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Jasmine?s 6 Spices for Winter

Health and fitness News
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Jasmine?s 6 Spices for Winter Jasmine?s 6 Spices for Winter

Jasmine?s 6 Spices for Winter

In winter, our immune systems can sometimes take a hit, but Ayurveda has many tricks up its sleeve to give you a boost and help prevent illness. I turn to nature?s cabinet of herbs and spices for many purposes ? and definitely for a little warmth during the colder months. Keep reading for 6 fragrant spices that will support you through the season, all of which I keep on hand in my nifty spice tin ready for action. For recipes in which to enjoy them check out this winter round-up of dishes over at And for an all-round recipe to enjoy many of these spices in one go, give the recipe for homemade Golden Milk a go ? it?s a beautiful ritual to begin or end your day, and excellent in place of coffee!


What would a list of my favourite spices be without this golden wonder" Used in South Asia for thousands of years for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, digestive and immune-boosting properties, turmeric makes the perfect addition to hot drinks, soups, stews and curries ?  include it in your dishes along with black pepper, which helps your body better absorb the curcumin (the most active component in turmeric) better.

Cumin helps improve circulation and metabolism, and also clear mucus, so it?s great to include in your winter cuisine. Not to mention its flavour is inimitable and so versatile. Try to buy the whole seeds and grind them as you need them to preserve the taste and benefits, or sauté seeds whole in ghee or your favourite cooki...
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Jasmine?s 6 Spices for Winter Jasmine?s 6 Spices for Winter


Fuente de la noticia: hemsleyandhemsley
Fecha de publicación: 19-11-2018 21:56
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28 Day Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

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Oven-Baked Potato Latkes

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How to Keep a Health Journal

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Weekend eating: Valentine?s day options

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5 surprising ways to make your relationship stronger

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The beauty diet – 5 ways to eat for glowing skin

It\'s easier than you think to eat yourself gorgeous, says nutritionist Olga Hamilton. The post The beauty diet – 5 ways to eat for glowing skin ap ...
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23 ways to talk about sex with your partner

There are ways to get more intimacy back into your relationship, says Cate Campbell, author of the Relate Guide to Sex and Intimacy The post 23 ways ...
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DIY Valentine’s Day Collagen and Flax Chocolate Bars

Valentine?s Day is almost here and I have a very important question for you. What would you rather, roses or... ...
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How to Boost Your Immune System + an Immunity-Boosting Edibl

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I?m not inspired by the concept of being a ?work in progress.? Tbh that phrase kind of annoys me. I can be whole and also be expanding, all at once. ...
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Wingardium Leviosa

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You Wished For This

Last night I was talking with two of my other single friends about how our romantic lives are a total fucking dumpster fire but, like, everything els ...
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Full Moon in Gemini

Maybe it?s actually chill" Maybe, instead of it being so overwhelming and chaotic and exhausting, it?s actually just…not that serious" What if inst ...
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Wield Your Own Worthiness

I?m a big fan of myself. This doesn?t mean I?m conceited or self obsessed?it doesn?t impede my desire for self improvement or abstain me from fault o ...
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Maybe it wasn’t meant for you

Maybe it wasn’t meant for you. Maybe it has to fall apart, so it can come back together as something new, something more aligned with who you are b ...
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Your dreams are reality

You have to believe that your dreams have the right to exist in reality, if they?re ever going to come true. Maybe you want to write a book, start a ...
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I used to be so scared to share my writing, my art, my soul with the internet?with the world. To share anything you?ve created is to invite yourself ...
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Supposed to be

I honestly thought this one was “the one.” We were so connected, so aligned. Our relationship felt like two weird and wonderful puzzle pieces tha ...
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I recently had a conversation with my client, who we?ll call Joanna, about fatphobia. Joanna is a very thin, white, blonde, and conventionally attrac ...
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California?s almond crop: the bee business

Almonds are great foods, and almond trees are beautiful, especially when in bloom (a lovely thought on a bleak winter’s day). To produce almonds ...
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6 ways to prevent dementia – the neuroscientist’

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Super Bowl Halftime Show Thoughts w/ Steph Gaudreau

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Industry-funded campaign of the week: Walnuts

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Easy Miso Ramen

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7 best OSCAR bodies

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Stressed" This 5 minute calming meditation will help

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My Favorite Health Apps for Mind, Body and Hormones

In my recent podcast about my transformation and weight loss, I mentioned several health apps that were helpful in the process. I’m sharing more det ...
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Weekend reading: The Philosophy of Food

David M. Kaplan.  Food Philosophy: An Introduction.  Columbia University Press, 2020. Philosophy can seem impenetrable and confusing.  What I so much ...
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This is how fermented foods can transform your health

Fermented foods are literally everywhere, but can eating foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi and kefir benefit your health" Editor Anna Magee reports Th ...
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What?s up with pet food"

Although I haven’t written anything much about pet food since Pet Food Politics  (2008) and Feed Your Pet Right (2010), I occasionally run acros ...
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Sour Cream Pancakes

Sour cream pancakes are the perfect pancake: ultra fluffy, lightly tangy, and so delicious! You’ll never need to buy buttermilk again. What̵ ...
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Looking for a way to reduce stress" Try this one minute

Take a quick moment out of your day to follow this breathing technique and feel the tension lift from your shoulders. The post Looking for a way to r ...
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FDA funding for food safety increases, by a little

Thanks to the Hagstrom Report for this item.  It revealed that The Alliance for a Stronger FDA has produced a chart of the changes to the funding leve ...
05-02-2020 21:58

Best Chickpea Burgers

These chickpea burgers are a hugely satisfying plant-based dinner! Here they’re painted with BBQ and served topped with vegan bacon and spicy ma ...
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Curly hair" Natural hairstyles for every hair type

If you don\'t know what to do with your curly hair between washes, you need an education on your hair type and the hairstyles that can protect your ha ...
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