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Easy Pizza Soup

Take one bite of this pizza soup, and it tastes like your favorite pie in bowl form! Serve with crusty bread for an outrageously delicious meal. With ...
30-11-2020 21:48

Industry-funded nutrition-and-Covid advice: take our supplem

I’m always interested in how food, beverage, and supplement companies are taking advantage of fears of Covid-19 to sell their products. The supp ...
30-11-2020 21:48

Kimchi Mushroom & Avocado Sandwich?

This epic sandwich with creamy avocado, umami mushrooms and spicy kimchi was the first recipe in our new instagram cookalong series Lunch Therapy. Che ...
30-11-2020 21:48

5 reasons why drinking herbal tea could be the secret to a f

Want a flatter tummy" It\'s time to put the kettle on. Healthista speaks to Pukka\'s head of nutrition Joanna Webber on how drinking herbal tea can he ...
30-11-2020 21:52

How Yoga Reshaped the Game of Tennis

When you see the likes of Rafael Nadal battering the ball around a tennis court, it might not be immediately clear how yoga and tennis fit together. H ...
28-11-2020 22:04

What I Learned From Wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CG

I’ve learned over and over that health and wellness is increasingly personalized! I largely credit my transformation to addressing trauma… and fig ...
27-11-2020 22:07

Zucchini Noodles Done Four Ways! Thai Prawn and Peanut, Chic

If you?ve never hopped aboard the ?zoodles? (A.K.A zucchini noodles) train but have always secretly wanted to get on board,... ...
27-11-2020 21:45

Weekend reading: Jennifer Clapp?s 3rd edition of Food

Jennifer Clapp.  Food.  3rd edition.  Polity Press, 2020.   I did a blurb for this one, as I did for the previous two editions: In this newly updated ...
27-11-2020 21:45

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving

  A gift cartoon from Cagle. Enjoy the day.  Stay safe.  Stay sane. ...
26-11-2020 21:43

Can’t sleep during pregnancy" Holistic sleep coac

According to holistic sleep coach and paediatric nurse Lyndsey Hookway, pregnancy insomnia is a thing. Find out why pregnancy affects sleep and easy t ...
26-11-2020 21:48

The State of Obesity, 2020: no downturn in prevalence

Trust for America’s Health has just issued its annual report on obesity in America. The full report is here. The results are truly alarming, esp ...
25-11-2020 21:47

Digital marketing to children: two reports

The thing about digital marketing to kids is that parents hardly ever see it.  And it works.  Really well. The first report comes from the Public Heal ...
24-11-2020 21:42

Shame Resilience

Today I want to talk about building shame resilience. If you follow Brene Brown?s work, you already know aaalllll about shame and the importance of b ...
24-11-2020 21:42

Could stress be causing your bloated stomach" 7 things

Bloated stomach" Stress could be the culprit. Nutritional Therapist Hannah Braye reveals how stress affects the gut plus seven tips that can help The ...
24-11-2020 21:47

How Racial Identity Can Impact Your Relationship With Food w

Learning how to put yourself in someone else?s shoes is critical for understanding the political, pathological, and personal ways in which Black Women ...
24-11-2020 22:03
23-11-2020 21:48

Industry-funded study of the week: dairy foods and child gro

Growth and Development of Preschool Children (12?60 Months): A Review of the Effect of Dairy Intake.   David C. Clark, Christopher J. Cifelli, Matthew ...
23-11-2020 21:48

Roasted Pumpkin & Hummus Winter Salad

A colorful winter salad with warm pumpkin, creamy hummus and colorful beetroots to bring some joy to November. Our Big Love list also makes a comeback ...
22-11-2020 21:47

Gluten Free Scones with Homemade Raspberry Jam

A healthy scone" You must be off your scone!  Hailing from the UK, it?s no secret that I love all... ...
20-11-2020 21:47

45 Best Thanksgiving Recipes

Here are all the best Thanksgiving recipes to add to your table! These fresh and healthy spins on the classics are absolutely full of flavor. Thanksgi ...
20-11-2020 21:47

WIN Healthspan Immunity Winter Bundle worth over £60

We?ve teamed up with Healthspan to give one lucky Healthista follower a chance to win an Immunity Winter Bundle worth over £60 The post WIN Healthspa ...
20-11-2020 21:51

Weekend reading: Deborah Madison!

Deborah Madison.  An Onion in My Pocket: A Life with Vegetables.  Alfred A. Knopf/Borzoi, 2020.  Here’s my back-of-the-book jacket blurb: Onion ...
20-11-2020 21:47

Roasted Green Beans

Oven roasted green beans are full of big flavor! A hot oven makes them juicy and tender, and they’re spritzed with zingy fresh lemon. Sure you c ...
19-11-2020 21:49

Retailers should promote health eating: Here?s how.

I was sent a press release announcing a set of research papers on retail strategies to improve healthy eating.  Most people buy food at supermarkets, ...
19-11-2020 21:49

How to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) this winter

Nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr, reveals her expert guide to preventing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) hitting extra hard this winter The post How t ...
19-11-2020 21:53

Body image & PHOTOS

Hey y?all, Welcome to the second installment of #TransparentTuesday video content! Today?s video topic is all about PHOTOS ? specifically, why the he ...
18-11-2020 21:45

Mini Pumpkin Pies

This mini pumpkin pies recipe makes the perfect dessert! Each bite has just the right creamy filling and flaky crust. Oh hello. Here’s a perfect ...
18-11-2020 21:45
18-11-2020 21:45

New report: Big Food vs. Public Health During the Pandemic

Here’s a new must-read report: This is a thorough and carefully done analysis of the ways in which Big Food companies took advantage of the Covi ...
18-11-2020 21:45

Can vitamin D help fight Covid-19" Here’s what yo

Can vitamin D really help fight Covid-19" From how much we need to how we can get more, expert adviser and nutritionist Angela Dowden provides a compl ...
18-11-2020 21:49

Let?s hear it for good food news: the British government wan

Here’s the announcement in The Guardian: “UK to ban all online junk food advertising to tackle obesity:  ?World-leading? proposal delights ...
17-11-2020 21:45

Why It Is Time To Take Diet Culture Out of Nutrition Coachin

Diet culture sucks. The stories that we have been conditioned to believe about our worth, the patriarchy, white supremacy, and so much more all play i ...
17-11-2020 22:07

Can our pets reduce stress" 12 ways your pet is boostin

Dogs, cats, fish, horses - can our pets help reduce stress levels" Dr Margit Gabriele Muller reveals 12 ways your pet is boosting your wellbeing The ...
17-11-2020 21:50

Classic Roasted Potatoes

These oven roasted potatoes recipe comes out crispy and seasoned to perfection! Red potatoes and fresh herbs make a classic pairing. Why mash potatoes ...
17-11-2020 21:45

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

This roasted garlic mashed potatoes recipe is full of so much flavor, no one will be able to stop shoveling in bites of this creamy puree! There are m ...
17-11-2020 21:45

Join Jasmine for a Relaxing Sound Bath Without Leaving Your

Drum roll please for my six all NEW downloadable sound bath meditations launched SLEEP is a 30-minute lullaby to help you drop your day and drift off ...
17-11-2020 21:45

Industry-funded studies of the week: blueberries?again!

Thanks to Lisa Young for sending this announcement: New Research Examines Blueberries’ Positive Impact in Men with Type 2 Diabetes.  I am alread ...
16-11-2020 21:46

10 Ways to Instantly De-Stress in 2020

It?s been a stressful year for many. Being stressed on occasion is a natural emotion, and in small doses, can... ...
16-11-2020 21:46
16-11-2020 21:46

A full three-course plant-based meal with your choice of des

Restrictions are easing, and you?ve decided to ask some friends over for dinner.  Amazing! How about you surprise them with... ...
16-11-2020 21:46

Hypothyroidism 101: How to Boost an Underactive Thyroid Natu

Thyroid problems seem to be everywhere these days! Women especially are more prone to them. Hypothyroidism can happen for many different reasons, but ...
14-11-2020 22:09

Three Simple Tips To Throwing an Eco-Friendly Birthday Party

Everyone loves a good birthday party and celebration. While certain traditions tend to define what usually happens at birthday parties,... ...
13-11-2020 21:45

Ex-BuzzFeed star Kelsey Darragh shares her top tips on manag

Covid-19, lockdowns, quarantine, now more than ever, people are struggling with their mental health. Healthista spoke to Kelsey Darragh who has a few ...
13-11-2020 21:50

Find Peace During Pandemic Uncertainty with Kundalini Yoga a

By Shanti Kaur Khalsa The COVID-19 pandemic has made the world far more uncertain. It?s impacted our work and finances, our relationships, and of c ...
13-11-2020 22:08

Weekend reading (well, browsing): Harold McGee?s Nose Dive

Harold McGee.  Nose Dive: A Field Guide to the World’s Smells.  Penguin Press, 2020. Harold McGee, author of the astonishing On Food and Cooking ...
13-11-2020 21:45

How (& Why!) to Make Your Own Liver Capsules

Liver may be a nutrition-packed powerhouse, but for many this offal is, well… awful tasting. While I do love some liver and onions with bacon (beca ...
13-11-2020 22:08

Eating during times of stress: watch out for marketers!

Life is always full of stresses but on top of the usual sources we now have the pandemic and what went on—and continues—about the election ...
12-11-2020 22:36

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

We dare you to resist these pumpkin cream cheese muffins! They’re moist, cozy spiced and the creamy topping is to die for. Um, WOW, is what I mu ...
12-11-2020 22:36

5 benefits of peanut butter – plus why it can help you

Is peanut butter your go to snack" Well good news, this moreish treat has a few health benefits to its name, including weight loss. Healthista spoke t ...
11-11-2020 21:55

Avocado Club Sandwich

Here’s the most irresistible avocado sandwich: the Avocado Club! It’s filling and full of hearty flavor, the ideal easy lunch idea. No mat ...
11-11-2020 21:51

Healthy Ways to Flatten the Curve from Too Much Covid Eating

Let?s preface this by saying that health is so much more than a number on the scale or fitting into... ...
11-11-2020 21:51

One reason why we need a more rational food policy: farm pay

I am all for making sure that farmers make a decent living but most agricultural subsidies go to Big Ag—the producers of corn and soybeans fed m ...
11-11-2020 21:51

How to allergy-proof your living space

You?ve just walked into your home, and it?s almost perfect; the fridge is full; your countertops are spotless, and there?s... ...
11-11-2020 21:51

What should Biden do about food policy"

I have a few suggestions.  Maybe you can think of others" Appoint committed experts to head federal agencies dealing with food issues (especially ...
10-11-2020 21:49

Incredible Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Here’s your perfect vegan pumpkin pie recipe! This plant based spin is (dare we say it) even more delicious than the original. What makes this p ...
10-11-2020 21:50

Learning To Date With More Confidence w/ Lily Womble

Whether you are in a relationship or not, dating requires a large amount of confidence and the belief in extraordinary love within yourself. Dating mo ...
10-11-2020 22:10

Bye Bye Tr*mp

As I sit here writing this, Biden has just been called as the President elect. Twitter went bananas, people have been dancing in the streets all over ...
10-11-2020 21:49

8 best squat proof leggings – tried and tested

Squat proof leggings are an essential gym kit item every woman needs. That\'s why Healthista have functionality-tested the best leggings to see which ...
09-11-2020 21:52

Industry-funded study of the week: fruit juice

If you are a marketer of fruit juice, you have a problem.  Fruit juice has a lot of sugar and retains little of the fiber of whole fruit.  Dietary rec ...
09-11-2020 21:48

What is Stress and Ten Ways to Help Manage It

Over the past few months, one thing that?s exponentially increased, along with the use of the phrase ?unprecedented times?, is... ...
06-11-2020 21:48

Weekend reading: Potato Politics

Rebecca Earle.  Feeding the People: The Politics of the Potato.  Cambridge University Press, 2020. The historian Rebecca Earle uses the potato as an e ...
06-11-2020 21:48

The latest on cell-based meat

USDA to launch rulemaking process for labeling of cell-cultured meat; ‘success will turn, in large measure, on the nomenclature used,’ say ...
05-11-2020 21:48

Lockdown 2.0 – Healthista’s 30 day home workout

Your Lockdown 2.0 workout routine sorted. For fat burning, calorie torching, full body workouts - look no further than Healthista\'s 30-day home-worko ...
05-11-2020 21:53

Hearty Lentil Stew

This tasty lentil stew is packed with hearty flavor and loaded with plant based protein. Perfect for a simple lunch or dinner! Here’s a cozy rec ...
04-11-2020 21:47

7 easy ways to reduce stress by tonight

For Stress Awareness Day, Healthista spoke to the experts to find out how we can reduce stress quick - here are seven easy ways  The post 7 easy ways ...
04-11-2020 21:51

How to be More Consistent with Workouts

You can listen to this article. Use the player below, download the MP3, or use iTunes. If you want results from your workout program, you mus ...
04-11-2020 21:46

How To Take Care of Your Emotional and Mental Health This El

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year. With the pandemic and the uncertainty of the US election, it is more important than ever to take care of your ...
03-11-2020 22:06

Tasty Toppers to Boost Your Nutritional Needs

Today I want to talk about how to top your favourite dishes (or any dish really) with healthy toppers that... ...
03-11-2020 21:44

WTF is your ?best self?"

Dear reader, Thank you so much for your feedback about Stefanie Bonastia?s guest post last month on how food binging is the voice of your inner advoc ...
03-11-2020 21:44

Melissa’s 10 Recipes to use up your leftover Pumpkin

Hello, Melissa here! Every year after Halloween around 12.8 million pumpkins go to waste so let?s embrace the delicious veg & find ways to keep enjoy ...
03-11-2020 21:44
03-11-2020 21:44

Industry-funded study of the week: Alcohol

Even after writing Unsavory Truth: How the Food Industry Skews the Science of What We Eat I could hardly believe this particular example. The Study: E ...
02-11-2020 21:47
02-11-2020 21:47

5-Minute Bean Dip

This intensely delicious bean dip recipe takes literally 5 minutes. You won’t believe how easy it is to make this party favorite! This recipe ha ...
02-11-2020 21:47

Stressed out" These stress-reducing foods could help

For Stress Awareness Week, Health Coach and Mindfulness Teacher Louise Murray reveals 12 stress-reducing foods The post Stressed out" These stress-re ...
02-11-2020 21:51

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6 Reasons Sleeping Without Clothes Is Good Fo...

Society requires us to cover up, some cultures more than others. We are so used to wearing clothes throughout the day that it almost feels odd when we shed our layers once we get home. One sleep survey found that a mere 8 percent of Americans snooze... -
4 Exercises To Ease Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

4 Exercises To Ease Low Back Pain During Preg...

At some point in a 40-week pregnancy, most women are likely to experience some level of low back discomfort. Not all women will experience low back pain per se, but they?ll experience over the course of the pregnancy. That fatigue can lead to a... -
6 reasons you should care about your poop health.

6 reasons you should care about your poop hea...

From smiling poo emojis, to poop cafes, to turd charts that go viral, excrement is having a moment. But for many, the question remains: Should you actually care about poop health" Our answer: Yes! Bowel movements can either signal that you?re... -
Naked fitness – are they serious" Exactly where and how to do the new nude-ercise… (and no, we didn’t try it)

Naked fitness – are they serious" ...

Helen Smith, naturist and personal trainer has started a naked fitness class in Southampton. But it\'s not just in Helen\'s class that you can look to for some nude-rcise Read more The post Naked fitness – are they serious" Exactly where... -
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10 Spiritual Symbols (and their meanings) You...

You will recognize most, if not all of these symbols. But do you know what their true spiritual meaning represents" Symbols are one of the amazing things that can leave a strong psychological impression in our minds just from their appearance.... -
More on the 2020 Dietary Guidelines

More on the 2020 Dietary Guidelines

I only have a few more comments about the Dietary Guidelines beyond what I posted last week. One is my surprise that the USDA did not do a new food guide.  The existing one, after all, dates from the Obama administration.  It has not changed.... -

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