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Can’t sleep during pregnancy" Holistic sleep coac

According to holistic sleep coach and paediatric nurse Lyndsey Hookway, pregnancy insomnia is a thing. Find out why pregnancy affects sleep and easy t...
26-11-2020 21:48

Could stress be causing your bloated stomach" 7 things

Bloated stomach" Stress could be the culprit. Nutritional Therapist Hannah Braye reveals how stress affects the gut plus seven tips that can help The...
24-11-2020 21:47

WIN Healthspan Immunity Winter Bundle worth over £60

We?ve teamed up with Healthspan to give one lucky Healthista follower a chance to win an Immunity Winter Bundle worth over £60 The post WIN Healthspa...
20-11-2020 21:51

How to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) this winter

Nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr, reveals her expert guide to preventing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) hitting extra hard this winter The post How t...
19-11-2020 21:53

Can vitamin D help fight Covid-19" Here’s what yo

Can vitamin D really help fight Covid-19" From how much we need to how we can get more, expert adviser and nutritionist Angela Dowden provides a compl...
18-11-2020 21:49

Can our pets reduce stress" 12 ways your pet is boostin

Dogs, cats, fish, horses - can our pets help reduce stress levels" Dr Margit Gabriele Muller reveals 12 ways your pet is boosting your wellbeing The ...
17-11-2020 21:50

Ex-BuzzFeed star Kelsey Darragh shares her top tips on manag

Covid-19, lockdowns, quarantine, now more than ever, people are struggling with their mental health. Healthista spoke to Kelsey Darragh who has a few ...
13-11-2020 21:50

5 benefits of peanut butter – plus why it can help you

Is peanut butter your go to snack" Well good news, this moreish treat has a few health benefits to its name, including weight loss. Healthista spoke t...
11-11-2020 21:55

8 best squat proof leggings – tried and tested

Squat proof leggings are an essential gym kit item every woman needs. That\'s why Healthista have functionality-tested the best leggings to see which ...
09-11-2020 21:52

Lockdown 2.0 – Healthista’s 30 day home workout

Your Lockdown 2.0 workout routine sorted. For fat burning, calorie torching, full body workouts - look no further than Healthista\'s 30-day home-worko...
05-11-2020 21:53

7 easy ways to reduce stress by tonight

For Stress Awareness Day, Healthista spoke to the experts to find out how we can reduce stress quick - here are seven easy ways  The post 7 easy ways...
04-11-2020 21:51

Stressed out" These stress-reducing foods could help

For Stress Awareness Week, Health Coach and Mindfulness Teacher Louise Murray reveals 12 stress-reducing foods The post Stressed out" These stress-re...
02-11-2020 21:51

Make your Halloween tastier with these delicious pumpkin rec

Halloween is here and so are all the pumpkins. If you\'re in need to some Halloween inspiration look no further than these two delicious pumpkin recip...
30-10-2020 21:52

WIN £130 worth of Bio-Synergy Vegan Protein Powder

For World Vegan Day (1st November), we?ve teamed up with Bio-Synergy to give one lucky Healthista Twitter follower a chance to win a Vegan Protein Pow...
30-10-2020 21:52

14 beauty products this make-up artist with psoriasis swears

Psoriasis is an extremely common skin condition. For World Psoriasis, makeup artist Charlotte Brooks shares the best beauty products to manage it The...
29-10-2020 21:52

How to care for someone with dementia – a helpful guid

When a loved one develops dementia the prospect of being a carer can be daunting. Jan Hall reveals how to care for someone with dementia, while also c...
28-10-2020 21:51

Can’t sleep" 7 best products to help you sleep be

Now that the clocks have gone back and we\'ve said hello to an extra hour of sleep, Healthista\'s Charlotte Dormon finds seven of the best products to...
26-10-2020 21:54

Former Strictly Come Dancing star Natalie Lowe reveals why d

How do the dancers on Strictly Come Dancing look that good" Well, it may have something to do with all the dancing they do. Former Strictly pro Natali...
23-10-2020 21:50

WIN NaturalWorks CBD Oil worth £40

We\'ve teamed up with NaturalWorks to give three lucky Healthista followers a chance to win CBD Oil worth £40 The post WIN NaturalWorks CBD Oil worth...
23-10-2020 21:50

Pregnancy stress during the pandemic" 3 things expectan

Is being pregnant during the coronavirus pandemic causing you stress" Midwife Marie Louise offers advice on how to stay calm in the lead up to labour ...
21-10-2020 21:52

8 eating tips for a runner’s diet

A runner\'s diet needs the best nutrition for endurance and recovery. Top sport nutritionist Renee McGregor explains how to work the food groups to im...
20-10-2020 22:03

Bloated stomach" 5 common causes of bloating and how to

Symptoms of a bloating can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Nutritionist Rick Hay reveals a few ways you can help beat the bloat The post Bloated s...
19-10-2020 21:58

Exercise & Pregnancy – your questions answered

Is exercise and pregnancy a good mix" According to perinatal yoga teacher Rehana Jawadwala, exercise is crucial for a healthy pregnancy and birth The...
16-10-2020 21:54

7 reasons you’re always hungry 

Always hungry" Constantly craving food" Nutritionist and Healthista Collective Expert Rick Hay explains why this may be the case and how to curb the h...
15-10-2020 21:56

Is snacking one of your bad habits" 7 ways this behavio

Can\'t stop snacking" It\'s time we tackled our bad habits - before it\'s too late. Behaviour change specialist Dr Heather McKee reveals 7 tips on how...
13-10-2020 21:55

6 healthy comfort foods perfect for Autumn

Darker evenings and cooler temperatures make the perfect excuse to indulge in healthy comfort foods. Try these six yummy dinner recipes perfect for au...
09-10-2020 21:53

Back ache" 5 tips this physiotherapist says you should

For Back Care Awareness Week, physiotherapist Finola Burrell reveals five ways you can alleviate the pain  The post Back ache" 5 tips this physiother...
07-10-2020 21:52

Celebrity trainer Sarah Lindsay reveals the golden rules of

Goal setting is a key part of a healthy lifestyle says celebrity trainer Sarah Lindsay. Here\'s why goals are important and how you can stick to them ...
05-10-2020 21:50

Feeling anxious or stressed" Uplift your mood with thes

If your feeling anxious or stressed, Vikings actress and yoga teacher Maude Hirst, suggests three ways you can uplift your mood with these mindfulness...
02-10-2020 21:49

Your 5 senses guide to a calmer, happier you

Feeling stressed or anxious" Leading Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Sarah Vohra reveals how we can use our 5 senses to improve our mental wellbeing The ...
30-09-2020 21:51

Journalling – why is everyone doing it" Psychothe

Journalling -  everyone seems to be doing it, but why" Psychotherapist Alyss Thomas reveals five benefits The post Journalling – why is everyone do...
28-09-2020 21:54

3 easy family dinner recipes

School nights are back and so is the need for easy family dinner recipes... The post 3 easy family dinner recipes appeared first on Healthista....
25-09-2020 21:50

Working from home" Increase your productivity with thes

Feeling a little loco now that your back to working from home again" Is your productivity lacking" Here are 5 top tips to help you stay focused  The ...
24-09-2020 21:46

Is THIS the best way to get fit" 9 benefits of strength

CrossFit, HIIT training, spin class, swimming, strength training - what exactly is the best way to get fit" Healthista Editor Olivia Hartland-Robbins ...
23-09-2020 21:56

How to balance hormones: expert reveals 10 diet and lifestyl

Health Coach and Mindfulness Teacher Louise Murray reveals 10 simple lifestyle hacks that are proven to help balance your hormones The post How to b...
22-09-2020 21:50

3 best tasting CBD supplements

Some CBD supplements can taste kind of yuk right" That\'s why Healthista have sourced the three best tasting CBD supplements for you to enjoy as part ...
21-09-2020 21:51

Fitness sensation Krissy Cela reveals 10 tips on getting bac

Worried about getting back into the gym post lockdown" Worry no more, Instagram fitness star Krissy Cela reveals 10 back to the gym tips  The post Fi...
18-09-2020 21:51

Save the Planet: 12 climate-friendly food swaps you can make

Want to help save the planet but not sure where to start" Start simple with these 12 easy, climate-friendly food swaps you can make today The post Sa...
16-09-2020 21:49

How to be happier: 5 tips this happiness guru wants you to k

Find yourself in a slump or bombarded with negative thoughts" Founder of The Happy News, Emily Coxhead reveals five tips on how to be happier The pos...
14-09-2020 21:53

Garlic bread – how this foodie favourite can help boos

Garlic - a foodie favourite and aromatic vegetable that can also improve immunity. We officially have an excuse to eat nothing but garlic bread as a w...
11-09-2020 21:48

Suicide prevention: how to help someone who is suicidal

For Suicide Prevention Day, founder of the Suicide Crisis Centre Joy Hibbins writes exclusively for Healthista on how to help someone who is suicidal ...
10-09-2020 21:52

Migraine symptoms" 10 things you didn?t know but probab

For Migraine Awareness Week, Nutritional Therapist Hannah Braye reveals 10 things you may not know about migraines but probably should The post Migra...
09-09-2020 21:48

Could an anti-ageing supplement be the key to younger-lookin

Wish you could banish your wrinkles and fine lines" If you covet younger-looking skin, you\'ll need to make sure you\'re getting the right nutrients. ...
07-09-2020 21:51

Looking for first date ice breakers" Celebs Go Dating m

Ice breakers are an important part of a successful first date. Healthista spoke to Celebs Go Dating life and relationship coach Anna Williamson who re...
04-09-2020 21:48

8 best-tasting green teas for people who don’t actuall

If the bitterness of the health-giving brew has put you off in the past, we\'ve got you covered... The post 8 best-tasting green teas for people who ...
03-09-2020 21:50

3 low carb dinner recipes that will actually fill you up

Need to lose weight" Trying to create a calorie deficit" Try these low carb, low calorie dinners that will actually fill you up - from the Fast 800 re...
02-09-2020 22:20

Jillian Michaels says these 11 fat loss tips will help you l

Healthista has called upon the ultimate weight loss guru - Jillian Michaels shares 11 ways we can lose weight and keep it off for good The post Jilli...
28-08-2020 22:18

Need an energy boost" Start your day with one of these

Need a morning energy boost" Your food choices will help. Author of Ignite Your Light, Jolene Hart has five recipes that will help kick-start your day...
26-08-2020 22:20

5 self care tips you can do tonight to reduce stress

Need to reduce stress" Need some new self care tips" Lifestyle coach Jaqueline Hurst reveals her top tips that you can do tonight The post 5 self car...
24-08-2020 21:51

Gym injuries post-lockdown" Fitness guru Matt Roberts r

Gym injuries are a given if you go too hard too fast. Celebrity trainer and fitness guru Matt Roberts reveals five ways we can avoid post-lockdown inj...
21-08-2020 21:48

6 bento box recipes for beginners

Meal prep can be fun, colourful and time efficient. Author of \'Bento Power\' Sara Kiyo Popowa shares six bento box recipes that will seriously impres...
19-08-2020 21:50

Want shiny, long hair" Nutritionist reveals 5 key foods

Wish you hair would grow faster or longer" Healthista Collective expert and nutritionist Rick Hay reveals the 5 foods to eat for healthy hair growth ...
18-08-2020 21:49

Coronavirus symptoms this Doctor says you shouldn’t be

Doctor Gemma Newman reveals the coronavirus symptoms you shouldn?t be ignoring plus 6 different ways you can boost your immune system The post Corona...
14-08-2020 21:49

15 best-tasting nut and seed butters you didn’t know y

Nut butter fanatic" We\'ve rounded up 15 of the best-tasting nut and seed butters that are worth the spread... The post 15 best-tasting nut and seed ...
13-08-2020 21:49

This low impact exercise for balance and coordination can be

This low impact exercise video from celebrity trainer Svava Sigbertsdottir will aid your mobility in under seven minutes The post This low impact exe...
12-08-2020 21:49

Online dating" 5 red flags to watch out for

Youtuber Brittani Louise Taylor, experienced an ?unhappily ever after? as a result of looking for a partner online. She shares her insight into online...
11-08-2020 21:47

Dehydration symptoms" 5 signs you aren’t drinking

With the heatwave in full swing, Doctor Naomi Newman-Beinart gives us the lowdown on the importance of H2O The post Dehydration symptoms" 5 signs yo...
07-08-2020 21:47

5 protein-packed vegan recipes we’re loving from Gaz O

Looking for vegan recipes high in protein" Healthista shares their favourite protein-packed recipes from Gaz Oakley\'s new cookbook The post 5 prote...
07-08-2020 21:47

Pregnant during a heatwave" Here’s ONE thing this

With temperatures said to soar, we\'re set for an uncomfortable few days. Dietitian Laura Tilt reveals how we can stay hydrated and why it\'s key to m...
06-08-2020 21:46

8 challenges long distance relationships face and how to ove

Long distance relationships may seem easier to handle these days - thanks to advances in technology, but challenges still arise. Author Milena Nguyen,...
06-08-2020 21:46

Cycling to work: 10 things you need to know

From finding the right bike to practicing your journey first, we\'ve listed 10 things every person cycling to work needs to know about ahead of Cycle ...
04-08-2020 21:50

Your summer wardrobe sorted – plus Healthista readers

Looking for a staycation wardrobe that will turn heads" Healthista has put together their favourite picks for this season The post Your summer wardro...
31-07-2020 21:56

10 ways to boost sexual confidence post-lockdown

Feeling self-conscious after months of lockdown abstinence" Kate Moyle shares 10 ways to boost your sexual prowess The post 10 ways to boost sexual c...
29-07-2020 21:49

5 back stretches to help relieve desk hunch

Whether you\'re back at the office or still WFH, Healthista Collective Expert and physiotherapist Finola Burrell demonstrates 5 back stretches to help...
28-07-2020 21:48

11 no-nonsense fitness facts PT James Smith wants you to kno

Separating fact from fad - Healthista editor Olivia Hartland-Robbins asks social media sensation James Smith for his no-nonsense fitness facts The po...
27-07-2020 21:50

Need an easy pastry recipe" Here are 6 to try this week

Fancy making your own sweet or savoury pastry" Don\'t know what to to with all that stockpiled flour" Try these 6 easy pastry recipes from The Pastry ...
24-07-2020 21:46

This low impact core mobility workout can be done in under 1

Feeling stiff" This low impact mobility core workout from celebrity trainer Svava Sigbertsdottir may help to ease your mobility in under ten minutes ...
22-07-2020 21:51

5 popular diets explained – the nutritionist’s g

Keto, sirtfood, paleo - just how many diets are there" Which ones are good for you" Which ones actually work" Nutritionist Rick Hay sets the record st...
20-07-2020 21:52

Pregnancy and exercise – 7 things expectant mums need

Brit Williams ? whose new book Mind, Body, Bump is the complete plan for an active pregnancy ? explains what you really need to know about training fo...
17-07-2020 21:50

Healthy dinners – 5 easy recipes from a tin

Stockpiled on a load of tinned food during lockdown and run out of ideas" Here are five quick healthy dinners from Tin Can Magic  The post Healthy di...
15-07-2020 21:49

Is this new supplement the closest thing we have to a wonder

There\'s a new supplement in town said to increase energy levels, generate metabolism and improve skin. Tried and tested by Anna Magee, here\'s exactl...
14-07-2020 21:47

11 simple ways to de-stress during self isolation

Charlotte Dormon, Healthista writer and wellbeing coach reveals 10 simple ways we can de-stress during self-isolation including supplements and lifest...
25-06-2020 21:48

Could CBD help you drink less alcohol"

We\'re drinking more alcohol than ever, despite social restrictions. But the new soberista crowd are now looking to CBD to take the edge off their ne...
25-06-2020 21:48

3 ways CBD can improve your sex life

CBD may be a well known aid for stress and anxiety, but it\'s also great for what goes down in the bedroom... The post 3 ways CBD can improve your se...
31-03-2020 21:52

Can’t lose belly fat" This trainer says your horm

Stubborn fat around the middle" Terry Fairclough explains how hormones, especially those associated with stress could be to blame The post Can’t l...
28-03-2020 21:50

Self-isolation – 7 steps to make your home a feel good

Now that we\'re all spending the foreseeable future at home, feng shui pioneer Jane Alexander has tips on how to make your home a haven and refuge Th...
26-03-2020 21:50

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 30

It\'s finally here - the last day of Svava Sigbertsdottir?s 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge - give it all you\'ve got people (and maybe star...
24-03-2020 21:48

These 30 minute fat-burning home workouts will get you activ

These three 30 minute workouts require no equipment and are keeping out team active at home - you will seriously love them The post These 30 minute f...
24-03-2020 21:48

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 29

You\'ve made it to day 29 of our 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge. Let\'s give it everything we got before the last day tomorrow  The post 3...
23-03-2020 21:49

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 28

Sunday has finally arrived and so has day 28 of our 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge. Get ready to end the week on the right (and sweaty) not...
22-03-2020 21:48

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 27

It\'s the weekend and you\'re stuck in quarantine (again). But that doesn\'t mean your fitness should be stuck too. Let\'s beat that virus and continu...
21-03-2020 21:50

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 26

Day 26 of Svava Sigbertsdottir\'s 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge is here to end this stressful week The post 30 day fat-burning home worko...
20-03-2020 21:48

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 25

Welcome back to day 25 - with many gyms closing down because of \'that\' virus our home workouts could not have come at a better time The post 30 da...
19-03-2020 21:49

5 best meal replacement shakes

Looking at all those empty shelves and thinking of alternative ways to feed yourself" Or worried about burning zero calories in your new self-isolatio...
18-03-2020 21:49

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 24

Day 24 of our full body fat burning at home-workout challenge is here with celebrity PT Svava Sigbertsdottir aka The Viking Method. Are you ready to s...
18-03-2020 21:49

How to stay active during self isolation – 19 home wor

Whether you are self isolating or your gym has decided to close its doors, we have home workout videos and exclusive 30 day challenges to keep you fit...
17-03-2020 21:51

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 23

With your water bottles at the ready, let\'s begin Day 23 of Svava Sigbertsdottir?s 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge. The post 30 day fat-bu...
17-03-2020 21:51

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 22

Start the week the right way with day 22 of our fat burning home workout challenge The post 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 22 appear...
16-03-2020 21:51

9 fat loss hacks this Instagram star says will transform you

If you\'re looking for fat loss that works - and a programme you can do at home - we have found it. Lilly Sabri has key hacks that work and a complete...
16-03-2020 21:51

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 21

Don\'t let the fact that it\'s Sunday stop you - it\'s time for day 21 of our home workout challenge The post 30 day fat-burning home workout challe...
15-03-2020 21:51

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 20

The week is almost over but our fat burning home workout challenge continues. Ready for day 20" The post 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- D...
14-03-2020 21:49

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 19

Friday is here and so is day 19 of our fat-burning home workout challenge with Svava Sigbertsdottir aka The Viking Method The post 30 day fat-burning...
13-03-2020 21:54

5 easy vegan dinner recipes ready in 30 minutes or less

Bettina Campolucci Bordi\'s new book 7 Day Vegan Challenge combines budget friendly ingredients with big flavours an simple prep The post 5 easy vega...
13-03-2020 21:54

50 supplements these health experts take themselves

We asked Healthista\'s team of experts - including a GP, gynaecologist, nutritionist, physiotherapist and beauty experts - the supplements they can\'t...
12-03-2020 21:50

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 18

Today\'s workout is harrrrrrrrd - with squat jumps with pulses, kneels into squats then lunges and more burning power moves The post 30 day fat-burni...
12-03-2020 21:50

Why is my hair falling out" 5 causes of hair loss and e

From stress to hormones, Olivia Hartland-Robbins finds out exactly why hair loss happens and what really helps The post Why is my hair falling out" ...
11-03-2020 21:49

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 17

It?s the middle of the week and who doesn\'t need a pick me up" Our 30-day fat burning home workout continues with day 17 and all you need are water b...
11-03-2020 21:49

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge- Day 16

Now half way through Svava Sigbertsdottir?s aka The Viking Method 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge, Day 16 has come with no equipment needed....
10-03-2020 21:49

The eczema diet – 5 foods that can help your flaky ski

From probiotics to turmeric, certain foods can help lower the inflammatory response that triggers dry, itchy, and flaky skin  The post The eczema die...
10-03-2020 21:49

30 day fat-burning home workout challenge – Day 15

Let\'s start the week the right way with Day 15 of Svava Sigbertsdottir\'s 30 day fat-burning home workout challenge. Are you ready" The post 30 day ...
09-03-2020 21:50

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Fifty FODMAP friendly foods plus Low FODMAP Hearty Meatball Stew and Slow Cooked Ham Hock Soup

Fifty FODMAP friendly foods plus Low FODMAP H...

If you?re experiencing abdominal pain, bloating and flatulence, and feeling lost on where to turn, I?ll hand you the FOD-MAP. ... -
Quick Chili Recipe

Quick Chili Recipe

Need a meal in a flash" This speed demon quick chili recipe is just the thing: in under 25 minutes you’ve got an easy dinner! Here’s our new favorite kitchen trick: this Quick Chili recipe! Yes, we dare say: this recipe is... -
Pumpkin Pie Mousse Shooters

Pumpkin Pie Mousse Shooters

I’ve always been a sucker for a good pumpkin pie; my grandmother’s pie is my favorite. But sometimes at the ... Read More -
Digital marketing to children: two reports

Digital marketing to children: two reports

The thing about digital marketing to kids is that parents hardly ever see it.  And it works.  Really well. The first report comes from the Public Health Advocacy Institute at Northeastern. The report comes with three issue briefs. Policies to... -
Good news #4: Successes in reducing sugary drinks

Good news #4: Successes in reducing sugary dr...

Berkeley, California, ever at the cutting edge of public health nutrition policy, is banning junk food from checkout counters and aisles. The new policy will require retailers larger than 2,500 square feet to stock healthy food at the register and... -
Thought for the week: muffin v. cupcake

Thought for the week: muffin v. cupcake

Thanks to my colleague Lisa Young for taking this photo at the Magnolia Bakery in Manhattan. -
The yoga retreat that replenishes your body AND mind

The yoga retreat that replenishes your body A...

Looking for a yoga retreat that is about more than just relaxing" Louise Atkinson visits the French Loire Valley for a life changing experience The post The yoga retreat that replenishes your body AND mind appeared first on Healthista. -
12 Dangerous Bedtime Habits That You Should Always Avoid!

12 Dangerous Bedtime Habits That You Should A...

You shouldn?t drink water before you go to bed, because if you drink too much water before you go to sleep, you will have to wake up 2-3 times to go to bathroom ? in the middle of the night. Don?t take a nap in the middle of the day ? every day.... -
How to Make Dill Pickles

How to Make Dill Pickles

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Our Hemsley + Hemsley Café at Selfridges Says Goodbye

Our Hemsley + Hemsley Café at Selfridges Says...

After 4.5 wonderful years, it?s time to say goodbye to our Hemsley + Hemsley Café at Selfridges. After a turbulent and trying 2020 around the globe, our beloved café will be shutting shop for good on Saturday 31st October.Unfortunately, the... -

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