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Si te gusto esta noticia puede que te interesen estas..

Whose Rules are You Following"

Lately I?ve been sleeping in until 9?a luxury afforded to me since my 13 year old starting biking to school . I?ve been sleeping for 10 hours a night ...
14-06-2019 21:52

Weekend reading: Canned

Anna Zeide.  Canned: The Rise and Fall of Consumer Confidence in the American Food Industry.  University of California Press, 2018. This book uses the ...
14-06-2019 21:52

7 ways to use flowers to boost your mood from this top flori

Anna Potter has amassed a staggering 180K Instagram followers thanks to her vibrant, almost spiritual flower arrangements - don\'t miss this chance to ...
14-06-2019 21:47

3 easy vegetarian dinners to impress your friends this weeke

Looking for easy vegetarian recipes that are super-quick but high on the impressive stakes" These beauties from renowned food writer Elly Pear?s new b ...
14-06-2019 21:47

30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 10 – Low lunge pose

It\'s a great pose for people who exercise, especially if you run or lift heavy - Sarah Malcolm shows you exactly how The post 30 Day Yoga Challenge ...
14-06-2019 21:47

The beauty editor’s guide to perfect lips

Get the pout you\'ve always dreamed of with our beauty edior\'s guide to perfect lips The post The beauty editor’s guide to perfect lips appeared f ...
14-06-2019 21:47

3 Ways to Adjust Your Fitness When Life Gets Stressful ? Har

Taking exercise down a notch is not failing.Click play to listen right on this page, no app needed:Or, listen on your favorite app: iTunes (Apple Podc ...
14-06-2019 21:29

Can Oreo cookies be sustainable"

We are seeing intense pressure on food companies to adopt more sustainable supply-chain and production practices.  But can an ultra-processed food eve ...
13-06-2019 21:55

Best Frozen Margarita Recipe

You know you love margaritas: but have you tried them frozen" This best frozen margarita recipe will be your new go-to drink! Ready for your new ...
13-06-2019 21:55

10 best vegan restaurants in London from this top plant-base

Vegan food and lifestyle blogger Serena Lee shares favourites from her new book Vegan London The post 10 best vegan restaurants in London from this t ...
13-06-2019 21:50

Do all humans have a type…on paper"

\'He\'s definitely my type on paper\' - ah Love Island is back and so is this well-known phrase. Ever wondered why you are attracted to a certain type ...
13-06-2019 21:50

30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 9 – Warrior I

It\'s a hugely important pose in yoga, and Sarah Malcolm will show you exactly how The post 30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 9 – Warrior I appeared f ...
13-06-2019 21:50

Friendship therapy – Falling out with a friend

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are friends again. But what about real world friendships" Healthista psychotherapist Sally Brown provides a detailed, usef ...
13-06-2019 21:50

Hit a plateau" This is how to get motivated – Bod

She\'s lost 5% body fat and five kilos - but after a plateau, Olivia Hartland-Robbins has figured out how to get going again The post Hit a plateau" ...
13-06-2019 21:50

Bayer defends glyphosate

This is the second full-page ad like this I’ve seen in the New York Times.  This one is from June 4. As far as I’ve been able to tell, ads ...
12-06-2019 21:54

Exactly how to get motivated to go to the gym – Body T

She\'s lost 5% body fat and five kilos - but after a plateau, Olivia Hartland-Robbins has figured out how to get going again The post Exactly how to ...
12-06-2019 21:49

30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 8 – Sun Salutation

It\'s the back bone of many yoga classes - here\'s how to really do it The post 30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 8 – Sun Salutation appeared first on ...
12-06-2019 21:49

Got insomnia" This 10 minute meditation for sleep will

Our meditation series with actor and meditation teacher Maude Hirst continues The post Got insomnia" This 10 minute meditation for sleep will help a ...
12-06-2019 21:49

Health and Fitness is Making a Mess

How the health and fitness industry is causing harm by attaching morality-based judgments to food and fitness. Would you prefer to listen to the artic ...
11-06-2019 21:57

Body image distortions

I named my first TEDx talk The Case for Radical Vanity. In it, I outlined a proposal for why women should rebel against the culturally accepted idea ...
11-06-2019 21:57

My latest publication: food and nutrition policy primer

This is an invited comment on a series of papers on food policy in the American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 109, No. 7 (July): 985-986. Primer on U ...
11-06-2019 21:57

BBQ Grilled Cauliflower

This tasty grilled cauliflower is slathered in tangy homemade BBQ sauce. Serve it as an easy side dish or on a sandwich! Are you cauliflower addicts l ...
11-06-2019 21:57

Bloated" Constipated" 7 signs you’re stuck i

The amount of fibre we need is well below what we\'re actually eating and the result is bloating, constipation and flatulence - here\'s how to fix it ...
11-06-2019 21:52

7 ways the new cryotherapy trend could change your body

It\'s fast becoming the go-to therapy for sports recovery and anti-ageing.  We caught up with experts and visited three cryotherapy clinics in Los Ang ...
11-06-2019 21:52

30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 7- Chaturanga

Chaturanga, or low plank pose, is the focus of day seven of our yoga challange. Teacher Sarah Malcolm demonstrates two variations of the pose that wil ...
11-06-2019 21:52

Improve Self-Talk For A Better Performance

Your self-talk can make or break your mindset. It can propel you forward, and help you be more positive. Or, it can limit you, hold you back and kee ...
11-06-2019 21:33

Hitting That Reset Button For A Life You Love w/ Jennifer Sc

At 40 years of age, Jennifer Schreckengost left behind her stable career, health insurance and the guarantee of many things to start living a life tha ...
11-06-2019 21:33

How to Make Perfect Summer Sangria (Low Sugar Recipe)

Who doesn’t love a glass of sangria in the summertime"! Fruity, colorful, and with a touch of sweetness (if you use this recipe anyway), it’s the ...
11-06-2019 21:32

Industry-funded study of the week: dairy foods, type 2 diabe

Knowing that this review was sponsored by the dairy industry, can you predict its conclusions" Association between dairy intake and the risk of c ...
10-06-2019 22:00

Greek Orzo Salad & Cooking with Herbs

This herby orzo salad is a crowd favorite and full of Greek flavors, bursting with fresh dill and mint, feta cheese, and tangy lemon. This post was cr ...
10-06-2019 22:00

18 ways this celebrity trainer keeps Nicole Scherzinger and

Trainer Svava Sigbertsdottir\'s no-nonsense advice and tough fitness method is loved by celebs - you will love this Healthista exclusive The post 18 ...
10-06-2019 21:55

30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 6 – Plank Pose

Planks are everywhere and if you\'re doing vinyasa flow yoga, you\'re probably doing a lot of them. Sarah Malcolm shows you exactly how The post 30 ...
10-06-2019 21:55

Garlic Grilled Shrimp

This easy grilled shrimp recipe is full of serious flavor, with a zesty marinade of lemon, garlic, and fresh herbs. At first bite: “Wow.” ...
08-06-2019 21:51

Sunscreen Safety: SPF, UVA, UVB, Oxybenzone & Vitamin D

Years ago, I shared my homemade sunscreen recipe and explained why I avoid most conventional sunscreens. Recently, reports from the Environmental Work ...
08-06-2019 21:29

Weekend viewing: The Biggest Little Farm

I rarely review food movies, but this is an especially good one, beautifully filmed, inspiring, yet raw enough to ring true: The Biggest Little Farm. ...
07-06-2019 21:55

Doctor-Approved Ways to Reduce Arthritis Pain

Hip. It’s such a youthful word, isn’t it" Hip and trendy. Hipster. Hip and cool Hip just screams all things young – until, you add another word ...
07-06-2019 21:55

3 easy healthy recipes from Gabby Allen’s new cookbook

Love Island is back, so what better time to bring you former Love Island star Gabby Allen\'s favourite recipes from her new book" The post 3 easy hea ...
07-06-2019 21:50

9 best skin brightening products for glowing skin

Want to get next-level glowing skin" Beautista\'s Annabel Meggeson has her most tried-and-tested insider favourite products of all time The post 9 b ...
07-06-2019 21:50

30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 5 – Downward Facing

It\'s so crucial and beneficial in yoga yet so many of us get the downward facing dog wrong.  Sarah Malcolm shows you exactly how The post 30 Day Yog ...
07-06-2019 21:50

Body Image Real Talk: Part 2

Join me for part two of the body image real talk conversation.Click play to listen right on this page, no app needed:Or, listen on your favorite app:  ...
07-06-2019 21:31

5 Fitness Myths That Are Ruining Your Results

I?ll level with you… I?ve probably made every mistake in the book when it comes to my own training. And I don?t mind admitting it. When I first beca ...
06-06-2019 21:53

Food industry: efforts to fight hunger"

I keep saying that food companies are not social service or public health agencies and should not be viewed as such.  They are businesses, and everyth ...
06-06-2019 21:53

30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 4- Tabletop/Cat-Cow Pose

In today?s yoga challenge video, teacher Sarah Malcolm guides us through the tabletop pose and the cat-cow pose The post 30 Day Yoga Challenge – Da ...
06-06-2019 21:48

15 things this TV medic wants you know about weight loss

Dr Michael Mosley is fat becoming a TV super-brand with his proven, trustworthy health advice. Healthista caught up with him to talk weight loss, heal ...
06-06-2019 21:48

Trump?s trade war with China: not going well for US farmers

As I may have mentioned previously, I have trouble understanding the ins and outs of trade policy.  Fortunately, I subscribe to Politico Morning Agric ...
05-06-2019 22:00

Grilled Avocado

Grilled avocado is the trick you didn’t know you needed! Top them with pico de gallo as a side, or use for smoky guacamole. Here’s how to ...
05-06-2019 22:00

Body Transformation week six – 10 sneaky ways to lose

Even people on Body Transformations have to go on holidays now and then...and when Olivia Heartland-Robbins did, she kept losing weight The post Body ...
05-06-2019 21:57

30 Day Yoga Challenge – Day 3- Child’s Pose

You may have been in yoga classes where teachers have asked you to \'rest in child\'s pose\' when things get a little too much for you. Here\'s how y ...
05-06-2019 21:57

This 10 minute meditation will help you learn to love what y

Actor and yoga expert Maude Hirst, founder of Meditate with Maude, helps you learn how to improve your body image in this ten-minute guided meditation ...
05-06-2019 21:57

Mofongo with Garlic Sauce (Puerto Rican Plantains)

Mofongo is a simple and scrumptious side dish that’s popular on the island of Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean. This mofongo with garlic sau ...
05-06-2019 21:37

{#TransparentTuesday} I Don?t Help People Lose Weight Anymor

When I was a personal trainer in NYC, I helped people lose weight. I called what we did ?fat loss? at the time, because it seemed more accurate and ...
04-06-2019 21:51

Healthy Recipe Swaps for the ‘Whole’ Family

Do you know your local Uber Eats driver on a first name basis or have them on speed dial" Or... ...
04-06-2019 21:50

Industry-supported review of the week: critique of ultra-pro

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, research is pouring in (see below) about the benefits of avoiding consumption of ultra-processed foods, those th ...
04-06-2019 21:50

Green Goddess Salad Bowls

These Green Goddess salad bowls are all about flavor: tasty grains and grilled veggies smothered in creamy green tahini dressing. You know that Saturd ...
04-06-2019 21:50

3 ways to pitch your wellness business from this expert

Have you got an early stage wellness start-up or business idea" Read on to find out how to pitch it, and join our exclusive networking event to help y ...
04-06-2019 21:46

6 ways to tell if your manuka honey is real or a fake

Here?s how to tell if your M?nuka honey has any real health benefits ? or whether it\'s actually a fake - plus how to know what you\'re paying for. S ...
04-06-2019 21:46

The vaginal condition you’ve never heard of – th

Yes, we are talking about vaginas again...seriously, If you think you get thrush all the time, you need to read this - consultant gynaecologist Dr Sha ...
04-06-2019 21:46

30 Day Yoga Challenge ? Day 2 – Easy cross-legged pose

Today\'s 30 day challenge video with yoga teacher Sarah Malcolm brings you easy cross-legged pose and two core locks essential to yoga?Check back dail ...
04-06-2019 21:46

10 best vegan alternatives to your favourite treats includin

From sausages to cheese, pizza to ice cream these are the vegan treats your life needs The post 10 best vegan alternatives to your favourite treats i ...
04-06-2019 21:46

Why Are You So Hangry" w/ Dr. Brooke Kalanick ? Harde

Are you often unable to fall asleep, experiencing mood swings, random cravings, or are unable to work out the way you want to" Instead of focusing on ...
04-06-2019 21:30



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