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5 (Counterintuitive) Reasons Why Your Results Are Stalling

When people slide into my DMs, one of the most common questions I get is, ?Jill, how do I get rid of these last 10-15 pounds"? So, today I want to bre...
27-08-2018 21:31

10 Ways to Make $1,000 This Week Online

First, a quick heads up that Best of You, the 12-month online business coaching course is open for enrollment thru THIS TUESDAY May 22nd ONLY. I’m n...
20-05-2018 21:33

One Simple Tool to Begin “Intuitive Eating”

    Okay, confession time. I don?t love the phrase ?intuitive eating.? Not because I don?t love the concept?it?s essentially the #moderation365 phil...
26-03-2018 21:34

Preemptive Cheats I’m Loving Right Now

Okay, first thing?s first. I know you don?t like the word ?cheat? because it infers that we are somehow doing something ?bad? and I actually agree. To...
22-03-2018 21:33

JillFit Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Growing up, my younger brother Brandon was always my #GiftingGoals. Because even when he was 5 years old, he was planning the card he was going to mak...
17-12-2017 21:29

Can People *Really* Change" Here’s What It Takes

Do you think people can peoplereallychange" Recently, I was talking to a friend of mine, and they started digging into someone we both knew?someone...
13-11-2017 22:11

The 4 Key Ways to Build Trust with Customers Online

Welcome to the Trust Business, where people buy from you only if they trust you. And they can only trust you if they a) connect with you as a person, ...
02-11-2017 22:08

Awareness Is Great, Action is Better: Here’s How to Ju

This is the #1 question I get asked … A few nights ago, my friend Neghar and I were out to dinner at one of our fav restaurants here in LA. And than...
27-10-2017 22:02

2 Tools to Quit Being Distracted by Other People’s Fab

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling like social media is on steroids lately. And what I mean by that is, transparency and ?internet stalking? ...
24-10-2017 22:05

How to Start Your Online Fitness Coaching Business

Welcome to an ever-changing internet business space. When I launched JillFit in 2010, I was a blogger. I blogged every single day for 2 years straigh...
10-10-2017 22:06

That Time I Was the Leanest of My Life and Felt the Least Se

Photo: Diane Flores, captured by photographer Carlo Gomez I?ve been wanting to write about this for a while. And I actually originally started this bl...
01-09-2017 22:07

Never Apologize for Leveling Up

The brand spankin’ new #MetconMonster Challenge is underway, and thousands of women are sharing their workouts and sweaty selfies on Instagram (if y...
10-08-2017 22:05

Boundaries, Integrity and Dealing with “Toxic People&#

The Mindset Makeover 2.0: #RadicalResponsibility course is open this week only, and I wanted to share a sample email from the 6-week course. The educa...
13-07-2017 22:10

How to Run to Get Faster, Stronger and Leaner

The following is a guest post written by my friend, Shira Nelson, owner of Mom Beyond Baby, a fitness and fat loss brand for moms who want a no-BS app...
31-05-2017 22:04

7 Words That Helped Me Establish Boundaries

Growing up I was an only child and my parents divorced when I was 2 years old. As such, they were both single parents for a while and working full-tim...
28-05-2017 22:07

A Day in the Life + The Law of Leverage

Back in 2011 when I began coaching with my first-ever business mentor, she told me to try and leverage everything I spend my time on at least 3 ways. ...
27-03-2017 21:59

How to Manage Your Expectations for Others

You probably know that I am a huge fan of Byron Katie?s ‘The Work.’ She says that whenever we argue with reality, we lose. Think about it: the spa...
19-02-2017 22:00

Everyone is Saying the Same Thing: How to Stand Out in the O

INSIGHTS OVER INFORMATION. AND PERSONALITY OVER DRY FACTS AND FIGURES, when it comes to winning in the trust business. Today is the first of 5 straigh...
14-02-2017 22:05

How to Know If You Should Quit Some Foods “Cold Turkey

When you change the way you look at food, the foods you look at change. Okay, okay, I?m ripping off Dr. Wayne Dyer with the subject lineof this email...
22-01-2017 21:58

3 Ways to Incorporate Wine into a Healthy Lifestyle

I am currently on a mini-vacation and well, wine is on the menu. But as you know, I usually have a couple glasses a night most nights of the week anyw...
20-12-2016 21:52

“Will I Gain Weight Eating Moderately"”

During my competition days, my entire life was ruled by countdowns and fresh starts. I would have specific dates that I would “start my diet” f...
20-12-2016 21:52

4 Counterintuitive Ways to Overcome Your Body Obsession

Numbers: the scale, dress sizes, body fat %, calorie counts, minutes on cardio, macro counts, point counts. So much of what we focus on when it comes ...
20-12-2016 21:52

4 Steps to Handling Criticism Like a Pro

I think we can all agree that getting comments from haters and randos is NBD, really. It might sting and you might not get it (like, why tho""), but u...
20-12-2016 21:52

Do Sexy Modeling Photos Inspire People to Get Fit"

It was 2006, and the Myspace days were in full swing. I’d just started competing and “fitness modeling,” though I don’t know if it’s actuall...
20-12-2016 21:52

Do You Rely on the Scale for Self-Worth"

Last year, I was in Minneapolis visiting my friend Jen and she took me — okay, dragged me — to the Minnesota State Fair. I haven’t been to a fai...
20-12-2016 21:52

3 Ass-Kicking Workouts I?m Loving Right Now (Minimal Equipme

The #20x20Challenge is off and running, and juuuuuust this morning, we hit 12,000 check-ins on Instagram! If you want some REAL #fitspo, check all the...
20-12-2016 21:52

Is Someone Else’s Happiness Your Responsibility"

?I don?t want you to do the dishes! I want you to want to do the dishes!? I love the dishes scene in the movie ?The Breakup? with Jennifer Aniston and...
20-12-2016 21:52

Ask this Question or Continue to Struggle

The other day, I was listening to business podcasts while I was leisure walking?as one does?and the guest interview was a productivity coach who spoke...
20-12-2016 21:52

Permission to Break the (Nutrition) Rules

As cliche as it feels to write a post about “breaking the rules,” I felt it was overdue, since a huge part of my #moderation365 journey to liberat...
20-12-2016 21:52

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