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Is Lifting Safe for Children"

My mother never taught me how to be physically strong. Sure, she showed me what it meant to be mentally strong, emotionally strong, and transcend stre...
13-12-2018 21:55

Why Believing Sexual Violence Survivors Is Evidence-Based (a

Note: for the sake of this article, the terms ?victim? and ?survivor? will be used interchangeably, as individuals who experience sexual violence ofte...
11-12-2018 21:59

GGS Spotlight: Maria Lara

Name: Maria Lara Age: 42 Location: San Antonio, TX What does it mean to you to be part of the GGS Community" Girls Gone Strong is an amazing and dive...
09-12-2018 21:54

Intuitive Eating: Myths and Realities

Due to intuitive eating?s rise in popularity over the last few years, there?s a good chance you?ve heard of it before. Perhaps you?ve seen a personal ...
06-12-2018 21:52

Understanding Depression to Better Support Your Clients

As a private coach, fitness trainer and writer, I realize that depression can be masked. The first time I knew, and I mean knew in my bones that somet...
04-12-2018 21:53

So You Want to Do a Triathlon"

I remember when I started lifting consistently and exceeding my expectations of what I could do. I started searching for other types of physical chall...
29-11-2018 21:54

Why You Have “Tight” Hips and What to Do About I

You might have experienced hip stiffness and discomfort after a challenging workout, long car ride, or sitting at your desk for several hours. Given t...
27-11-2018 22:03

GGS Spotlight: Lysanne Richard

Name: Lysanne Richard Age: 37 Location: Montreal, Canada What does it mean to you to be part of the GGS Community"  I?m happy to see that women?s ima...
25-11-2018 21:56

How to Talk to a Loved One About Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is common. In the United States, for example, the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reported that more than 86 perc...
22-11-2018 21:52

What Is Kettlebell Sport"

Did you know you can compete in Kettlebell Sport aka Girevoy Sport (GS)" Whether you want to lift for fun or to become a top kettlebell athlete, there...
20-11-2018 21:57

What Exactly Is Self-Care"

Self-care has become a popular buzzword over the last couple of years. If you look up the #selfcare hashtag on social media you?ll find almost 10 mill...
15-11-2018 21:58

Beyond the Intake Form: Why Coaches Must Do the Work to Know

If you?ve been following and writing for Girls Gone Strong these past few years, you?ve noticed an exciting shift in the GGS community?s conversations...
13-11-2018 21:58

Coaching & Training Women Academy Spotlight: Diana Edge

Name: Diana Edgell Age: 33 Location: Springfield, VA What was your first thought when you learned about the Coaching & Training Women Academy and the ...
11-11-2018 22:01

How to Have Difficult Conversations With Your Clients

Firing a client. Ending a romantic relationship. Addressing staff behavior problems. Challenging the racist relative at family dinner. Talking about ...
08-11-2018 21:57

How to Help a Client Who Isn’t Compliant

It was 2009. My husband and I were running our fitness boot camps and had just had our first child. I knew I didn?t want to travel anymore to speak wi...
06-11-2018 21:57

Coaching & Training Women Academy Spotlight: Lori Brodi

Name: Lori Brodie Age: 46 Location: Amelia Island, Florida What was your first thought when you learned about the Coaching & Training Women Academy an...
04-11-2018 21:53

259 Things Women Do Daily to Avoid Being Assaulted

With sexual harassment and assault all over the headlines in Hollywood, sports, politics, and fitness, I?ve been thinking a lot about this topic and h...
01-11-2018 22:00

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make When Training Female Cli

Effectively coaching and training women is about more than understanding the anatomical and physiological differences between men and women. It?s also...
30-10-2018 21:53

Why Therapy Can Be Beneficial for Everyone

If you?ve ever had an issue, experienced intense feelings, or otherwise felt human at some point in your life, you?ve probably wondered, ?Should I go ...
25-10-2018 21:49

What Does It Mean to “Find Your Voice”"

What does it mean to ?find your voice,? and more importantly, how does someone actually do that" How do you put beliefs and values into words and then...
23-10-2018 21:59

GGS Spotlight: Steph Ondrusek

Name: Steph Ondrusek Age: 30 Location: Philadelphia, PA What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you"  Being a Girl Gone Strong means embracing pos...
21-10-2018 21:52

Creating a Safe Training Environment for Clients Who Are Sur

Are you working with clients who are survivors ? of trauma, of negative experiences, of stress" If your clients are human, then you likely are. Laura ...
18-10-2018 21:53

Step-Ups: Not As Simple As They Look

While it may sometimes be challenging to see immediately how some resistance exercises translate in real life, it certainly isn?t the case with step-u...
16-10-2018 21:53

Should You Compliment Others on Weight Loss"

?You?ve lost so much weight! Tell me your secret!? There is a woman ? we will call her Cindy ? that I?ve seen at the gym for the last eight years. I ...
11-10-2018 21:53

GGS Spotlight: Dr. Meryl Alappattu

Name: Meryl Alappattu Age: 35 Location: Gainesville, FL What does it mean to you to be part of the GGS Community"  It means a lot to be part of an or...
07-10-2018 21:47

So You Were Asked If You?re Pregnant and You?re Not" He

You may have gone through the experience of having a stranger or acquaintance comment on your non-existent pregnancy. Depending on the context and you...
04-10-2018 21:52

All You Need to Know About the Barbell Bench Press

In the list of exercises that can make someone feel powerful while seeming a little intimidating to those not familiar with them, the barbell bench pr...
02-10-2018 21:50

Important Considerations When Lifting With a Larger Body

I am an amateur super heavyweight strongwoman. I am fat. I am 5?8 and I weigh 320 pounds. Why did I tell you my weight" Because I exist. Because other...
27-09-2018 21:49

From the GGS Community: Must-Haves for the Gym

There?s something absolutely thrilling about being a beginner. It can also be downright terrifying. The gym is one of those places where we can feel d...
25-09-2018 21:53

GGS Spotlight: Gina DeRoos

Name: Gina DeRoos Age: 40 Location: Manteca, CA What does it mean to you to be part of the GGS Community" To me, it means unapologetically loving and...
23-09-2018 21:50

How to “Eat Healthy” When You Don’t Like t

I?ve never liked to cook. Many years ago, when I started trying to make better food choices, I tried forcing myself to cook in hopes that I?d eventual...
20-09-2018 21:51

How to Train Clients With Low Back Pain

Low back pain is the leading cause of pain and disability worldwide. Globally, the prevalence of low back pain has increased 54 percent between 1990 a...
18-09-2018 21:51

Valuing Ourselves Beyond the Physical Aspect

When our female friends are feeling insecure, we are often quick to reassure them with statements like ?You?re so beautiful,? or ?You look hot.? Often...
13-09-2018 21:47

Everyday Racism in the Fitness World and Beyond

Earlier this year, LA Fitness called the police on two African American men because they didn?t believe the men had memberships, even though both of t...
11-09-2018 21:49

GGS Spotlight: Polly Hawver

Name: Polly Hawver Age: 36 Location: Olympia, WA How long have you been strength training, and how did you get started" Ten years. I was never athlet...
09-09-2018 21:51

What Is Functional Hypothalamic Amenorrhea" (And How Ca

Exercising everyday" Crushing your macros" Getting compliments on how ?great? you look" You are the picture of health, and yet you haven?t had your pe...
06-09-2018 21:52

Sexual Harassment in Life and in the Fitness Industry

Let?s talk about sex? ual harassment. When speaking of sexual harassment, some of the more blatant and alarming examples of it tend to jump into mind....
04-09-2018 21:52

Representation Matters: Eating Disorders Aren’t Just f

When you think about eating disorders what is the image that comes to mind" Is it one of teenaged vanity" Of emaciated white women agonizing in front ...
30-08-2018 21:54

Speak Up: Identifying Rape Culture in Everyday Conversation

You can find it in this 2011 New York Times description of an 11-year-old girl who was horrifically gang raped: ?she dressed older than her age, weari...
29-08-2018 21:50

GGS Spotlight: Dr. Shante Cofield a.k.a. The Movement Maestr

Name: Dr. Shante Cofield a.k.a The Movement Maestro Age:  33 Location: Redondo Beach, CA What does it mean to you to be part of the GGS Community" I?v...
26-08-2018 21:48

8 Unintentional Ways Trainers Promote Disordered Eating (and

Dear fitness professionals, are you inadvertently misdirecting your clients" Are you unconsciously promoting disordered eating" What we hear, think, a...
23-08-2018 21:52

9 Reasons Yoga Can Be a Great Cross-Training Practice

I?m both a yoga teacher and a personal trainer. I love lifting weights, doing burpees (not kidding) and everything about yoga. I?m often surprised at ...
21-08-2018 21:50

The Truth About Alcohol and Breastfeeding

There?s a lot of confusing and conflicting information around mothers drinking alcohol and breastfeeding. Advice ranges from ?Don?t drink at all; no a...
17-08-2018 21:49

How to Build a Referral Network to Support Your Pre- and Pos

Health professionals who care deeply about their clients or patients look for professionals in other areas of practice who they can trust and to whom ...
15-08-2018 21:50

Your C-Section Scar: A User’s Guide

Birth is this amazing, complex journey that might have brought along a few souvenirs after nine months. When I talk my kids about their births, we bri...
14-08-2018 21:49

Coaching & Training Women Academy Spotlight: Jasmine Ca

Name: Jasmine Cabrera Age: 28 Location: Charlottesville, VA What was your first thought when you learned about the Coaching & Training Women Academy a...
12-08-2018 21:49

Common Concerns Affecting Exercise in the Third Trimester

Things happen quickly in the third trimester, and if you?re working with a client through her pregnancy, you may sense her growing excitement ? and a ...
09-08-2018 21:50

When to Refer Your Pregnant or Postpartum Client to Another

When working with pregnant and postpartum clients, remember that you are just one member of their healthcare team. Your clients will be working with s...
08-08-2018 21:50

How Interval Training Can Increase Exercise Enjoyment During

As research continues to support regular exercise in low risk, healthy pregnancies, the number of pregnant women engaging in moderate intensity exerci...
07-08-2018 21:57

Coaching & Training Women Academy Spotlight: Gudrun Arn

Name: Gudrun Arngrimsdottir Age: 36 Location: Akureyri, Iceland What was your first thought when you learned about the Coaching & Training Women Acade...
05-08-2018 21:49

Is It OK to Run While Pregnant" (4 Important Considerat

This question is asked frequently by women who are pregnant and fear doing harm to themselves or their baby. Many women enjoy running and find the tho...
02-08-2018 21:49

What Coaches Need to Know About Childbirth

It?s important for coaches working with pregnant and postpartum women to understand the birthing process and the implications it may have on a client?...
31-07-2018 21:50

GGS Spotlight: Jaya Dixit

Name: Jaya Dixit Age: 35 Location: Calgary, AB (Treaty 7 Indigenous territory) What does it mean to you to be part of the GGS Community"  I want to b...
29-07-2018 21:52

4 Ways to Support Your Trans Clients Pre- and Post-Op

Our clients come from diverse communities with varying needs and rich backgrounds. We may not always know how best to support them in their journey to...
26-07-2018 21:51

How Habit-Based Training Can Help You Spend More Time Outdoo

Since I wrote an article for GGS about the benefits of spending more time outdoors, many women have asked the question, ?What can I do outside instead...
24-07-2018 21:52

The Importance of Community in Fitness

While your fitness pursuits can certainly be a solo affair, there?s one aspect that can be a determining factor when it comes to the consistency with ...
19-07-2018 21:50

Why Different Set and Rep Ranges Are Key to Achieving Your G

Are you interested in lifting to achieve a specific goal, but you’re not sure how many reps or sets to do or how much weight you should lift to move...
17-07-2018 21:51

GGS Spotlight: Stacy Hobson

Name: Stacy Hobson Age: 38 Location:  Springfield, Ohio What does being a part of the Girls Gone Strong community mean to you"  To me it means standi...
15-07-2018 21:49

How to Get Back in the Gym After a Long Hiatus

You?re going to the gym and working hard on your fitness. You?ve got your workout schedule thoroughly organized, you?re in a good groove and feeling g...
12-07-2018 21:49

Strength Training for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

If you?re new to training, welcome! We think that getting started with any type of fitness training is awesome (even though you might be feeling a lit...
10-07-2018 21:51

Why Maintenance Phases Are Important for Fat Loss

?Months.? ?Years.?  ?What feels like forever.? These are the most common responses that I receive when I ask new clients who are seeking fat loss ho...
05-07-2018 21:50

What Is Behavior-Based Goal Setting" (And How Can It He

How many times have you ?set a goal,? only to not reach it and then feel disappointed in yourself" This has happened to most of us, and the problem wi...
03-07-2018 21:56

GGS Spotlight: Roc

Name: Roc Age: 30 Location: Tampa, FL What does it mean to be part of the GGS Community"  Being a person gone strong for me means being on a journey ...
01-07-2018 21:49

How to Be a Size-Friendly Coach (Regardless of Your Own Size

?Body positivity? has become a buzzword concept of late. Even though the idea may be new to many, the movement grew out of the fat-acceptance movement...
28-06-2018 21:49

What Are the Components of a Great Warm-Up"

The basic goals of a warm-up are to prepare the body for exercise and to decrease the chance of injury during training. But on top of that, it?s also ...
26-06-2018 21:52

Are You Prioritizing Your Own Pleasure"

One of the most common quotes about the path to success is, ?fake it till you make it.? While it?s not bad advice when you are thinking about general ...
21-06-2018 21:53

4 Ways to Increase the Intensity of Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight training offers a fantastic methodology of training that can be used to improve strength, endurance and really any performance-based result...
19-06-2018 21:52

GGS Spotlight: Katie Prendergast

Name: Katie Prendergast Age: 29 Location: Denver, CO What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you"  It means becoming my strongest self and focusin...
17-06-2018 21:52

Is Your Fitness Practice As Inclusive As You Think It Is&quo

Many of us see fitness as a luxury, and as something that may or may not be affordable to most. As a Black woman, I saw it for a long time as somethin...
14-06-2018 21:55

4 Ways to Boost Your Client’s Confidence

We want our clients to approach their workouts full of confidence and trust in their capabilities. We know they can learn to master everything we prog...
12-06-2018 21:49

The Do’s, Don’ts, Why’s and How’s of

The process of cutting weight can be confusing, overwhelming, and discomforting if done improperly. It can come with negative health effects and adver...
07-06-2018 21:49

Why Playground Workouts Can Be a Parent?s Best Fitness Frien

Initially, working out in the playground came from necessity. I was balancing work, parenting, marriage, the grind of daily life, side projects, and m...
05-06-2018 21:49

GGS Spotlight: Claire Thomson

Name: Claire Thomson Age: 25 Location: Nashville, TN What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you" Being a Girl Gone Strong means knowing who you a...
03-06-2018 21:48

Why Pilates and Lifting Weights Aren’t Mutually Exclus

As a Pilates teacher, my clients are often surprised when I tell them that in addition to having a dedicated Pilates practice, I regularly lift weight...
31-05-2018 21:51

5 Strategies to Cultivate Body Respect in a Thin-Privileged

As a nutrition coach, I often hear things like: ?I just can?t accept my body at this size.? ?I need to lose weight so that I can feel more confident....
29-05-2018 21:51

What Is Obsessing About Your Body Helping You Avoid"

In the last decade or so, our culture has maintained its decades-long obsession with weight, but added obsessions with health, fitness, wellness, anti...
24-05-2018 21:49

How Do You Speak About Fitness"

Have you ever read one of the list articles about all the hidden meaning in logos" After you do, you?ll never not see the arrow in the FedEx logo. Mar...
22-05-2018 21:49

GGS Spotlight: Pat Pope

Name: Pat Pope Age:  53 Location: Ohio How long have you been strength training, and how did you get started" I seriously started strength training Ma...
20-05-2018 21:52

6 More Tips to Help You Put a Stop to Binge Eating

Note from GGS: The line between disordered eating behaviors and eating disorders can be a tenuous one, and disordered eating is the greatest predictor...
17-05-2018 21:52

When Should You Use a Weightlifting Belt"

?Weightlifting belts are for the weak!? That?s the purist and opinionated view I had developed over my four-year powerlifting journey. My first coach,...
15-05-2018 21:51

How Gestational Diabetes Can Affect Your Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a common medical complication of pregnancy when your body cannot cope with the extra demand for insulin product...
10-05-2018 21:51

6 Essential Tips to Help You Stop Binge Eating

You’re not sure what’s going on, why you keep doing this to yourself, or if you can stop. You?re scared of putting on weight, you?re disgusted wit...
08-05-2018 21:53

GGS Spotlight: Meg Gallagher a.k.a. Meg Squats

Name: Meg Gallagher a.k.a. Meg Squats Age: 29 What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you"  Girl Gone Strong stands for being someone who was taug...
06-05-2018 21:54

Don?t Let the Fitness Industry Tell You What to Do

When I was five years old, my mom would play an album on the record player, put on her leotard, tights, and leg warmers, and do aerobics in our living...
04-05-2018 21:47

How to Achieve Healthy Eating Consistency With Reverse Meal

Can we just agree that eating healthy on a consistent basis can be tricky" As a matter of fact, it can feel like mission impossible. As long as life i...
01-05-2018 21:53

Frequently Asked Questions: GGS-1 Coaching Certification

Enrollment is currently open (until Monday April 30th at 11:59p EST). Enrollment is currently OPEN, and will close on Monday, April 30th – or when w...
26-04-2018 21:48

How to Support Your Clients to Move From Disordered Eating T

As a personal trainer you attract clients of all sizes who are looking to make behavioral and physical changes in the pursuit of health and wellness. ...
24-04-2018 21:51

GGS Spotlight: Reshaunda Thornton

Name: Reshaunda Thornton RD, LD, CSSD Age: 38 Location: St. Louis, MO What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you"  It means my strength is define...
22-04-2018 21:46

3 Situations When You Shouldn?t Push Through Pain

If you?ve read any of my work about pain, you might have a good framework on its complexity. If you haven?t read any of my work on pain, I?d encourage...
19-04-2018 21:50

Guilt, Shame, and Helping Your Clients Separate Food From Mo

I?m about to share something that I?ve only ever told one other person throughout the last two decades. Ready" I used to hide in the bathroom at schoo...
17-04-2018 21:47

How to Create Meaningful Connection and Build Trust With Per

As a health or fitness professional, you may be familiar with the ?client-centered? approach to coaching, where the client is the authority on their o...
12-04-2018 21:52

Signs Your Client May Be Suffering From an Eating Disorder

In my early 20s, I hired my first personal trainer to lose weight. At the time, I was suffering from binge eating disorder, and had been for a period ...
10-04-2018 21:49

GGS Spotlight: Diane Flores

Name: Diane Marie Flores Age: 39 Location: Modesto, CA What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you"  Being a Girl Gone Strong means breaking preco...
08-04-2018 21:52

A Better Understanding of Shoulder Health

The shoulder is amazing, it really is! It is so complex and so interesting. (I know, as an orthopedic surgeon, I am expected to say uncool things like...
05-04-2018 21:53

The Generational Side of Body Image

How many times do you find yourself in a conversation with other women and the only topic of discussion is what their clothes look like, how their bod...
03-04-2018 21:52

Ramp Up Your Workouts With Rowing

Indoor rowing is all the rage: rowing machines ? also referred to as ergs ? are making cameo appearances in commercials for all sorts of products, fro...
29-03-2018 21:57

How Genital Body Image Impacts Our Sex Life

No one really tells us how to be sexual beings. Most of us learn through our poorly informed friends, uncomfortable parents, porn, or through a highly...
27-03-2018 21:52

GGS Spotlight: Dorothea Tsang

Name: Dorothea Tsang Age: 28 Location: Allentown, PA What does being a Girl Gone Strong mean to you"  It means that I am unapologetically strong, men...
25-03-2018 21:53

Lifting Cultural Expectations

When I step into the weight room of my neighborhood gym, I am usually the only woman. If there is another one, I check her out and greet her in my hea...
22-03-2018 21:52

How Your Diet Helps You Achieve These 3 Popular Fitness Goal

You may have heard some version of the saying ?a fit body is made in the kitchen.? While your training choices play a big role in your ability to acco...
20-03-2018 21:56

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More Than My Body (before & after)

More Than My Body (before & after)

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Jasmine’s Ayurvedic Christmas

Jasmine’s Ayurvedic Christmas

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Are Food Allergies on the Rise" (& What to Do)

Are Food Allergies on the Rise" (& ...

I have some natural remedies that I keep on hand for seasonal allergies, but food allergies are in a different camp altogether. While seasonal allergies are annoying, food allergies can be downright deadly. And it seems like more and more families... -
Weekend reading: food animal ethics

Weekend reading: food animal ethics

Christopher Schlottmann and Jeff Sebo.  Food, Animals, and the Environment: An Ethical Approach.  Routledge, 2018. The authors are colleagues at NYU.  They asked me for a blurb which, after reading this book, I was honored to do.  Here’s what... -
Rice cereals for infants: the arsenic problem

Rice cereals for infants: the arsenic problem

I?ve been collecting items on concerns about the levels of arsenic in rice, especially rice cereals for children. The arsenic problem Arsenic is toxic.  It occurs in food and water in two forms: Inorganic: a carcinogen and heart disease risk factor... -
Is Lifting Safe for Children"

Is Lifting Safe for Children"

My mother never taught me how to be physically strong. Sure, she showed me what it meant to be mentally strong, emotionally strong, and transcend strength into my work, education, and personal aspirations ? but being physically strong was not... -
Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

Our list of best Christmas cookie recipes has something for everyone, from soft gingerbread cookies to buckeyes with a healthy spin! Are you looking for the best Christmas cookie recipes for your cookie tray" If you know Alex and me, you know... -
5 workplace bully types and EXACTLY how to deal with them

5 workplace bully types and EXACTLY how to de...

A staggering one in five staff in the NHS have been bullied at work, a new study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has found. Healthista spoke to Carol Wilson, a performance coach about exactly how to recognise a workplace bully and... -

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