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Healthy Christmas Gift Guide

Health and fitness News
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Healthy Christmas Gift Guide Healthy Christmas Gift Guide

Healthy Christmas Gift Guide

Can you smell the festive pine scent of mistletoe in the air"  Christmas festivities are not far away and when it comes to stocking fillers, and gift giving, now is the perfect time to start brainstorming ideas about the best present for your friends, family and loved ones.While it?s important to enjoy the festive season […]
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Healthy Christmas Gift Guide Healthy Christmas Gift Guide


Fuente de la noticia: superchargedfood
Fecha de publicación: 29-11-2016 21:43
visto: 11

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Si te gusto esta noticia puede que te interesen estas..

Best Goat Cheese Recipes

These goat cheese recipes are the best way to eat the creamy, tangy cheese: from pasta to pizza, everything’s better with a little goat cheese. ...
23-03-2019 21:54

Oven Roasted Asparagus

Oven roasted asparagus is a classic spring side dish. Now that asparagus season is here, it’s time to enjoy it while it’s fresh. My favorite way t ...
23-03-2019 21:30

Weekend reading: Gandhi?s dietary aspirations

Nico Slate.  Gandhi?s Search for the Perfect Diet: Eating with the World in Mind.  University of Washington Press, 2019.   Let’s start with my b ...
22-03-2019 21:53

‘Why I never wear make-up’

Two years ago, Healthista writer Courtney Welu made a conscious decision to never wear make up. Ever. Her reasons might surprise you  The post ‘Why ...
22-03-2019 21:49

Choosing a perfume" This beauty expert shares her off-r

Beauty editor Annabel Meggeson reveals her favourite perfumes and which ones are worth the price-tag  The post Choosing a perfume" This beauty expert ...
22-03-2019 21:49

HOW TO BOX Lesson #6: Defence

Healthista?s How to Box series is onto lesson number six and this time it\'s all about defence. Former champion boxer and head coach at BXR London, Ga ...
22-03-2019 21:49

5 endometriosis symptoms and exactly what can be done –

Healthista\'s latest resident expert, NHS gynaecologist Dr Fevzi Shakir explains exactly what helps with this staggeringly common condition affecting ...
22-03-2019 21:49

What is Nutritional Therapy" ? Harder to Kill Radio 188

Nutritional therapy and consulting has been a crucial transition for my brand and this episode I’m chatting all about it! Click play to listen righ ...
22-03-2019 21:31

5 Tools to Help You Ditch Diet Culture for Good

Diet culture is all around us. It influences how we speak and exercise, what we eat and wear, and even how we feel about and talk to ourselves. We are ...
21-03-2019 22:02

Supplements for pets: has collected articles on this topic into a Special Edition: Supplements for pets The market for supplements for pets is valu ...
21-03-2019 22:02

Caribbean Black Bean Salad

This black bean salad recipe is full of healthy ingredients and tastes tangy and satisfying, perfect for everything from potlucks to easy lunch ideas. ...
21-03-2019 22:02

Are eggs healthy" Sorting the fact from fiction 

Recent headlines claimed eating eggs daily could give you heart disease - but is there cause for concern" Leading medical journalist Victoria Lambert ...
21-03-2019 21:57

HOW TO BOX Lesson #5 How to Uppercut

Healthista?s new How to Box video series is onto it\'s fifth lesson. Former champion boxer and head coach at BXR London, Gary Logan shows us how to pu ...
21-03-2019 21:57

Stop Chasing Wins

  We can’t control if we win or lose. I bet if we could, well there would be no losing. We’d always come out on top, we’d always perform up to ...
21-03-2019 21:36

Another Romaine lettuce outbreak takes its toll

I occasionally write about disease outbreaks caused by food and am especially interested in those caused by romaine lettuce, because it?s so hard to t ...
20-03-2019 21:53

How a tantric massage could boost your sex life

This graphic instruction manual from one of the experts at London Tantric, Rose Colette Aston shows you and your partner exactly how to massage a man\ ...
20-03-2019 21:50

8 subtle signs you have low self-esteem

From working through lunch to lying in at weekends, they\'re not what you think The post 8 subtle signs you have low self-esteem appeared first on H ...
20-03-2019 21:50

HOW TO BOX Lesson #4: How to Hook

Time for boxing lesson number 4 - how to deliver a hook. Former champion boxer and head coach at BXR London, Gary Logan shows us how  The post HOW T ...
20-03-2019 21:50

How to Get Over a Bad Mood by Cultivating Breath Awareness

Remember: ?When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still.? You can calm your ...
20-03-2019 21:32

Beef Liver Nutrition

Beef liver nutrition is hard to beat. Beef liver is one of nature’s true nutrient-dense superfoods, and the benefits are undeniable. In this post, y ...
20-03-2019 21:31

6 Restorative Exercises to Relieve Stress and Help You Slow

Living in today?s world can feel very overwhelming with our daily to-do list that never seems to end. You cross one thing off only to add two more tas ...
19-03-2019 21:54

Don’t Teach Your Boys to “Respect Women.”

When men say they ?respect women?, or women say they teach their sons to ?respect women,? I cringe. Don?t get me wrong, I do believe we need to teach ...
19-03-2019 21:54

Trump budget double-speak: USDA/ERS budget cuts

The Trump administration released more details on its proposed budget, in language straight out of George Orwell’s 1984. Framed as “saving ...
19-03-2019 21:54

How to Use a Chemex to Make Coffee

The best cup of coffee" To us, it’s pour over coffee made in a Chemex. Here’s how to use a Chemex to make pour over coffee. Our morni ...
19-03-2019 21:54

13 natural ways to improve your skin – proven by scien

Editor Anna Magee reports on the super simple lifestyle tweaks that can make you even prettier The post 13 natural ways to improve your skin – prov ...
19-03-2019 21:50

13 causes of lower abdominal pain – the gynaecologist&

Lower abdominal pain in women is common and there could be a number of causes from the serious to the benign. To kick off our new Ask The Gynaecologis ...
19-03-2019 21:50

10 foods that boost male fertility

Trying to conceive" Fertility expert and nutritionist Isabelle Obert reveals 10 ways to increase male fertility through diet - boosting those swimmers ...
19-03-2019 21:50

HOW TO BOX Lesson #3: How to Back Hand

Healthista?s new How to Box video series is onto it\'s third lesson - How to Back Hand. Join us again tomorrow for the next How To Box lesson from for ...
19-03-2019 21:50

4 Ways To Increase Your Effort

When you feel unmotivated or like you’re dragging, it is essential that you make a change before it continues for too long. If you are just not fee ...
19-03-2019 21:30

How To Be Resilient Against Multiple Sclerosis w/ Alissa Fra

Alissa Frazier was sent into a spiral of confusion after her multiple sclerosis diagnosis at the age of twenty-three. Not knowing where to turn or how ...
19-03-2019 21:30

How to Deal with Negative Comments about Your Body

Would you rather listen to this article" Use the player below, download it, or use iTunes. We want others to find us attractive; we want to be desira ...
18-03-2019 21:55

Industry-funded study of the week: Eggs

Here’s another in my series of post-Unsavory Truth examples of studies whose funder can be predicted by their titles. The consumption of 12 Eggs ...
18-03-2019 21:55

Seared Salmon Poke Bowl

This delicious spin on a salmon poke bowl features seared salmon and veggies in a colorful bowl, an easy dinner idea perfect for weeknights or enterta ...
18-03-2019 21:55

How do you measure success"

Jacqueline Hurst, expert life coach and therapist has news for you on what success really means The post How do you measure success" appeared first o ...
18-03-2019 21:51

HOW TO BOX Lesson #2: How to Jab

Healthista?s new How to Box video series is onto it\'s second lesson - How to Jab. Join us for the next nine days for more How To Box lessons from for ...
18-03-2019 21:51

WIN £130 worth of prizes and be the first to try this new Al

Is there anything Alexa can\'t do"  Now you can keep tabs on your heart health with a state-of-the-art blood pressure monitor, the OMRON EVOLV, that\' ...
18-03-2019 21:51

GGS Spotlight: Hilary Milsome

Name: Hilary Milsome Age: 60 Location: Melbourne, Australia What does it mean to you to be part of the GGS Community" It?s wonderful to have a safe pl ...
17-03-2019 21:56

Pull-Apart Green Bread for St Patrick’s Day

Knead a good green bread recipe for St Patrick\'s Day" I have created the perfect pull-apart bread to tear and... ...
17-03-2019 21:56

Bangers and Mash (Gluten-Free)

Bangers and Mash is the food equivalent of a snuggly Irish wool blanket! This spin on a traditional recipe features quick, gluten-free sausage and a b ...
17-03-2019 21:32

Best Healthy Dinner Recipes

These are the best healthy dinner recipes that our readers come back to again and again for delicious and nutritious meals.? For years, we’ve be ...
16-03-2019 21:55

Study “Mastering Digestion & Nutrition” at

This week I\'m excited to announce a new course that combines two of my favourite things, gut health and Ayurveda.... ...
15-03-2019 21:55

Weekend reading: The Grand Food Bargain

Kevin D. Walker.  The Grand Food Bargain and the Mindless Drive for More.  Island Press, 2019.  I did a blurb for this one: A former USDA insider?s ac ...
15-03-2019 21:55

The Botox and fillers rule book – 10 must-dos this bea

Botox, fillers and other anti-ageing treatments can help you cheat your way to younger-looking skin, but if you don\'t want to look \'done\' follow th ...
15-03-2019 21:50

Could a probiotic help you sleep"

Editor Anna Magee reports on the rise of the new sleepbiotics The post Could a probiotic help you sleep" appeared first on Healthista. ...
15-03-2019 21:50

Why female boxing is so hot right now

As Ireland\'s Katy Taylor fights tonight to become world champion, female boxing has never been hotter - here\'s why. Plus, the launch of Healthista\ ...
15-03-2019 21:50

HOW TO BOX Lesson #1: Stance and Balance

Healthista\'s new Boxing School video series starts today. For the next 10 days you\'ll be taught techniques for hooks, jabs and more by former champi ...
15-03-2019 21:50

13 insomnia remedies to help you sleep better

At Healthista HQ, these insomnia remedies caught our eye because they\'re new and innovative, but also because they\'re simple too The post 13 insomn ...
15-03-2019 21:50

Got back, neck and shoulder pain" This foot massage co

Back, neck and shoulder pain affects millions of people worldwide. This foot massage from reflexologist from Michele Stevens could help The post Got ...
15-03-2019 21:50

Seeing Beauty Through the Shit ? Harder to Kill Radio 186

When life handed me a shit sandwich, hear a personal story of how I found the beauty in it all. Click play to listen right on this page, no app neede ...
15-03-2019 21:31

10 Advanced Pull-Up Variations You Haven’t Tried Befor

Pull-ups are an incredibly badass bodyweight exercise, and the possibilities for creativity and play are endless. This is one of many reasons why the ...
14-03-2019 21:51

Do artificial sweeteners do any good"

A study by European investigators concluded that artificial (non-sugar) sweeteners [NSS] had no particular benefits for health. Most health outcomes d ...
14-03-2019 21:51

Do all humans have a type"

Ever wondered why you are attracted to a certain type" Psychologist and author, Audrey Tang, explains the psychological laws of attraction  The post ...
14-03-2019 21:48

Get out of your own damn way

Have you ever wanted something so badly, while simultaneously believing that you can?t have it" That you?ll never ?get there"? That it?s just not poss ...
13-03-2019 21:54

You’re a Queen & You Know it

PICTURE THIS: You?re so hype on your own damn life. You?re doing work that brings meaning to your life and adds value to others. You go to bed every n ...
13-03-2019 21:54

Anti Hustle

Sunday morning, 0845, I opened my eyes and drew the curtains to wash the bedroom with late morning light. I slept until I felt like waking, made coffe ...
13-03-2019 21:54

Chicken Biryani with Turmeric Cauliflower Rice

There?s something about digging my way into a big bowl of Indian food that I find just so comforting: the... ...
13-03-2019 21:54

FDA and USDA agree on how to regulate cell-based (?fake?&quo

Last week, the USDA and FDA ended their turf battle and announced a joint framework for jointly regulating cell-based meat products. Congress instruct ...
13-03-2019 21:54

Easy Dinner Recipes for Busy Lives

Tight on time and energy" These easy dinner recipes are the ticket to making dinnertime simple, healthy, and full of flavor. We get it: you’ ...
13-03-2019 21:54

Menopause symptoms making you miserable" These natural

Hot flushes and night sweats are probably the last thing you need right now. Nutritional Director Rick Hay is here to save the day with 10 natural way ...
13-03-2019 21:50

The berry that can make you look younger

Want to know how to look younger" Who doesn\'t. Healthista nutritional director Rick Hay explains how vitamin C rich acerola cherry can help your skin ...
13-03-2019 21:50



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