the Week: Corinithia at Whitehall Place, London

Queen of Retreats founder Caroline Sylger Jones and her team explore spas of all kinds around the globe. This week it?s the Corinithia Hotel in London ...
14-05-2017 21:53

KITSPIRATION: PAMA London eco-fitness wear

A fitness brand with a mission to save the environment - meet PAMA London, this week\'s Kitspiration who make their clothes from charcoal bamboo The ...
13-05-2017 21:51

Chilli and Chive Chickpea Pancakes

The post Chilli and Chive Chickpea Pancakes appeared first on Deliciously Ella. ...
13-05-2017 21:48

Healthy vegetarian curry recipe to try this weekend

Indian food can be incredibly healthy and filling, when you venture away from your korma, Vanessa Chalmers found. This recipe is presentable, hearty a ...
12-05-2017 21:50

Healthy truffles recipe: Coffee, cacao and coconut balls

Our Healthy Indulgence series kicks off with coffee and cacao truffles with a sprinkle of coconut, a recipe from Pollen + Grace The post Healthy truf ...
12-05-2017 21:50

Weekend reading: Power of a Plant

Stephen Ritz with Suzie Boss. The Power of a Plant: A Teacher?s Odyssey to Grow Healthy Minds and Schools. Rodale, 2017. I did a blurb for this mo ...
12-05-2017 21:47

5 minute relaxation exercise to calm you down FAST

Yoga experts Kirsty and Kat from Movement for Modern Life bring you a guided relaxation to give your mind and body a quick reboot The post 5 minute r ...
12-05-2017 21:50

7 new superfoods your body needs right now (Clue: kale is no

We?ve had kale - God, have we had kale - chia seeds and blueberries. But what are the new superfoods we really need now" The post 7 new superfoods y ...
12-05-2017 21:50

The sugar-free diet diaries

Want to give up sugar" Healthista writer and self-confessed sugar addict Parisa Hashempour is taking on a strict 31 day sugar-free diet and reporting ...
11-05-2017 21:53

10 Filling Plant-Based Main Dish Recipes

Did you know the way you eat could save your life" (Or at least make it way better.) Research is showing that eating fresh food and lots of veget ...
11-05-2017 21:50

5 weightlifting terms every girl who lifts needs

Welcome back to Fitopedia: fitness terms explained. This week, Nicola Addison, personal trainer of Eqvvs training who trains models Elle Macpherson, D ...
11-05-2017 21:53

Roasted Mediterranean Veggies Recipe

If you want an explosion of flavor, make a batch of my Roasted Mediterranean Veggies on your next meal prep day. Growing up, we didn’t eat many roa ...
11-05-2017 22:11

Good Things That Get Ruined When Taken to Extremes

It must be human nature. As a species we?re quite adept at taking something good and, in an effort to extract greater rewards from it, we manipulate i ...
11-05-2017 21:50

USDA?s fascinating food-and-agriculture charts

USDA researchers produce lots of data and sometimes summarize it all in handy charts. Here are three examples: Who makes money from food" Food ...
11-05-2017 21:50

Got menopause symptoms" This doctor’s guide will

Carol Vordeman has bravely spoken about the crippling depression she suffered during the menopause. Gynaecologist Dr Gabrielle Downey says plenty can ...
11-05-2017 21:53

Celebrity trainer secrets: PT to top models says LIFTING is

The body of a supermodel is down to weightlifting don\'t you know" Nicola Addison, celebrity trainer to the likes of Elle Macpherson and Erin O\'Conno ...
10-05-2017 21:52

Will we ever stop misusing animal antibiotics"

Politico ProAg reports that the International Poultry Council will soon issue a statement advising the poultry industry to: Stop using antibiotics cri ...
10-05-2017 21:48

7 BEST gluten free pasta alternatives

Going gluten-free but refuse to give cup pasta" We hear you. Healthista recommends the best gluten free pasta alternatives during Coeliac Awareness W ...
10-05-2017 21:52

Baby Tech: the Owlet Smart Sock

This post was created in partnership withOwlet. All opinions are our own. Right before the birth of our babyLarson, a friend of ours directed us ...
10-05-2017 21:48

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These 6 foods support your liver (and help yo...

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