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8 best vegan ice cream brands

The weekend is set for more warm weather so we\'ve been testing plenty of vegan ice cream in the interests of bringing you deliciously healthy ways to ...
31-08-2018 21:46

25-minute glutes and legs workout with Olympic freestyle ski

This resistance workout can be done with dumbbells or with only body weight - either way your booty will love you The post 25-minute glutes and legs ...
31-08-2018 21:46

Reishi Mushroom Benefits for Immunity, Longevity & More

Mushrooms are delicious of course (like in this homemade cream of mushroom soup recipe), but they can also be incredibly healing. Reishi mushrooms are ...
31-08-2018 21:29

Halal meat: Global Meat News? updates on the industry

Global Meat News is one of those industry newsletters I subscribe to.  This is a collection of its articles on halal meats—those from animals sl ...
31-08-2018 21:50

9 ways to help your body fight the effects of pollution

Air pollution is not only ruining our lungs, new research suggests it\'s also affecting our brains.  Biochemist Maira Hermann Zeh reports on how to fi ...
30-08-2018 21:50

Representation Matters: Eating Disorders Aren’t Just f

When you think about eating disorders what is the image that comes to mind" Is it one of teenaged vanity" Of emaciated white women agonizing in front ...
30-08-2018 21:54

How taking probiotics could improve your gut health

Healthista?s Nutritional Director Rick Hay explains what they are and their effects on the body, in our Trendy Nutrients A ? Z series The post How ta ...
30-08-2018 21:50

Healthy vegan cookie recipe to celebrate GBBO

In honour of last night\'s Biscuit Week on the Great British Bake Off, here?s a sugar-craving busting healthy vegan recipe you will love The post Hea ...
29-08-2018 21:45

Speak Up: Identifying Rape Culture in Everyday Conversation

You can find it in this 2011 New York Times description of an 11-year-old girl who was horrifically gang raped: ?she dressed older than her age, weari ...
29-08-2018 21:50

The $12 billion trade mitigation promised to farmers: who ge

Recall that to mitigate the damage to U.S. agriculture caused by our current tariff disputes, President Trump promised to give affected farmers $12 bi ...
29-08-2018 21:50

How to Make Vegan Nacho Cheese

Want to make a healthy vegan nacho cheese sauce at home" Basically vegan queso, this cashew cheese sauce recipe is ultra simple and delicious. Ca ...
29-08-2018 21:50

What is the Best Type of Cardio for You"

Would you rather listen to this article" Use the player below, download it, or listen on iTunes. If you?re going to take the time to do something, you ...
29-08-2018 21:50

Do you need to add more plant-based protein to your diet&quo

Healthista\'s nutritional director Rick Hay explains the benefits of adding more plant based protein to your diet (clue: it helps burn fat) The post ...
29-08-2018 21:45

The Best Loaded Vegan Nachos

These loaded vegan nachos are the best because they’re plant based, healthy nachos that are so flavorful no one will miss the meat! Turns out Al ...
29-08-2018 21:50

How Mobility Can Help You Unlock Your Inner Power w/ Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen Esquer believes that by building strong bodies and resilient minds you can embrace and own your inner power, which is one of the key principle ...
28-08-2018 21:27

Got insomnia" Take some passionfruit powder

If you have trouble getting to sleep, passionfruit powder could help. Healthista?s Nutritional Director Rick Hay explains its benefits, in our Trendy ...
28-08-2018 21:44

Lab Tests You Can Order From Home (Without A Doctor)

For years, my own health journey to finally getting a diagnosis of autoimmune thyroid disease came to a screeching halt because I couldn’t find a do ...
28-08-2018 21:27

10 secrets to a leaner body – from this Nicole Kidman

Annelie Whitfield was stunt double for Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz and cate Blanchett - she shares 10 easy diet and exercise tips to getting leaner. ...
28-08-2018 21:44

{#TransparentTuesday} Why Cardio"

There are 46 high peaks (aka big-ass-mountains) in the Adirondack mountains, and people who like outdoorsy shit in upstate NY often work toward the g ...
28-08-2018 21:49

Could a smelly milk drink cure your depression and IBS"

New research proves the ?psychobiotic? mental health benefits of kefir, an ancient fermented drink drink traditionally in Eastern Europe, from helping ...
27-08-2018 21:49

Apple Cinnamon Pressure Cooker Steel Cut Oats

Pressure cooker steel cut oats cook up in minutes and make for better for you breakfasts all week! This apple cinnamon oatmeal is a cozy pressure cook ...
27-08-2018 21:53

5 (Counterintuitive) Reasons Why Your Results Are Stalling

When people slide into my DMs, one of the most common questions I get is, ?Jill, how do I get rid of these last 10-15 pounds"? So, today I want to bre ...
27-08-2018 21:31

Childhood poverty is increasing, alas

The proportion of U.S. children living in poverty, says the USDA, is higher than it was before the Great Recession of 2008 and seems to be increasing, ...
27-08-2018 21:53

Simple Greek Salad (Paleo, Gluten-free)

Simple Greek Salad is my last ditch effort to hold onto everything yummy that summer brings. We ain’t in fall quite yet, and I refuse to break out t ...
27-08-2018 21:31

GGS Spotlight: Dr. Shante Cofield a.k.a. The Movement Maestr

Name: Dr. Shante Cofield a.k.a The Movement Maestro Age:  33 Location: Redondo Beach, CA What does it mean to you to be part of the GGS Community" I?v ...
26-08-2018 21:48

Spa review of the week: Cliveden House, Berkshire

It has juicy links to the Profumo Affair to entice you and was freshly refurbished last year - don\'t miss Cliveden, says Carline Sylger Jones The po ...
26-08-2018 21:44

Nothing Matters

In our home, we have a motto: Everything is meaningful and nothing matters at all. An ocean breeze. Salty air and the crash of waves. The way jasmine ...
25-08-2018 21:49


Like many young girls, I wasn?t nurtured with resilience against shame. I wasn?t directly and specifically nurtured towards shame by my parents, but w ...
25-08-2018 21:49


In my bones I know this body will live but once. This thought, with great potential to produce worry and angst, crosses my mind at least once a day. B ...
25-08-2018 21:49

Pretty Okay

?Pretty okay.? From 2015-2017 I traversed what I hope will be the heaviest shadow phase I will encounter?an amalgamation of my ex husband?s multiple a ...
25-08-2018 21:49

Paprika Goat Cheese Spread + AncestryDNA Results

This Paprika Herb Goat Cheese Spread was created in partnership with AncestryDNA. All opinions are our own. This goat cheese spread takes happy hour t ...
25-08-2018 21:49


The universal connection to all things?earth and cosmos, human and spirit, the deeper sense of knowing that resides within us all?it?s always availabl ...
25-08-2018 21:49

Reduce muscle soreness with montmorency cherry

Montmorency tart cherry could help boost sports performance by reducing muscle soreness. Healthista?s Nutritional Director Rick Hay explains its benef ...
24-08-2018 21:44

Weekend reading: Overcoming barriers to the Sustainable Deve

A group of organizations interested in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, has issued a report spotligh ...
24-08-2018 21:48

6 Ways to Get the Benefits of Massage Therapy (at Home)

You know those mini-quizzes on social media that ask if you could have one service for free for the rest of your life" The options usually include a g ...
24-08-2018 21:27

25-minute glutes and legs workout with Olympic freestyle ski

The super-hot athlete brings you the booty-building moves you need to sweat and tone The post 25-minute glutes and legs workout with Olympic freestyl ...
24-08-2018 21:44

Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms & Natural Remedies

Pins and needles, itchy, creepy-crawly? these are all terms used to describe the symptoms of restless legs syndrome. It can be hard to put this condit ...
24-08-2018 21:27

9 causes of bad breath to fix before your next conversation

A new study has found three quarters of us consider bad breath a huge confidence knock. This dentist\'s guide to fixing the causes will make you more ...
24-08-2018 21:44

8 Unintentional Ways Trainers Promote Disordered Eating (and

Dear fitness professionals, are you inadvertently misdirecting your clients" Are you unconsciously promoting disordered eating" What we hear, think, a ...
23-08-2018 21:52

Want to eat less" Add MCT oil into your diet

Yesterday, it was reported in the news that a Harvard professor claimed that coconut oil is \'one of the worst foods you can eat\' and is \'pure poiso ...
23-08-2018 21:48

How to use honey to treat a cough

There may be some truth to the old wives\' tale about honey\'s antiseptic and medicinal properties, new expert reports reveal The post How to use hon ...
23-08-2018 21:48

Traveling with a Toddler: Travel Beds, Packing List, & Tips!

Traveling with a toddler" Here are tips on traveling to Europe with toddlers, including toddler travel beds, packing lists, plane activities, and ...
22-08-2018 21:48

5 ways matcha tea improves your health

From fat-burning to immune function and heart health this powdered green tea is one powerful bevvie The post 5 ways matcha tea improves your health a ...
22-08-2018 21:44

Trump?s trade war with China: the retaliation lists

I have been trying to track what?s happening in our current tariff war with China.  Politico Morning Agriculture helps a lot, but even so keeping up w ...
22-08-2018 21:48

5 ways to grow longer hair ? the expert?s guide

Long hair is literally everywhere. But so many of us find our hair grows to a certain length and then stops. It?s why Healthista asked asked a hair ca ...
22-08-2018 21:44

Melissa’s Three Vegtastic Salads for your Bank Holiday

Veg tastic, colorful, fuss-free & speedy, everything you need for the bank holiday weekend. These are my 3 favourite recipes to whip up for small and ...
22-08-2018 21:48

Feeling exhausted" Maca powder could help

If you feel exhausted all the time or suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, maca could help. Healthista?s Nutritional Director Rick Hay explains its b ...
21-08-2018 21:46

Why Kindness Should Be At The Core Of Your Wellness Practice

For a lot of us, the journey to improving ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually can end up actually making us feel worse about ...
21-08-2018 21:29

{#TransparentTuesday} Down with Aspirationalism.

We?ve all been taught to dream big, think positive, and aspire to greatness.  The ?motivational? Tony Robbins-esque mindset has us all thinking that w ...
21-08-2018 21:50

6 easy swaps to lower your sugar intake

Cutting down on sugar is always going to benefit your health.  But if your sweet tooth won?t allow it, there may be an alternative, say experts The p ...
21-08-2018 21:46

9 Reasons Yoga Can Be a Great Cross-Training Practice

I?m both a yoga teacher and a personal trainer. I love lifting weights, doing burpees (not kidding) and everything about yoga. I?m often surprised at ...
21-08-2018 21:50

Instant Pot Tacos with Smoky Lentils

Looking for healthy Instant Pot recipes" These Instant Pot tacos with smoky lentils are a delicious vegetarian dinner recipe that even carnivores ...
21-08-2018 21:50

Six Top Probiotic-Rich Foods + Fermenting Your Own Veggies

Are you looking to become a pro of the biotic" Well first up, I\'m going to let you in on a little secret, one between us pro\'s. Not everyone necessa ...
21-08-2018 21:50

USDA?s latest ideas for GMO labels

I am indebted to IEG Agribusiness Intelligence (formerly Food Chemical News) for alerting me to USDA?s latest proposals for GMO labeling—BE (bio ...
20-08-2018 21:49

How close are we to a female Viagra"

Editor Anna Magee asks if women will ever have the equivalent of that little blue pill The post How close are we to a female Viagra" appeared first ...
20-08-2018 21:44

Got an upset stomach" Liquorice root could help

It tastes nice (to some, anyway) and it could help soothe your stomach discomfort - result. The post Got an upset stomach" Liquorice root could help ...
20-08-2018 21:44

Smoky Instant Pot Lentils and Rice (in a Pressure Cooker)

Looking for healthy Instant Pot vegetarian recipes" This lentils and rice recipe for the pressure cooker is easy, delicious and versatile! Meet o ...
20-08-2018 21:48

Tested: vegan afternoon tea at London’s first plant-ba

London\'s first vegan patisserie opened this summer at Cafe Forty One. To celebrate Afternoon Tea Week, Healthista\'s Marie Pan (a pastry-mad vegan) t ...
17-08-2018 21:44

5 vegan baking tips for beginners

For our vegan baking special this weekend, we asked author of new book Virtually Vegan Heather Whinney for tips on how on earth to replace cream, butt ...
17-08-2018 21:44

Weekend reading: Food Trucks!

Julian Agyeman, Caitlin Matthews, and Hannah Sobel, eds.  Food Trucks, Cultural Identity, and Social Justice.  MIT Press, 2017. I love books about sin ...
17-08-2018 21:48

Got belly fat" This chicory-based nutrient is proven to

If you’re looking to get rid of belly fat, inulin could help. Healthista?s Nutritional Director Rick Hay explains its benefits, in our Trendy Nutrie ...
17-08-2018 21:44

Sugar-free AND vegan protein muffins – 15 minute recip

Our vegan baking special for the weekend continues with this protein-packed muffins recipe that\'s also sugar-free and vegan The post Sugar-free AND ...
17-08-2018 21:44

The Truth About Alcohol and Breastfeeding

There?s a lot of confusing and conflicting information around mothers drinking alcohol and breastfeeding. Advice ranges from ?Don?t drink at all; no a ...
17-08-2018 21:49

5 vegan cake recipes with the wow factor

Ridiculously indulgent yet utterly dairy- and egg-free, Food Stylist Heather Whinny brings you old favourites made vegan from brownies, to fruit tart, ...
17-08-2018 21:44

21 healthy snacks under 100 calories

Healthy, tasty snacks that are also under 100 calories - is that even possible" Yes, and the Healthista team have become experts in tracking them down ...
16-08-2018 21:42

What Is Collagen Powder (& How to Use It)

I’ve been a big fan of gelatin since our family went on the GAPS diet and it helped my son be able to tolerate dairy again. I’ve also seen huge be ...
16-08-2018 21:26

Protected: How close are we to a female Viagra"

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. The post Protected: How close are we to a female Viagra" appeared first on Healthista. ...
16-08-2018 21:42

Can green coffee bean help you lose weight"

It will give you a lift, but without the crash of regular coffee The post Can green coffee bean help you lose weight" appeared first on Healthista. ...
16-08-2018 21:42

Summer Tomato Jam (Paleo, Gluten-Free)

Summer Tomato Jam is here just in time to use up the bumper crop of tomatoes that might be taking over your garden. When tomatoes are in season and bu ...
16-08-2018 21:26

How to Build a Referral Network to Support Your Pre- and Pos

Health professionals who care deeply about their clients or patients look for professionals in other areas of practice who they can trust and to whom ...
15-08-2018 21:50

8 Secrets: How to Take Better Pictures on Vacation

Want to learn how to capture special memories with your travel photos" Here are our photography tips and tricks for how to take better pictures o ...
15-08-2018 21:50

This woman has had binge eating disorder since she was 9 

When she was only nine, Kara Richardson Whitely developed binge eating disorder (BED) weighing 360 pounds at her heaviest.  Decades later, these are t ...
15-08-2018 21:46

Eating 14.5 pints of ice cream in 6 minutes is not enough to

It?s summer, it?s hot, and I enjoy ice cream, so I was riveted to learn the sad fate of Joey Chestnut who lost the Indiana State Fair?s World Ice Crea ...
15-08-2018 21:50

Got anxiety" This amino acid could help

If you have anxiety or low mood, the amino acid glutamine could help. It\'s also great for muscle aches and pains after exercise - no wonder it\'s one ...
15-08-2018 21:46

What You Need To Know (But Probably Don’t) About Birth

A topic that seems to be on everyone’s mind lately is birth control and women’s hormone health.  A leading expert in post-birth control syndrome & ...
14-08-2018 21:28

5 ways to future-proof your brain health

There are some 850,000 currently living with dementia and that figure is set to rise dramatically for our generation. But there are things you can do ...
14-08-2018 21:45

Tomato & Grilled Eggplant Stacked Sandwich

This Mediterranean tomato and grilled eggplant stacked sandwich is a fresh, delicious vegetarian sandwich that’s quick and easy to make! This po ...
14-08-2018 21:49

Your C-Section Scar: A User’s Guide

Birth is this amazing, complex journey that might have brought along a few souvenirs after nine months. When I talk my kids about their births, we bri ...
14-08-2018 21:49

{#TransparentTuesday} Conflict Between Conscious and Unconsc

A person?s appearance has nothing to do with their worth. It is not a woman?s responsibility to be attractive or desirable to others. There is nothin ...
14-08-2018 21:49

This weight loss fibre from yam keeps you full without calor

Healthista?s Nutritional Director Rick Hay explains the benefits of glucomannan, a trendy fibre made from yams that helps keep you full The post This ...
14-08-2018 21:45

What?s really going on in other women?s sex lives" The

Almost half of you are not happy with your sex lives and over a third have cheated on a partner - read our eye-watering report The post What?s reall ...
13-08-2018 21:46

Jury rules Roundup carcinogenic, Monsanto malicious: awards

The Guardian?s account of the verdict: Monsanto ordered to pay $289m as jury rules weedkiller caused man’s cancer Dewayne Johnson, a 46-year-old ...
13-08-2018 21:51

How ginger can help ease pain

Morning sickness, nausea and aches and pain - this humble spice can help The post How ginger can help ease pain appeared first on Healthista. ...
13-08-2018 21:46

Kalamata Olive Spread

Want to up your sandwich game" This Kalamata olive spread (also called tapenade), is used in Italian cuisine to add big flavor to crostini and sa ...
13-08-2018 21:51

Coaching & Training Women Academy Spotlight: Jasmine Ca

Name: Jasmine Cabrera Age: 28 Location: Charlottesville, VA What was your first thought when you learned about the Coaching & Training Women Academy a ...
12-08-2018 21:49

Creamy Spinach Penne with Watermelon

Hi friends, hope you’ve had a great summer. We took a little break from the blog as we have been in Copenhagen and Barcelona. But we are back now w ...
11-08-2018 21:51

Should you drink coconut water after exercise"

If you\'re working out hard or sweating a lot, it could help The post Should you drink coconut water after exercise" appeared first on Healthista. ...
10-08-2018 21:43

Reasons to Quit Chewing Gum (+ Better Options)

The minty sweet flavor of chewing gum is a low calorie way to replace desserts, combat cravings, or deal with stress. These days “healthy” chewing ...
10-08-2018 21:27

Weekend reading: Cocoa

Kristy Leissle.  Cocoa.  Polity, 2018. This book is flat-out about the politics of worldwide cocoa production: who holds power in the marketplace, set ...
10-08-2018 21:47

8 sciatica treatments that don’t involve drugs

Step away from the painkillers - osteopath Oliver Eaton has natural solutions The post 8 sciatica treatments that don’t involve drugs appeared firs ...
10-08-2018 21:43

Global Meat News on the meat market in China

This is a collection of articles on the Chinese market for meat from the daily industry newsletter, Global Meat News. Special Edition: Focus on China ...
09-08-2018 21:50

Three Signs That You Would Benefit From Meditation

There aren?t many of us who wouldn?t benefit from meditation. In our hectic modern world, simply dedicating 20 minutes a day to peace, quiet and refl ...
09-08-2018 21:27

How cinnamon helps sweet cravings

The humble spice can work wonders if you can\'t resist sweets The post How cinnamon helps sweet cravings appeared first on Healthista. ...
09-08-2018 21:45

Travel Capsule Wardrobe: What to Pack for a Trip to Europe

Wondering what to pack for vacation" Here’s how to plan a travel capsule wardrobe, with packing tips for Europe and other summer vacation d ...
09-08-2018 21:49

Sailors Broccoli and Stilton Soup with Honeyed Carrot Chips

If you\'ve been following me on the gram, you\'ll know that I\'ve just been working back home in the beautiful UK, one of my favourite places in the w ...
09-08-2018 21:50

Common Concerns Affecting Exercise in the Third Trimester

Things happen quickly in the third trimester, and if you?re working with a client through her pregnancy, you may sense her growing excitement ? and a ...
09-08-2018 21:50

How to lose body fat – the 9-step nutritionist’s

Turn your body into a lean fat-burning machine with nutritionist May Simpkin\'s essential lifestyle hacks The post How to lose body fat – the 9-ste ...
09-08-2018 21:45

How to Fix Leptin Resistance to Control Weight, Cravings �

Do you struggle with weight and have trouble sticking to a diet" Crave (junk) foods, especially at night" Eat and never feel full" A little something ...
09-08-2018 21:27

Can carnitine help you lose weight"

This well-kept secret of gym junkies is getting trendy - here\'s why The post Can carnitine help you lose weight" appeared first on Healthista. ...
08-08-2018 21:45

CDC?s latest stats on foodborne illness

The CDC has issued its counts for the extent and cause of illnesses and deaths caused by eating contaminated food for the years 2009-2015. For starter ...
08-08-2018 21:49

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More Than My Body (before & after)

More Than My Body (before & after)

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Weekend reading: What Big Ag is thinking about planting decisions and economic prospects

Weekend reading: What Big Ag is thinking abou...

Every now and then I run into an excellent source of information about things I know nothing about.  I’ve just discovered Purdue University’s Ag Economy Baromoter, which tracks the opinions of producers of corn and soybeans. Big Ag feels... -
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Why Beets Are One of the Healthiest Foods in the World

Why Beets Are One of the Healthiest Foods in ...

Beetroot powder is one of my favorite ways to add beautiful color to homemade beauty products. But beets are amazing for reasons beyond their gorgeous color. Beetroots and beet greens are amazing powerhouses of nutrition and can help the body in... -
5 steps to a long life (and 2 routes to a shorter one)

5 steps to a long life (and 2 routes to a sho...

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Rhubarb Crumble Sheet Cake + Swedish Fika Con...

Today we are teaching you about the Swedish coffee + cake ritual known as Fika, share the recipe for a delicious Rhubarb Crumble Cake and have a fun competition where you can win a trip to Stockholm and a fika with us! -
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Mushroom Pizza with Fresh Herbs

Mushroom Pizza with Fresh Herbs

This mushroom pizza is a white pizza, so no red sauce here! It’s covered with mozzarella cheese, goat cheese, and fresh herbs. Perfection! Please tell us you are a mushroom lover" When Alex and I went to Big Sur, California last year, we... -
Enjoy the weekend: Beverage Daily?s Beer Supplement

Enjoy the weekend: Beverage Daily?s Beer Supp...

Beer is a hot topic these days, so hot that the industry newsletter Beverage Daily collects its articles on the topic into MONTHLY BEER SPECIALS.  I’ve picked these from the June and July Specials.  The big issues: craft, low or no alcohol,... -
Best Salsa Recipe

Best Salsa Recipe

There are lots of ways to make a homemade salsa recipe, but this one’s our favorite, featuring fresh ripe tomatoes, cilantro, and lots of lime. What is the best salsa recipe" That’s a loaded question, of course! There are a myriad... -

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