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Best Oatmeal Recipe (Vegan & GF)

Health and fitness News
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Best Oatmeal Recipe (Vegan & GF) Best Oatmeal Recipe (Vegan & GF)

Best Oatmeal Recipe (Vegan & GF)

Here’s the very best oatmeal recipe that we make every day, vegan and plant based with tasty peanut butter and jelly toppings! What do you really eat" People ask us that a lot. Well, Alex and I have eaten every single recipe on this website! (And many more that don’t make the cut.) But today we wanted to share something we eat on a regular basis. I actually make this recipe every single day. And that is not hyperbole, friends! I really do. Why" This best oatmeal recipe tastes incredible. It’s vegan so it’s a plant based way to start the day. AND it is full of plant based protein so it is seriously filling: you’re literally full for hours after you eat it. What makes this the best oatmeal" I know, oatmeal sounds deceptively easy to make. But it can come out too gummy, too bland, or take way to long. What’s the best way to make it at home" This is my soulmate oatmeal, the recipe I have memorized and could make in my sleep. Here are the features of this best vegan oatmeal. Perfect chewy texture. Take note! This recipe is not the typical creamy texture, or […] A Couple Cooks - Healthy, Whole Food, Vegetarian Recipes

Here’s the very best oatmeal recipe that we make every day, vegan and plant based with tasty peanut butter and jelly toppings!

What do you really eat" People ask us that a lot. Well, Alex and I have eaten every single recipe on this website! (And many more that don’t make the cut.) ...
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Best Oatmeal Recipe (Vegan & GF) Best Oatmeal Recipe (Vegan & GF)


Fuente de la noticia: a couple cooks
Fecha de publicación: 30-10-2019 21:56
visto: 9

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Weekend reading: McDonald?s in Black America

Marcia Chatelain.  Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America.  Liveright, 2020.   I did a blurb for this book, and was happy to do it: Marcia Chat ...
17-01-2020 21:56

Jasmine?s Easy New Year?s Resolution: Tongue Tingling!

Love me, love my Tongue Tingler If you?ve got my book East by West or you follow me in any capacity, you?ll know I never skip my tongue scraping ...
17-01-2020 21:56

Fennel Orange Salad

Here’s a refreshing and easy side dish: fennel orange salad! It pairs juicy orange and the subtle licorice essence of fennel with a citrus vinai ...
17-01-2020 21:56

17 best lubes to make your sex life better

For International Fetish Day today, we\'re not going to be biased and focus on one fetish but on something that can help make them all better - lube ...
17-01-2020 21:52

3 easy vegan soup recipes to warm you up this winter

These simple, filling suppers will inspire your Veganuary The post 3 easy vegan soup recipes to warm you up this winter appeared first on Healthista. ...
17-01-2020 21:52

Reduce anxiety with this quick breathing technique

Vikings actress and yoga teacher Maude Hirst, founder of Energy Rise explains alternate nostril breathing - a yogic technique that helps The post Red ...
17-01-2020 21:52

Body image is your brain?s way of protecting you

When I was 18 I signed up for a yearlong full time dance program. I wanted to do musical theater, but I hadn?t gotten into the schools I wanted due t ...
16-01-2020 21:57

Another 2020 trend" Glitter in poop

For this I must thank Firm launches glitter-infused multivitamin to add ?poop-time pizzazz.?  I thought that had to be worth a c ...
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7 easy hair growth tips for long, luscious locks

Wish you could have a \'good hair day\' everyday" 7 easy hair loss tips that work The post 7 easy hair growth tips for long, luscious locks appeared ...
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The new food label kicks in at long last

The FDA released its final guidance on the new food labeling rules late in December. I have a collection of Kellogg Froot Loop cereal boxes (or facsim ...
15-01-2020 21:53

Peanut Butter Dip

Wow, do people love this one! This healthy peanut butter dip is just 4 ingredients and tastes like frosting! Perfect for dipping apples, pretzels or f ...
15-01-2020 21:53

Nestlé makes its supply chain transparent

Last year, Nestlé, the largest food company in the world (to which I am not related), announced that it would make its supply chain transparent. Nestl ...
14-01-2020 21:55

Simple Chickpea Salad

A 5-minute fast lunch idea! This simple chickpea salad is easy to throw together: the perfect healthy plant based desk lunch or quick fix dinner. Read ...
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Arthritis" Joint pain" 6 natural solutions that wo

Joint pain or arthritis making your life difficult" You\'re not alone. Although there\'s still no cure, these drug-free fixes can help symptoms - part ...
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Got back pain" These 27 tiny changes to your day can he

Back pain causes the loss of 100 million working days a year, but you don?t need complicated exercise regimes to prevent or halt the damage, just a fe ...
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5 easy steps to help sciatica – the physio’s gui

Sciatica can better within about 6-8 weeks but if yours hasn’t, physiotherapist Finola Burrell has advice on what can help Sciatica is hugely common ...
14-01-2020 21:51

Exhausted again" 10 daily hacks to help you bounce back

A common problem for many office employees, burnout has been officially recognized as an occupational phenomenon by the World Health Organization. Jay ...
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Tired all the time" You might have sleep apnoea –

Experts say if you\'re tired all the time, you might be a secret sufferer of sleep apnea The post Tired all the time" You might have sleep apnoea – ...
14-01-2020 21:51

How To Listen To Your Body w/ Steph Gaudreau

We are all born as intuitive eaters, but through socialization and diet culture, we often drift away from the intuition that we hold from the beginnin ...
14-01-2020 21:32

Sponsored research study of the week: Apples

Every now and then a study comes out that I just love. Two apples a day lower serum cholesterol and improve cardiometabolic biomarkers in mildly hyper ...
13-01-2020 21:56

Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo

WOW! This vegan fettuccine alfredo tastes decadent, but the creamy sauce is filled with healthy plant based ingredients. An easy dinner in under 30 mi ...
13-01-2020 21:55

Healthy eating – What this Instagram fitness legend ea

In the second of our weekly series on what Instagram body stars eat in a day, Healthista quizzes Laura Hoggins aka @laurabiceps on her daily healthy f ...
13-01-2020 21:52

Weekend viewing: Hasan Minhaj on obesity politics

I learned about this from a tweet. I recognized the clip.  It was from an interview I did in January in Toronto: TVO’s The Agenda: Battling bias ...
10-01-2020 21:53

Got stress" These 3 mindsets are fuelling your anxiety

If stress is making you feel overwhelmed, it could be down to your everyday thinking patterns, says a leading happiness researcher who has a few simpl ...
10-01-2020 21:49

Acne be gone – 8 steps to treating teenage skin

Acne on teenage skin is a tricky thing. This step-by-step guide will show you what you can do to help treat young complexions. The post Acne be gone ...
10-01-2020 21:49

5 easy vegan recipes with 5 ingredients from your supermarke

Need Veganuary inspiration" These recipes are so easy, so fast, so delish - from the authors of vegan cookbook of So Vegan in 5 The post 5 easy vega ...
10-01-2020 21:49

A trend for the new year: CBD for pets (and pet owners)

CBD, in case you haven?t noticed, is the hot food trend for 2020.  But for pets"  Yes, them too. Pet Food Industry reports the results of a surve ...
09-01-2020 21:55

Simple Citrus Salad

This refreshingly simple citrus salad features grapefruit and oranges topped with a tangy vinaigrette and fresh mint. A light and healthy side dish! H ...
09-01-2020 21:55

Millennial food purchases: in China, birds? nests

I am indebted to for this intriguing bit of food news: “Health is wealth: Younger Chinese consumers make up 60% of bird?s ...
08-01-2020 21:54

14 surprising ways to save money

Broke post-Christmas" Money expert Melissa Browne spends her life advising 28-48 year-olds how to financially \'grow up\' - she has smart, detailed st ...
08-01-2020 21:50

The fitness holiday for culture lovers

If you want a body holiday that offers a culture fix to write home about Gozo?s barre fitness retreat delivers, says Sharon Walker The post The fitne ...
08-01-2020 21:50

Fear of being a burden

A client of mine recently told me that she felt liberated to talk about her problems with me, because she was paying for my time. She said the simple ...
07-01-2020 21:56

Food politics issues for 2020: Science, Immigration, Taxes

Let?s start the new year with three articles in the New York Times about policies that might not seem to but do bear directly on food politics. Scienc ...
07-01-2020 21:56

Easy Sheet Pan Dinner

This easy sheet pan dinner is filled with healthy vegetables and fresh flavor! Throw it all in the oven while you cook rice or quinoa. Dinnertime win! ...
07-01-2020 21:56

Why Strength Training Can Help Your Body & Your Mind w/

As a woman, Dr. Jen Hosler believes you need to be doing some sort of strength or resistance training. A doctor of physical therapy as well as a perso ...
07-01-2020 21:32

Industry-funded research studies: the egg industry

I read a report in the Washington Post discussing a study done by Neal Barnard and his colleagues associated with the Physicians Committee for Respons ...
06-01-2020 21:56

Minestrone Soup

Minestrone soup is a colorful Italian soup full of hearty vegetables and pasta! This recipe is an easy plant based dinner or lunch recipe. Dinnertime ...
06-01-2020 21:56

This weight loss workout will change your body

Our weight loss workout series returns for week two of five with this free killer video session from co-founder of Your Body Programme, trainer Luisa ...
06-01-2020 21:51

Healthy eating – What Instagram yoga star Hannah Barre

In the first of our weekly series on what Instagram body stars eat in a day, Healthista quizzes Hannah Barrett aka @yoga_girl_london on her daily food ...
05-01-2020 21:53

Can Intermittent Fasting (Skipping Meals) Make You Healthier

Maybe you’ve heard the often-repeated advice to eat small, frequent meals. Apparently skipping meals (even breakfast) is a surefire way to wreck you ...
04-01-2020 21:34

20 Best Vegetables to Eat Today

We’ve all heard, “Eat more vegetables.” But how to do it" Here are the best healthy vegetables to get into your diet, and recip ...
02-01-2020 22:01

Banana Bread Frittata (Gluten-Free)

Banana Bread Frittata is an absolutely delicious breakfast packed with protein and healthy fats to keep you satisfied for hours. It has all the flavor ...
02-01-2020 21:32 will resume January 6

I am still hard at work getting a book manuscript ready to submit.  It isn’t scheduled to be published until October, but I promise to say more ...
01-01-2020 21:52

Easy Tofu Scramble

This easy tofu scramble has the same texture as scrambled eggs, but it’s 100% plant based! It’s a vegan breakfast idea you’ll want t ...
01-01-2020 21:52

6 fat loss myths revealed – Body Transformation week 1

Dina Hinar, 35 has lost almost two stone in ten weeks on her body transformation - this week she reveals the fat loss myths she discovered along the w ...
01-01-2020 21:49

6 smart goal setting tricks to make your resolutions stick

Tried and failed in the past to keep those best laid plans to get healthier, richer or happier" Charlotte Watts has a practical plan to help The post ...
01-01-2020 21:49

4 new year’s resolutions you can keep

The Christmas season is over and you\'re ready for a clean slate. Nutritionist May Simpkin shares four simple resolutions you can resolve to do today ...
01-01-2020 21:49

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

**TW/CW** Before sitting down to write this, I did that thing where you look through photos from the end of 2009, to see what?s changed in the last ...
31-12-2019 21:53
31-12-2019 21:53

FlipBelt Review: Does The FlipBelt Really Hold Your Stuff&qu

In days gone by, I used to run purely with a set of keys tied to my shoes with my shoelace – but as distances went on, I decided I might also need s ...
31-12-2019 21:53

Wellness’ing So Hard

The new year is often accompanied by self-judgment and ?shoulds? that make us feel horrible about ourselves. Instead of giving in to this global colle ...
31-12-2019 21:32

Melissa’s Eat Green Book Tour Dates

My new cookbook, EAT GREEN: Delicious flexitarian recipes for planet-friendly eating is out very soon on the 9th January 2020 (Pre-order a copy he ...
30-12-2019 21:54

Easy Champagne Cocktails

Nothing’s more festive than bubbly champagne cocktails! They’re easy to make, and add class and style to any celebration. Are you ready to ...
30-12-2019 21:54

This top trainer’s weight loss workout will change you

The first in a five week series with trainer Terry Fairclough The post This top trainer’s weight loss workout will change your body appeared first ...
30-12-2019 21:51

6 Unpopular Truths about Fitness-Focused New Year’s Re

You can listen to this article. Use the player below, download the MP3, or listen on iTunes. This is not the typical Lose Weight Fast! or Finally Get ...
27-12-2019 21:53

How to Eat Whatever You Want and Still Get Results

Eating shouldn?t suck. That may sound obvious, but let?s face it: For so many women, the very notion of mealtime brings up a ton of baggage, whether i ...
26-12-2019 21:53

How to Make Clear Ice

Clear ice cubes make the most impressive cocktails! After lots of research, we found the very BEST method for how to make clear ice. Looking for how t ...
26-12-2019 21:53

A merry foodie Xmas!

Happiest of holiday seasons to readers near and far! ...
25-12-2019 21:52


Hi Friends, Today I want to talk about an important concept that comes up with a lot of my clients around body image: Laziness. When I work with someo ...
24-12-2019 21:51 is taking a writing break

I have a book manuscript due the first week in January and need to focus on getting it done. My holiday wish for me: Except for an occasional holiday ...
24-12-2019 21:51



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12 steps to a calm Christmas

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