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What do I DO"

So? this is a weird fucking time, am I right" Personally I feel like we?ve all been stuck inside for about two years already, and it looks like April ...
31-03-2020 21:56

Coconut Shrimp Curry

This easy shrimp curry tastes better than a restaurant in under 30 minutes! It’s a Thai red curry flavored with coconut milk and curry paste. Th ...
31-03-2020 21:56

3 ways CBD can improve your sex life

CBD may be a well known aid for stress and anxiety, but it\'s also great for what goes down in the bedroom... The post 3 ways CBD can improve your se ...
31-03-2020 21:52

What does $2 Trillion do for US Food Systems" (Not much

President Trump?s $2 Trillion relief package is the ?Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act of 2020.?? This 880-page (!) bill addr ...
31-03-2020 21:56

Green Eggs No Ham Frittata

Ever looked in the fridge and wondered, what can I make for dinner tonight" It?s a question that comes up... ...
31-03-2020 21:56

Self-Compassion In Uncertain Times w/ Steph Gaudreau

We are in a rapidly changing world right now, and I have noticed a lot of self-judgment being perpetuated as we all rush to adapt to this ?new normal? ...
31-03-2020 21:34

Beetroot Quinoa Risotto

How To: 1. Ideally soak the quinoa overnight or for 8 hours in double the volume of filtered water with a pinch of salt. Drain and rinse thoroughly be ...
31-03-2020 21:56

Asparagus Risotto

This flavor-packed asparagus risotto pairs creamy arborio rice with Parmesan and lemony roasted asparagus. A true crowd pleaser! Creamy, savory, crunc ...
30-03-2020 21:58

Coronavirus and food: weekly update

RIP Floyd Cardoz, a chef whose food I loved, is one of the early casualties.  I last talked to him at an event not six weeks ago.  He was having a har ...
30-03-2020 21:58

My Lockdown Gut Immunity Smoothie Video

I?d love to introduce you to the smoothie I?ve been having on the regular for the last few weeks. It... ...
28-03-2020 21:55

Home Workouts to Get You Through Isolation

Home workouts. They may not have been on your mind until very recently when your gym was closed or your favorite workout class got cancelled without m ...
28-03-2020 21:32

Virgin Margarita

This virgin margarita tastes just as good as the real thing! This mocktail is tangy and lightly sweet, with a secret ingredient that takes it over the ...
28-03-2020 21:54

Melissa’s Cupboard Cooking Recipes

Cooking from my cupboards is absolutely one of my favourite ways to soothe my worries. And now more than ever is it time to dig around in our cupb ...
28-03-2020 21:55

Every crisis has heroes: here?s ours

Thanks to Dr. Leon Axel for his cartoons, especially this one. ...
28-03-2020 21:55

Cauli “Fish” & Chips Cookalong

Cook along with us! Tomorrow we are making our version of Fish and Chips. And you should too! We make our "fish" bites with grated cauliflower, zucchi ...
28-03-2020 21:54

Can’t lose belly fat" This trainer says your horm

Stubborn fat around the middle" Terry Fairclough explains how hormones, especially those associated with stress could be to blame The post Can’t l ...
28-03-2020 21:50

Simple Batch Cooking Meal Plan

As a busy mom, I sometimes feel like I spend hours in the kitchen each day and that I finish cleaning up from one meal just in time to prepare the nex ...
26-03-2020 21:32

Avocado Tuna Salad

This fresh and healthy avocado tuna salad swaps the classic mayo for nutrient-rich avocado! It will become your new go-to after first bite. Here’ ...
26-03-2020 21:55

Coronavirus and pets

They still have to be fed.  Dogs still have to be walked. As I reported earlier, a dog in Hong Kong was found with a case of Coronavirus.   It looks l ...
26-03-2020 21:55

Self-isolation – 7 steps to make your home a feel good

Now that we\'re all spending the foreseeable future at home, feng shui pioneer Jane Alexander has tips on how to make your home a haven and refuge Th ...
26-03-2020 21:50

Is it safe to eat produce from farmers markets"  Yes an

Not many restaurants will be able to survive Coronavirus, and this is a personal, social, and national tragedy. I?m worried about farmers? markets too ...
25-03-2020 22:00

Easy No Knead Bread

This homemade no knead bread will wow everyone! It’s so easy to make and has the best flavor, crispy crust, and chewy interior. Great for beginn ...
25-03-2020 22:00

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 30

It\'s finally here - the last day of Svava Sigbertsdottir?s 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge - give it all you\'ve got people (and maybe star ...
24-03-2020 21:48

Kale Quinoa Salad

This colorful kale quinoa salad is full of healthy ingredients and tastes incredible! Meal prep this easy plant-based lunch idea for meals all week. L ...
24-03-2020 21:52

Break Free From Anxiety w/ Dr. Sara DeFrancesco

Anxiety is something that many people, especially those of us who are highly sensitive people, deal with often. Usually the same combination of relaxa ...
24-03-2020 21:31

Coronavirus and food: this week?s update

From the New York Times Does food transmit Coronavirus"   Basically no (with some cautions).  See yesterday’s post for details. Keeping up ...
24-03-2020 21:53

A private love story.

The moment he took the camera away from his face, and I saw his eyes, I gasped. He was so pretty, like a girl. But also not like a girl at all. In fa ...
24-03-2020 21:53

These 30 minute fat-burning home workouts will get you activ

These three 30 minute workouts require no equipment and are keeping out team active at home - you will seriously love them The post These 30 minute f ...
24-03-2020 21:48

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 29

You\'ve made it to day 29 of our 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge. Let\'s give it everything we got before the last day tomorrow  The post 3 ...
23-03-2020 21:49

Self Isolation Can Be Cannelloni, Try my Delicious Pantry Pa

As the coronavirus (Covid-19) is impacting people all across the world, many people are turning to their pantries and discovering... ...
23-03-2020 21:55

Easy Soba Noodle Bowl

This soba noodle bowl is a quick and easy dinner recipe, perfect for weeknights! It’s a filling vegetarian meal full of healthy veggies. No one& ...
23-03-2020 21:55

Is it safe to eat fresh produce" Yes (with caveats)

I?ve been getting many requests from friends to weigh in on what?s safe to eat. Is it safe to eat fresh produce from supermarkets" Is it safe to ...
23-03-2020 21:55

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 28

Sunday has finally arrived and so has day 28 of our 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge. Get ready to end the week on the right (and sweaty) not ...
22-03-2020 21:48

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 27

It\'s the weekend and you\'re stuck in quarantine (again). But that doesn\'t mean your fitness should be stuck too. Let\'s beat that virus and continu ...
21-03-2020 21:50

Your At-Home Workout Guide

Whether you prefer to work out at home, or it’s the only option you have, this at-home workout guide has you covered. Below are resources you can tu ...
20-03-2020 21:53

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 26

Day 26 of Svava Sigbertsdottir\'s 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge is here to end this stressful week The post 30 day fat-burning home worko ...
20-03-2020 21:48

Weekend reading: USDA?s food and agriculture charts

In this strange era of social distancing, I am catching up on items of interest, this one on USDA’s Selected Charts from Ag and Food Statistics, ...
20-03-2020 21:53

Retreatment Botanics By Olivia Newton-John

Retreatment Botanics by Olivia Newton-John is my skincare find of the year! I exhibited my Superchargedfood products at The Green Edit recently,... ...
20-03-2020 21:53

Naan Pizza

Here’s a genius move for fast and easy dinner recipes: naan pizza! It’s faster than delivery, healthier, and tastes better. All you need i ...
19-03-2020 21:53

How to have a healthy ‘work from home’ life duri

This week I?m going to give you some healthy home-work to do!. As businesses are changing their working arrangements across... ...
19-03-2020 21:53

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 25

Welcome back to day 25 - with many gyms closing down because of \'that\' virus our home workouts could not have come at a better time The post 30 da ...
19-03-2020 21:49

What?s up with plant-based"

Here’s what I’ve collected lately on the hot topic of plant-based foods and drinks. Cargill is now doing plant-based: Cargill Inc will lau ...
19-03-2020 21:53

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 24

Day 24 of our full body fat burning at home-workout challenge is here with celebrity PT Svava Sigbertsdottir aka The Viking Method. Are you ready to s ...
18-03-2020 21:49

Help save school nutrition standards. Deadline extended to

Here’s something useful to do while waiting out the Coronavirus crisis: help preserve school nutrition standards.Dea The Center for Science in t ...
18-03-2020 21:54

5 best meal replacement shakes

Looking at all those empty shelves and thinking of alternative ways to feed yourself" Or worried about burning zero calories in your new self-isolatio ...
18-03-2020 21:49

How to Reverse MS Symptoms With the Wahls Protocol

Are you or a loved one looking for a way to reverse MS or autoimmune disease symptoms" Dr. Terry Wahls is a widely celebrated physician and researcher ...
18-03-2020 21:29

White Beans on Toast

Serving beans on toast makes them a meal! This simple, sophisticated recipe pairs white beans with garlic, broccoli rabe, and Parmesan cheese. Beans o ...
18-03-2020 21:54

Artisan Bread

Here’s a recipe for how to make authentic artisan bread! This loaf has just the right crispy crust, soft interior, and robust flavor. Welcome to ...
18-03-2020 21:54

How to stay active during self isolation – 19 home wor

Whether you are self isolating or your gym has decided to close its doors, we have home workout videos and exclusive 30 day challenges to keep you fit ...
17-03-2020 21:51

Desperate for good news" Two cheery items

We need some good news.   I can offer two items. 1.  Coca-Cola says it will align executive pay to employee pay Coca-Cola has agreed to “conside ...
17-03-2020 21:55

The Anti-Diet Approach To Eating w/ Evelyn Tribole

Evelyn Tribole is a legend in the intuitive eating world, having co-authored and co-created Intuitive Eating with Elyse Resch in 1995. The book is now ...
17-03-2020 21:31

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 23

With your water bottles at the ready, let\'s begin Day 23 of Svava Sigbertsdottir?s 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge. The post 30 day fat-bu ...
17-03-2020 21:51

Corona Virus & Body Image

After having a few conversations with clients, I asked people on Instagram if the new ?social isolation? mandate was triggering their body image issu ...
17-03-2020 21:55

Grain-Free Chicken Francese With Lemon Sauce

Since my husband is Italian, we enjoy our share of Italian food (healthy alfredo, yum!). Chicken Francese is another Italian dish I’ve come to love ...
17-03-2020 21:31

9 fat loss hacks this Instagram star says will transform you

If you\'re looking for fat loss that works - and a programme you can do at home - we have found it. Lilly Sabri has key hacks that work and a complete ...
16-03-2020 21:51

Free 8-Week Suspension Trainer Program

Yes, this 8-week suspension trainer program is free. No, you don’t even have to give me your email address to access it. What Is The 8-Week Program" ...
16-03-2020 21:55

Jasmine?s Sustainable Clothing Line With Needle & Threa

I quickly realised when I started to really look into food as medicine over 20 years ago that food, and how and when you eat it, is not the be all ...
16-03-2020 21:55

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 22

Start the week the right way with day 22 of our fat burning home workout challenge The post 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 22 appear ...
16-03-2020 21:51

Industry funded study of the week: the benefits of infant fo

The study:  Influence of a Functional Nutrients-Enriched Infant Formula on Language Development in Healthy Children at Four Years Old.  Ana Nieto-Ruiz ...
16-03-2020 21:55

Intuitive Eating: Why Hunger Isn?t Your Only Cue

Today I want to talk about Intuitive Eating, and one of the biggest myths I see people fall into when they try to incorporate this new way of nourishi ...
15-03-2020 21:28

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 21

Don\'t let the fact that it\'s Sunday stop you - it\'s time for day 21 of our home workout challenge The post 30 day fat-burning home workout challe ...
15-03-2020 21:51

Coronavirus 14-day Healthy Guide to Stockpiling your Pantry,

As more people are staying at home in light of the novel coronavirus it?s probably a good time to get... ...
15-03-2020 21:56

How to get rid of worms naturally + Garlic and Herb Crackers

Do worms make you squirm" Are tapeworms a sticky subject" Pinterest-ed in Pin Worms" If you?ve been going down the... ...
14-03-2020 21:54

My Common-Sense Guide to Viruses and Pandemics (for Moms)

I recently spent a long day interviewing medical experts about the current global pandemic and what it could mean for us all individually and societal ...
14-03-2020 21:29

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 20

The week is almost over but our fat burning home workout challenge continues. Ready for day 20" The post 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- D ...
14-03-2020 21:49

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 19

Friday is here and so is day 19 of our fat-burning home workout challenge with Svava Sigbertsdottir aka The Viking Method The post 30 day fat-burning ...
13-03-2020 21:54

Very early announcement: Let?s Ask Marion

I was surprised to see the announcement of my new book in a tweet from University of California Press, because its publication date isn’t until ...
13-03-2020 21:58

5 easy vegan dinner recipes ready in 30 minutes or less

Bettina Campolucci Bordi\'s new book 7 Day Vegan Challenge combines budget friendly ingredients with big flavours an simple prep The post 5 easy vega ...
13-03-2020 21:54

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 18

Today\'s workout is harrrrrrrrd - with squat jumps with pulses, kneels into squats then lunges and more burning power moves The post 30 day fat-burni ...
12-03-2020 21:50

Cilantro Lime Shrimp

This cilantro lime shrimp is a healthy, easy dinner recipe that takes just 10 minutes! Serve with rice, in tacos, or as a Mexican-style salad topping. ...
12-03-2020 21:53

50 supplements these health experts take themselves

We asked Healthista\'s team of experts - including a GP, gynaecologist, nutritionist, physiotherapist and beauty experts - the supplements they can\'t ...
12-03-2020 21:50

What?s up with pets and pet food"

It?s bad enough to have to worry about avoiding getting sick from Coronavirus, but now we have to worry about making our pets sick too. Hong Kong repo ...
12-03-2020 21:53

The Ultimate Guide to Coaching & Training Postpartum Cl

The post The Ultimate Guide to Coaching & Training Postpartum Clients appeared first on Girls Gone Strong. ...
12-03-2020 21:53

Coronavirus and food: the latest

Food connects to everything, even to Covid-19.  Here’s how. The New York Times says “Open Windows. Don?t Share Food.”  It reports th ...
11-03-2020 21:54

Why is my hair falling out" 5 causes of hair loss and e

From stress to hormones, Olivia Hartland-Robbins finds out exactly why hair loss happens and what really helps The post Why is my hair falling out" ...
11-03-2020 21:49

Garlic Naan Bread

This fast and easy homemade garlic naan is brushed with garlic butter and perfectly chewy! It’s such a treat, you’ll never go back to stor ...
11-03-2020 21:54

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 17

It?s the middle of the week and who doesn\'t need a pick me up" Our 30-day fat burning home workout continues with day 17 and all you need are water b ...
11-03-2020 21:49

The eczema diet – 5 foods that can help your flaky ski

From probiotics to turmeric, certain foods can help lower the inflammatory response that triggers dry, itchy, and flaky skin  The post The eczema die ...
10-03-2020 21:49

The heartbreaking decline in American agriculture and especi

Farm bankruptcies rose again in 2019 painting a bleak picture on maps of the U.S. Dairy farms showed the largest decline in 15 years. As for dairy con ...
10-03-2020 21:54

Self Worth vs Body Size w/ Maida Ference

Often we are so disconnected from our bodies that we wait for someone else to tell us what we should be doing rather than discerning what is right for ...
10-03-2020 21:30

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 16

Now half way through Svava Sigbertsdottir?s aka The Viking Method 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge, Day 16 has come with no equipment needed. ...
10-03-2020 21:49

Melissa’s Green Living Tips for your Home

Hello, Melissa here! Back in the autumn, I hosted my Sustainability Sessions event series and one in particular all about how we can make better, gree ...
09-03-2020 21:56

Why I?m anti-weight-loss

People often express concern to me about the way intuitive eating, body positivity, and the fat acceptance movements ?encourage people to stop trying ...
09-03-2020 21:56

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 15

Let\'s start the week the right way with Day 15 of Svava Sigbertsdottir\'s 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge. Are you ready" The post 30 day ...
09-03-2020 21:50

Industry-funded study of the week: fruit extracts and cognit

I learned about this one from, one of those industry newsletters I avidly follow: “Grapes plus blueberries may boost ...
09-03-2020 21:56

30 fat burning home workout challenge – Day 14

Banish the lazy Sunday vibes with Day 14 of Svava Sigbertsdottir?s 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge. Let\'s get it done The post 30 fat burn ...
08-03-2020 21:48

30 Day Fat Burning Home Workout Challenge – Day 13

The weekend is finally here people, so why not start it the right way with day 13 of our 30 day fat burning home workout challenge with Svava Sigberts ...
07-03-2020 21:57
07-03-2020 22:04

How to Improve Eyesight Naturally

Do you wish you had 20/20 vision" I have yet to meet anyone who wears prescription glasses or contacts and doesn’t wish they didn’t need them! Tur ...
07-03-2020 21:30

9 natural insomnia remedies to help you sleep better tonight

Whether you\'re worried about that virus or general life pressures are mounting, there seems to be a lot of insomnia about right now - these natural f ...
06-03-2020 21:50

Weekend reading: More on food banks

Rebecca de Souza.  Feeding the Other: Whiteness, Privilege, and Neoliberal Stigma in Food Pantries.  MIT Press, 2019. This must be the season for book ...
06-03-2020 21:56

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 12

Today it\'s all about the lunges, squats and arm work... The post 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 12 appeared first on Healthista. ...
06-03-2020 21:50

Roasted Aubergine & Millet Salad with Hot Chickpeas and

What is a salad if not all your favorite things piled on top of each other. This salad has the most delicious roasted aubergine on top, paired with ho ...
06-03-2020 21:55

Roasted Broccoli (Best Ever!)

Oven roasted broccoli makes this green veggie taste SO GOOD you can’t stop sneaking bites! It’s charred until tender, then spritzed with l ...
05-03-2020 22:03

30 fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 11

You have reached day 11 of our 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge - well done you. Get those water bottles back out, it\'s time to sweat  The ...
05-03-2020 21:56

What?s up with cell-based meats"

Artificial meats constructed from animal muscle cells are in the works but not yet on the market.  Much less is being written about them than about pl ...
05-03-2020 22:03

How to be charismatic – 7 steps to becoming your most

Charisma - you either have or don?t, right" Well, class is in session as Kevin Murray, author of Charismatic Leadership, breaks down how you can becom ...
05-03-2020 21:56

Coca-Cola wants the 2020 dietary guidelines to say more abou

I am indebted to Margarita Raycheva, who writes for the highly informative newsletter, IEG Policy Agribusiness, for her recent article, which certainl ...
04-03-2020 21:58

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 10

Day 10 of the fat-burning 30 day home workout challenge involves no equipment. All you need is yourself and your slay mode. Time to sweat it out The ...
04-03-2020 21:52

How to feed a thriving microbiome plus banana flour pancakes

Are you feeling the resistance against starch" With the rise of the Ketogenic diet comes the decline of fibres essential... ...
04-03-2020 21:58

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Greek Fries

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Ten Healthy Snacks + Omega Cheese Crackers wi...

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USDA data on dairy products

The USDA destroyed the ability of its Economic Research Service (ERS) to do investigations that might prove inconvenient for this administration (see my most recent post on this topic), but this agency is still producing reports on specific... -

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